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Before the trip to Cyprus, we were wondering which city to stay in: Ayia Napa or Paphos? There are very different opinions about them. The former was supposed to be a lively ‘mecca’ for clubbers, the latter – a boring oasis of respite for families with children or retirees. We decided to combine madness with relaxation and spend a few nights in each of these places. It turned out that the opinions about them were really right. Except for one detail: Paphos is not that boring at all and you can visit some great places here.

Are you looking for inspiration? Best things to do in Cyprus.

The Tombs of the Kings

A real treat for lovers of … cemetery art. Because the Tombs of the Kings is nothing more than a huge burial ground. It’s so unique that it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List (we always mention about it, because there are no ‘accidental attractions’ there). The tombs were built in the 4th and 3rd centuries BC, there are about 100 of them and they occupy a huge area. The largest of them is about 390 square meters! Interesting fact: not a single king was buried here, only aristocrats and dignitaries. So where did the name come from? From the size and momentum with which the local tombs were built. Some of them are modest and simple, but some look like real works of art.

The Tombs of the Kings PaphosThe Tombs of the Kings CyprusTombs Paphos

Paphos Castle

Paphos Castle has been standing quietly in the harbor since the Middle Ages, when it bravely defended the inhabitants of the city from the attacks of invaders. It was destroyed in the 16th century, but the Ottomans quickly rebuilt it. In its later ‘career’, it was a prison and even… a salt warehouse. It has been a historic monument since 1935. From that time tourists visit it or various cultural events take place there. The castle is very austere from the outside and is rather not attractive in appearance. But maybe it will keep you with its character? There is a nice view of the Paphos harbor from the top, so it’s worth a look here.

Castle Paphosold castle in Paphoscastle in Cyprus

Archaeological Site of Nea Paphos

If you want to see the entire Nea Paphos Archaeological Park, reserve a good few hours for it. A task for the ambitious: additionally read ‘Mythology’. That’s because you’ll find a lot of remains from antiquity that take their names from mythological heroes. So we have the House of Dionysus, the House of Orpheus, the House of Aion or the Villa of Theseus. The Archaeological Site package also includes the agora (i.e. the market) and the odeon (something like a theater). However, we liked the most… mosaics. Truly recommend.

Archaeological Site of Nea PaphosNea Paphos CyprusPaphos Archaeological Site

Paphos – ticket prices to the best attractions and opening hours

Have we already mentioned that visiting Cyprus is really cheap? Entrance tickets to selected attractions cost as follows:

  • Tombs of the Kings
    • Entrance: 2.50 euros
    • Opening hours: 16.09-15.04, from Monday to Sunday, 8:30-17:00; 16.04-15.09 from Monday to Sunday, 8:30-19:30.
  • Paphos Castle
    • Entrance: 2.50 euros.
    • Opening hours: 16.09-15.04, from Monday to Sunday, 8:30-17:00; 16.04-15.09 from Monday to Sunday, 8:30-19:30.
  • Archaeological Site of Nea Paphos
    • Entrance: 4.50 euros.
    • Opening hours: 16.09-15.04, from Monday to Sunday, 8:30-17:00; 16.04-15.09 from Monday to Sunday, 8:30-19:30.

Paphos what to seePaphos what to do

Paphos – how to get to the best attractions?

  • Plane. To see the coolest attractions in Paphos, you must first fly here. The airport is just outside the city, and it will take you 20 minutes to get to the center.
  • How to move between the best attractions of Paphos? Preferably on foot. They are located really close to each other. You can also choose public transport – there are a lot of buses around Paphos, and the tickets are really cheap. As in any city, you can easily catch a taxi – only local, because applications such as Uber or Bolt in Cyprus don’t work.

Paphos attractionsPaphos what to visit

Paphos – tips

  • Be prepared to visit the above attractions in the summer season. Headgear is absolutely mandatory. Be sure to apply sunscreen and take it with you. There is no shade in all these places. We had the impression that these monuments attract the sun exceptionally, and the felt temperature is about +50 degrees.
  • Have you come to Paphos and are you worried that there is no nice beach here? Chill out! Take a car or city bus and go to Coral Bay. The water is clean here, the sand is very pleasant, sunbeds are available for rent, and the beach bar is at your disposal.
  • If you do not require luxury, and you are looking for – let’s call it – fun accommodation, choose the Roman Boutique Hotel. We spent half of our stay there (about 4 nights) and each time the ‘pseudo antique’ paintings on the walls made us laugh just as much. Monotonous meals are fully rewarded by greenery and a charming view from the balcony.

Cyprus Paphos top attractions

Attractions in Paphos – reviews

  • Patrix – 6/10. If, like us, you are adventures seekers then you will not find too many of them in Paphos. The attractions in Paphos are ruins, ruins and more ruins of old buildings. If you like architecture and archaeology, you will be delighted. I am not a connoisseur of either one or the other. Paphos is a great place to relax in peace. However, it does not offer a lot. Nevertheless, the city itself is very pleasant.
  • Wiolczix – 7/10. Our set of attractions is an ideal option for lovers of antiquity and the Middle Ages. When you enter the historic area of ​​Paphos, it’s like stepping into a time machine. One moment and you are in a completely different world. The grounds of the Tombs and the Archaeological Zone are really vast, so there is plenty of space to walk in both places. However, these are not objects that stand out with anything special compared to other attractions of this type in the world, so you will not be surprised by anything here.


Paphos – map

The route between the Royal Tombs, the castle and the Archaeological Park can be easily covered on foot.

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