Berliner Fernsehturm – observation deck

Berliner Fernsehturm
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We were in the tallest building in Berlin. And even throughout Germany. The Berliner Fernsehturm TV tower measures 368 meters and is truly epic. So epic that we have to show it to you. Both outside and inside.

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TV tower in Berlin – photos from the observation deck

This tourist attraction cannot be missed when visiting the capital of Germany. The Berliner Fernsehturm rises high above the surrounding buildings and is said to be visible from anywhere in the German capital. Both Patryk and Wiolczi passed TV tower many times in the past, but neither of them thought to ‘conquer its peak’. Only when they were together did they enter the observation deck.

entry to the TV tower in Berlin price

The adventure with the TV tower is quick, easy and pleasant. The journey to a height of 203 meters begins with an elevator ride, during which you can feel like you’re in ‘Inception’ movie for a moment. If you are afraid of heights or don’t feel comfortable in small rooms, we advise you not to look up. Your eyes will then see a transparent ceiling with a view of the shaft through which the elevator will soon be rushing.

TV tower in Berlin

In the blink of an eye you will be on the circular observation deck of the Berliner Fernsehrtum. What might surprise you? Certainly, although the TV tower looks quite modern from the outside, time has stopped inside. However, we take into account the to carry out renovation works at an altitude of 203 m above sea level. What’s more, too frequent modernization of the interior is not eco-friendly. And above all, you can feel the spirit of the GDR here.

Berlin TV tower

We’re sorry, but nothing should surprise you on the observation deck. The 360-degree panorama that you can admire while walking around makes you feel like you’re in a ball. At each window you will find photos of objects seen through a given glass with detailed descriptions of the visible attractions. They are not boring, so you can easily read them and deepen your knowledge of Berlin’s architecture. And it is really interesting, especially due to the former division of the German capital into eastern and western parts.

Berlin tower photos

What did we pay special attention to when observing Berlin from a bird’s eye view? First of all, for a large amount of concrete. The city from above is gray and really tightly built-up. There are green squares and parks here and there, but they occupy only a small part of the area. The largest green area that stands out in Berlin is the Tiergarten. From the observation deck you can clearly see the extensive road and railway network, which – although it does not decorate the city – is truly admirable and works perfectly. The trip ends quickly – after one round around the observation deck, we get into the elevator and go to the ground floor.

Berlin TV Tower – tickets

  • Ticket to the observation deck of the Berlin Television Tower:
    • normal – €22.50.
    • reduced price (for children aged 4-14) – €12.50.
  • Flexible ticket to the observation deck (cancellable 24 hours before the planned visit):
    • normal – €28.00.
    • reduced price (for children aged 4-14) – €18.00.
  • Ticket to the observation deck + VR movie “Berlin Odyssey”:
    • normal – €29.50.
    • reduced price (for children aged 6-14) – €19.50.

Berlin TV tower tickets

Berlin TV Tower – opening hours

The observation deck of the Berlin TV Tower is open daily from 10:00 to 23:00. During the same hours you can visit the Sphere restaurant.

the highest point Berlin

Berlin TV Tower – visiting time

Visiting the TV tower in Berlin (including taking the elevator to the observation deck and going down to the ground floor) will take you less than an hour. If you would like to carefully read all the descriptions in the photos (visible in the photo below) and contemplate the views a little longer, book about 1.5 hours in your calendar.

Berlin TV tower

TV tower in Berlin – how to get?

Berliner Fernsehturm is located at Alexanderplatz in the Mitte district.

  • Plane. To visit the capital of Germany, you need to fly to Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER).
  • Train. From Poland (where Travel-Mates Team live) you can easily and really quickly get to the capital of Germany by rail. We boarded the train in Warsaw and after less than 5.5 hours got off at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof station. Round-trip tickets cost about EUR 85.
  • Public transport. Berlin is a huge city, but it is really well connected. To get as close to Berliner Fernsehturm as possible, you should get off at the stop: Berlin Alexanderplatz Bahnhof, S+U Alexanderplatz Bhf/Gontardstraße, U Rotes Rathaus, Spandauer Str./Marienkirche or S+U Alexanderplatz Bhf/Memhardstr.
  • Hop on-hop off tourist buses. How does it work in practice? You buy a ticket (for example 24 hours, but there are also longer options). During selected time, you can hop on and hop off at any stop along carrier’s route. Travel-Mates Team absolutely loves this way of traveling. There are several companies operating in Berlin that allow you to explore the city from a bus. We took advantage of the most interesting offer and the longest route offered by CitySightseeing. You can also ride the equally popular Big Bus or City Circle. Each of these carriers has its own stop at the zoo.
  • Taxi. Uber, Bolt and Freenow operate efficiently in Berlin.

tallest building in Berlin

Berliner Fernsehturm – tips

  • The Berlin Television Tower houses the highest bar in the city (203 m above sea level) and the Sphere restaurant (207 m above sea level – you can enter it by steps leading from the observation deck).
  • The Sphere restaurant rotates 360 degrees twice per hour. Thanks to this, guests can see the panorama of the city twice during one meal. Combining sightseeing with food? A great time saver. It is worth adding that entry to the restaurant has an additional fee (you can’t even go upstairs without a reservation). Of course, you also have to pay extra for the ordered dishes. An interesting fact is that for fire safety reasons, the restaurant’s kitchen is located on the ground floor, and all meals are delivered to guests via a special catering elevator.
  • Berliner Fernsehturm is the tallest in Germany. But it also breaks European records! It is the fourth largest free-standing building on our continent, as well as the tallest publicly accessible building in Europe.
  • More than one million tourists visit the Berlin Television Tower every year.
  • The epic tower ball is 32 meters in diameter and weighs 4,800 tons!
  • Are you looking for an original place to get married? Here you go. The Berlin Television Tower is open to future newlyweds.

Berlin observation deck

Television tower in Berlin – reviews

  • Patrix – 6/10. The Berlin TV Tower looks truly epic and is visible from any point in the city. While walking around Berlin, I wondered what that spike was that sticking out above the blocks. When I found out it was a viewpoint, I knew I had to be there! The transparent ceiling and the enormous speed of the elevator will take your breath away. As for the interior of the viewpoint itself, for me it is a small greenhouse that is not entirely pleasant to be in. The windows are dirty and the view is rather average. Berlin is concrete (except for one large park). I definitely recommend the Warsaw option, because the views are much nicer. If you haven’t been there, I encourage you to read: Visit to the Palace of Culture and Science – Travel-Mates.PL ENG
  • Wiolczix – 7/10. Be in Berlin and not climb the TV tower? It’s like being in Rome and not seeing the Pope (as we say in Poland). But seriously: we went to the Berliner Fernsehturm, because it is the highest point both in the German capital and in the whole of Germany. If you have already been to such viewpoints, nothing spectacular will surprise you here. From the outside, the tower looks truly epic, but inside, time seems to have stopped several dozen years ago (don’t look for atmospheric decor, modern solutions or transparent floors made of tempered glass). Nevertheless, the view of Berlin from here is really great. From the tower you can see how much of a concrete city the capital of Germany is. Either way, if you like this type of attractions, be sure to come here. However, if you are not a fan of ‘entertainment at heights’, you can skip it.

TV tower Berlin review

Berlin TV tower – FAQ

How much does it cost to climb the TV tower in Berlin?

Depending on the type of ticket, entry to the Berlin Television Tower costs from EUR 22.50 to EUR 29.50 for a regular ticket & From EUR 12.50 to EUR 19.50 for a reduced ticket. Children up to 4 years of age enter the observation deck for free.

What is the name of the TV tower in Berlin?

The TV tower in Berlin is called Berliner Fernsehturm. In English, this name means nothing else than… ‘Berlin Television Tower’.

Does the Berlin TV tower rotate?

Yes. Of course, not the entire tower rotates, but part of its sphere, which houses the Sphere restaurant. A full rotation takes 30 to 60 minutes.

How tall is the TV tower in Berlin?

The Berlin Television Tower measures 368 meters, making it the tallest building both in Berlin and in all of Germany.

Where is the tallest TV tower in Germany?

The Berlin Television Tower is located in the most touristic district of the city, Mitte, right next to Alexanderplatz, at Panoramastraße 1A.

What do Germans commonly call the TV tower in Berlin?

The Berlin Television Tower is also called the Alex Tower, or Alex-Turm. As you might guess, its ‘nickname’ comes from its location at Alexanderplatz.

Can you eat something at the Berlin Television Tower?

You can enjoy a decent meal at the Berlin Television Tower. At an altitude of 207 m above sea level you will find the Sphere restaurant, where chefs serve German cuisine. Dinner in such a place at sunset can be a really great idea.

Fernsehturm Berlin

Berliner Fernsehturm – map

The Berlin Television Tower is located at Panoramastraße 1A, in the Mitte district.

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