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Do you like outdoor trips out of town? Do you go camping with friends? Do you work remotely from the park? Do you dream of travelling by van? Do you have a crazy plan to live in a motorhome? Or maybe you just want to … save on electricity bills? 😀 In each of these cases, you will need three fantastic devices that we are pleased to present to you.

Foldable & portable solar panel

Number 1 are solar panels from Dokio. They need to work properly what the Travel-Mates team needs to be happy: sunshine. Before unfolding, the solars look like a huge flat bag with a pocket and a strap. It can be easily held in the hand or thrown over the shoulder, which makes it ultra-convenient to transport. Our 200W model weighs just over 5kg, making it easy to lift.

tourist solar panel

The panels unfold as quickly, easily and pleasantly as they fold. They may be smaller than traditional ones, but they are really efficient. We have a few tips for you, thanks to which you will be able to use their maximum power. First of all, remember that it is best to charge them at the time of the greatest sunlight, i.e. between 12pm-14pm. Secondly, the sun’s rays should fall on the surface of the solar panels at an angle of 90 degrees. Third, make sure that there is no shadow on them. Even the smallest one can cause a lot of power loss.

camper solar panel

In the set with solar panels you get: a 3m cable with an XT60 connector for connecting a DC plug or controller; 1 m long cable with a ‘crocodile clip’ for connecting the battery; 5 pieces of DC connectors with different specifications for connecting a portable power supply. Cables and connectors easily fit in the pocket on the outer surface of the solar panels. Thanks to this ‘storage’ you will always have them with you.

portable solar panel

And one more useful thing in the kit: a solar charge controller. In general, it is designed to optimize the charging process and, as a result, extend the life of solar panels. However, this one is unique because it’s equipped with a USB socket that supports charging a mobile phone. You have to admit that outdoors it’s a really useful feature.

handheld solar panels

A portable power station

Number 2 is the Bluetti solar generator (aka ‘portable power station’). We tested it thoroughly and you can trust us: with this device you don’t have to be afraid of any predicted blackout. What are the most important features of a solar generator? Compact and efficient. The Bluetti EB3A has both. And it looks great in the photos, take a look.

portable power station

Our portable power station can be charged both from the socket and using solar panels. The first way is less environmentally friendly, but takes a little less time. After connecting to the socket, in 40 minutes you will charge the generator to 80%, and in about 1.5 hours – to 100%. We, out of love for nature, connected Bluetti to our solar panels. In sunny weather and proper use, the battery should fully charge in 2 hours. Information about the battery charge level can be found on the display.

solar generator

Laptop, phone, camera, drone, small tourist fridge or mini electric kettle – now you don’t have to worry about powering them on the go (or during a power failure at home). The Bluetti EB3A generator has as many as 8 output ports (1 x AC 230V 600W, 1 x wireless charging max. 15W, 1 x cigarette lighter 12V 10A, 2 x USB-A 15W, 1 x USB-C 100W, 2 x DC 5521 12V 10A ), plus a wireless charging option. This means that you can charge several devices at the same time – just remember not to exceed the output power of 600 W. The generator is also equipped with a flashlight that you can light up the surroundings.

bluetti portable power station

Finally, one more useful, practical and convenient thing: BLUETTI application. We checked on iOS and it runs nice. It allows you to control the generator and check what is currently happening with the device. And all this from a distance of up to 10 meters via Bluetooth. Thanks to the application, you can, among other things, monitor energy consumption or the battery status of a portable power plant and manage its charging and discharging.

bluetti app

Waterproof solar power bank

Number 3: portable solar charger. To make you realize how important this invention is, we have an experiment for you. Close your eyes and imagine that you are with your partner, family or friends in the mountains or forest. You got lost, it’s getting dark. None of you (exceptionally today) have no map or compass with you. The batteries in your phones are extremely close to discharge…

solar power bank

Then he comes in! Solar power bank. The device is light and takes up very little space. Info for aesthetes: it looks pretty nice. It only has one side button. When you press it once – the power indicator will show you the current charge level of the device. When you press it twice – two small bulbs will light up, and the powerbank will magically turn into a flashlight. Cyclists, anglers and lovers of camping – this product is perfect for you.

powerbank sunpower

Our solar power bank has 3 output cables (Micro USB, USB-C and Lightning) and 1 input cable. Their length is ideally suited to the size of the device, so that after use they can be neatly hidden in a designated place. Classy. Exactly as you see in the picture below. The nightmare of tangled, coiled cables is finally over.

sun power bank

And here you can see the solar powerbank in all its glory during operation. It really works. When you go outside, the sun icon will always be green on your device. This means that the power bank is constantly charging. This is a really hard-working, though inconspicuous beast.

solar powered power bank

Eco solar gadgets – review

  • Patrix – 10/10. Now I can go into the real wilderness without electricity and work remotely! WOw! I already ordered my first tent. I was very surprised that the installation of the solar panels and the power generator took only 2 minutes! Seriously! I am impressed with this equipment.
  • Wiolczix – 10/10. Great thing. With solar gadgets, life is simple and beautiful. Not for the first time, we have found out that the sun is the best power plant in the world. The devices really work, they keep our equipment alive and effectively extend outdoor trips. Solar batteries charge quickly and it was a really nice solution to make a shoulder bag out of them (one small note: this bag is quite large and it can be a bit heavy for petite people). I used the solar generator mainly to charge the laptop battery during remote work. As for the solar power bank: it’s a real firecracker for the forgetful (that is me). After all, I don’t have to remember to charge the device the day before leaving. The whole set is a must have for traveling ‘in harmony with nature’.

eco gadgets

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