Cueva de Ambrosio – a cave full of bats

Cueva de Ambrosio
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Dear historians, speleologists (cave explorers) and Batman fans. We have a place that you can all go together and each of you will leave satisfied. It is the bat cave located in the charming resort of Varadero, Cuba. Cueva de Ambrosio is a unique attraction where you will experience contact with nature and for a moment you will effectively hide from the hot Caribbean sun. After visiting the cave, we were totally enchanted by fluffy, flying mammals. In the end we completely forgave them the entire COVID-19 pandemic.

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Cueva de Ambrosio – bat cave

What is the coolest thing about visiting Cueva de Ambrosio? Wildness and self-service. How to find this charming place? It is marked with a tourist board (pictured below) which will surely catch your eye when you get off the tourist bus or taxi. At the entrance to the cave, we met Mr. Doorman. He sat in a wooden and reed booth (slightly hidden in the thicket of trees and bushes). At the beginning he gave us a receipt and… a flashlight.

Cueva de Ambrosio tour

Then we went towards the totally black abyss. It was the dark entrance to the bat cave. At the beginning, Mr. Doorman told us a bit about several dozen (pre)historic paintings that cover the walls of the cave. They are said to have been created over 2,000 years ago, but were discovered in 1961. The authors of the paintings are the indigenous inhabitants of these areas – the so-called Caribbean Indians. To our amateur eye, they are exceptionally clear, symmetrical and neat, as if someone painted them a few years ago. However, we don’t doubt the talents of the official authors and admire the red and black abstract works. Then, at the request of the Mr. Doorman, we went deeper into the cave on our own, equipped with reliable plastic flashlights.

bat cave

Inside, we are surprised by interesting rock formations. We’re not going to pretend that we can scientifically name what we saw inside. Anyway, the grotto makes a big impression on us, and the ceiling and corridors look as if Michelangelo himself carved them with his chisel. The climate prevailing here quickly makes us want to light a fire inside and set up a small camp. Patryk would grill the hunted animal, and Wiolczi would sew clothes from leather… But we quickly remember that we are vegetarians and avoid food and clothing products of animal origin. However, we like plants and that’s why we head straight towards the roots of some unspecified plant hanging freely from the ceiling. Probably a strong tree broke into the cave with great force. #natureismazing We capture this phenomenon in the photo below and go to the most important point.

Cueva de Ambrosio Varadero Cuba

You’re probably wondering where are the bats that we really came here for? Well… they are everywhere. Just look around! They sleep or just relax on the ceiling and walls of the cave. They hang inconspicuously alone or cuddle up to each other in a fluffy flock. Some are still very tiny (such bat-babies), others are already adult beasts (the size of a house mouse with wings). They are constantly flying from place to place – solo or in larger groups. Can they attack a human or accidentally get tangled in long hair like in the movies? Mr. Doorman assures that absolutely not. And our experience confirms it. In general, bats give the impression that they wait motionless for tourists to move away and only then change their location. We don’t bother them, so they don’t bother us. A fully healthy bat doesn’t really seek human contact.

Cueva de Ambrosio bats

Maybe it’s a little bit weird but we couldn’t get enough of the swarms of bats. We also hunted for a long time for the photo below. Finally succeeded. When a handsome representative of the species located above our heads, he was immediately photographed. You’re probably wondering how he manages to hang upside down from the ceiling for so long? Fun fact: bats have special ‘block connections’ between claws, bones and ligaments. Also their knees face backwards. The unique structure of the hind limbs means that these animals do not exert themselves at all when assuming this position. Actually, they rest in this way. They can even fall into a long hibernation, and when they wake up they won’t be a bit tired.

Cueva de Ambrosio photos

The three main attractions to see in the Cuban cave Cueva de Ambrosio are: paintings, rock formations and of course bats. The whole thing will take you about half an hour. There is nothing more to see here, but together we decided that it is a really valuable place. Be sure to visit when in Varadero.

Bat cave in Cuba – tickets

Admission to the Cueva de Ambrosio cave in Varadero costs 5 euros or 5 dollars (these currencies are used interchangeably here, the conversion rate is 1:1). The price of the ticket includes: introduction to the cave by the ticketer (aka Mr. Doorman), rental of flashlights and unlimited time to independently explore the interior. Be careful. It’s inhabited not only by bats, but also by insects such as below…

cave with bats

Cueva de Ambrosio, Varadero – how to get?

  • We assume that you have already flown from your country to the airport in Varadero and settled in a more or less pleasant hotel.
  • There are two options to get to the cave: faster and more expensive or slower and cheaper. Both very pleasant. Option I: You can catch or order a taxi from the 60s, which will take you directly from the gates of your holiday resort to the gates of the cave. We suppose that your hotel is located on a peninsula, so you should pay around 10-15 euros/dollars for this one-way rate. We always recommend haggling. Option II: Tourist bus. It goes all the way around the headland, has plenty of stops, and costs just 5 euros/dollars a day. So you buy a ticket in the morning, get on board and you can ride around the entire peninsula, getting on and off as many times as you like. It works exactly like our European hop on-hop off. The timetable is very loose and rather conventional, but you can be sure that the bus will finally come. We used and recommend it. 🙂

Cueva de Ambrosio Varadero

Bat cave – tips

  • The murals at Cueva de Ambrosio are the largest collection of Native American pictographs in the Caribbean.
  • During the colonial period, the cave gave shelter to runaway slaves.
  • Cueva de Ambrosio is a member of the non-governmental organization Bat Conservation International. It deals with the permanent protection of over 1,300 species of bats in the world and their habitats.
  • The cave is located within the Varahicacos Ecological Reserve. It has a lot to offer, despite the fact that it covers an area of ​​​​only a few square kilometers. In addition to the bat cave, you can meet with the fauna and flora of Cuba.
  • Be sure to take a walk along the Muslim Trail. This is another interesting place in Varadero. When you enter the marked trail, you will receive a provisional map from the Mr. Doorman with descriptions of natural attractions that you will meet on your way. Wiolczi was surprised by large termite mounds. Patryk was delighted with many species of Tillandsia – a plant that doesn’t need soil to live. Although he grew them at home, those in the natural environment impressed him much more. This trip will not change your life and will not surprise you with spectacular views, but it is a really nice break from the hotel lounger or pool.

Cueva de Ambrosio

Bat cave in Cuba – reviews

  • Patrix – 9/10. A very nice adventure. I’ve seen bats in the zoo many times, but never hundreds of bats flying wild over my head. I really like contact with nature, and here I felt like the hero of the movie ‘Into the Wild’. It’s a nice escape from tourist hotels, resorts or beaches.
  • Wiolczix – 8/10. The joy of communing with nature increases in proportion to age. So for me, the bat cave is a great attraction. It’s quite small, so the whole adventure lasts for a short time. Magical interior with interesting rock formations will surely delight you. It’s nice that you get a flashlight and explore the cave completely on your own. The possibility of seeing such a huge swarm of bats in one place in such a small space is, on the one hand, an unprecedented attraction. On the other, it’s a small injection of adrenaline and a delicate thrill. Although Mr. Doorman assures you that nothing threatens you, in the back of your mind you keep thinking that every animal is wild and unpredictable. I recommend it for those who like (small) risk.

caves in Cuba

Cueva de Ambrosio, Varadero – map

The bat cave is located in the Varahicacos Ecological Reserve in the Cuban resort of Varadero.

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