Cayo Blanco catamaran cruise with dolphin encounter

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A full-day catamaran trip from Varadero to Cayo Blanco is a dream come true for both small and large children. Small – because it offers an amazing eye-to-eye meeting with dolphins. Large – because the organizer provides an open bar throughout the cruise. The most awaited attraction is of course a visit to the dolphinarium.

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Catamaran cruise to Cayo Blanco

The catamaran cruise on Cayo Blanco started in the port of Varadero. Thanks to the fact that we bought a trip in a local travel agency, we didn’t have to worry about transport from the hotel to the marina. At the appointed time, a bus came to pick us up and took us to the place from which we sailed on an all-day adventure into the unknown.

the island of Cayo Blanco

Catamaran is Wiolczi’s absolute favorite water means of transport. That’s because it is equipped with a strong mesh net, on which you can lie as much as you want with a drink in your hand (also alcohol-free). Oh, just such a mesh as in the photo below.

Cayo Blanco catamaran cruise

Our catamaran easily carried several dozen passengers. Does this sound like a great opportunity to meet a cool crew? Definitely yes! We had a very international company, but even if you don’t speak any foreign language well, you will probably communicate with your fellow passengers using… body language.

Varadero catamaran

The good atmosphere on board was ensured by the captain (whom Patryk captured in the photo below) and the awesome animator. The first one cared more about our safety, the second one – about madness. There was good music, some dancing, a lot of unlimited drinks, and above all, a lot of joy, fun and smile. All this meant that the cruise, although it lasted almost the whole day, passed far too quickly.

Cayo Blanco cruise

Dolphins encounter

The vast majority of people who took part in the Cayo Blanco cruise also decided to visit the dolphinarium. Well, who of us didn’t dream as a child to touch the cutest water mammals in the world for a moment? We only hope that the dolphins we visited have good living conditions and are treated humanely.

Cayo Blanco dolphins

You are probably wondering what our long-awaited adventure with dolphins looked like? On the spot, the dolphinarium staff asked everyone to enter the pool, immerge ourselves in waist-deep water and stand in line. Of course, we all obeyed the instructions. It’s hard to say whether the adults or the kids were more excited about the whole situation. (Usually Patrix is ​​the most excited about everything around him.)

Varadero dolphinarium photos

At the sign of the dolphinarium employee, cute dolphins suddenly emerged from the water. And it’s right next to us. They have such a smiling face in real life. The presence and proximity of these huge animals was something amazing. That’s incredible feeling, like in a fairy tale! Of course, everyone could stroke the dolphins and feel how delicate they are. And with a bit of luck and (mutual) willingness, to hug one of them for longer.

Cuba swimming with dolphins

For the brave there was also the possibility of more active interaction with the dolphins. Those willing to have closer contact with animals had the opportunity to swim with them individually in the pool. Life jackets really came in handy here. The dolphins not only showed tricks, proving how clever and intelligent creatures they are, but also threw their human companions into the air with all their might. Something unbelievable!

dolphinarium Cuba

Cayo Blanco island

After visiting the dolphinarium, it was finally time to set foot on Cayo Blanco. This is one of those tiny, paradise islands that we imagine when we hear the ‘Caribbean’. It is only 15 km long and 500 meters wide. In fact, it could even be called uninhabited, because it is not permanently inhabited by anyone. It could be, if not for the fact that it is visited by crowds of tourists every day. Turquoise water, white sand and tall palm trees attract thousands of tourists seeking blissful relaxation.

Cayo Blanco trip

We had a delicious lunch on the island. Caribbean cuisine, especially the vegetarian one, consists of simple, modest, but always fresh products. It was no different on Cayo Blanco. As it usually happens in Cuban bars and restaurants, a local band played for us until dinner. After a meal, you could burn calories right away by dancing or singing with those nice guys.

Cayo Blanco Cuba

Lying on the golden sand of Cayo Blanco, we came across ‘walking shells’, i.e. small crabs walking along the coast. There were a lot of them, which only added to the exoticism of the whole trip. Well, the island was so beautiful that… we didn’t take any pictures of this wonderful surroundings. Since we only show photos that we took, we have to encourage you to admire the islet of Cayo Blanco in all its glory on Google Images. 🙂 We know it’s a total amateur on our part, but on the other hand, think how wonderful it must have been there, if we forgot to even take out the camera.

beach Cayo Blanco

Cruise on Cayo Blanco with a visit to the dolphinarium – price

  • The catamaran cruise from Varadero to Cayo Blanco cost about 90 euros. It seems to us that this is a fair price for a full-day trip, transfer from the hotel to the port (and of course from the port to the hotel), entertainment, buffet and open bar, lunch with live music on the island and (most importantly) pure relaxation combined with wonderful views.
  • We paid 115 euro for our adventure – this is the price for the cruise and about half an hour visit to the dolphinarium with interaction.
  • For individual swimming with dolphins, there was an additional surcharge of 50 euros.

swimming with Cayo Blanco dolphins

Cruise from Varadero to Cayo Blanco – duration

A catamaran cruise to Cayo Blanco from Varadero is basically a full day trip. We were picked up from our hotel around 9:00 and the cruise itself started around 10:00. We got back to the port around 16:00 and by 17:00 we were already at the hotel.

Cuba dolphins

Cayo Blanco: catamaran cruise and swimming with dolphins – how to get?

Catamarans on Cayo Blanco depart from the port of Varadero. If you buy a trip at a local travel agency or your operator, you don’t have to worry about transport at all. The bus will pick you up from the hotel, take you to the starting point, and finally drop you off at exactly the same place from which it took you.

Cuba dolphinarium

Cruise to Cayo Blanco with a visit to the dolphinarium – tips

  • For the cruise, be sure to take sunblock, hats and sunglasses. It seems obvious, but there will always be someone who forgets one of these gadgets.
  • The weather is variable, especially on the islands. During our cruise we got caught in the rain. We weren’t soaked to the skin, but it would have been nice to have a jacket or a raincoat. Downpour lasted only a few minutes and didn’t spoil our overall mega-positive impression.
  • When in Cuba, always have cash with you. Almost every meal in restaurant will be accompanied by a local band. 99% chance they will have ‘Guantanamera’ in their repertoire, and 100% chance they will collect tips after the show. It’s probably their only source of income. Make them earn as much as possible.
  • In the dolphinarium we met not only dolphins, but also a large, wild bird. We don’t think he was fully familiar with people, but he certainly felt great in front of the camera. Does anyone know what this specimen is called?

Cuba Varadero dolphinarium

Cayo Blanco: catamaran cruise and swimming with dolphins – reviews

  • Patrix – 10/10. It was a really great cruise. The animator kept us in a great mood all the time, even despite a short downpour. We all danced, sang and sunbathed relaxing on the boat. And the opportunity to interact with dolphins was simply wonderful – we could touch these amazing animals.
  • Wiolczix – 9/10. Whenever I have the opportunity, I go on a cruise. The sea or the ocean give me a sense of freedom. If you also find a cool crew, a fun animator and a good people, it’s a great all-day party guaranteed. A very nice option is of course the open bar. What’s more, being able to interact with these amazing creatures was wonderful. For me, it’s a completely new experience. I hope they are treated well by the dolphinarium owners and have a good life.

Cayo Blanco dolphins

Cayo Blanco – island and dolphinarium – map

The island of Cayo Blanco is a barely perceptible speck on the map of the Caribbean (compared to the whole of Cuba).

On the map below you can see exactly where the dolphinarium is located.

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