Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland

Saint Patrick's Day
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The parade organized in the capital of Ireland on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day is definitely the best outdoor event of this type in Europe we have been to. Thousands of costumed people take part in the colorful pageant. They are watched by tens (maybe even hundreds) of thousands of smiling onlookers. Almost all of them are wearing at least one piece of green clothing. The parade culminates in a grand celebration that covers all the pubs, streets and houses in the city. On this day, hectoliters of Guinness – the most popular dark beer in the world – are poured in Dublin. It sounds inviting?

Saint Patrick’s Day – Ireland

If you don’t know what all the fuss is about, we’ll explain briefly and concisely. Legend has it that Saint Patrick came to Ireland, where he then propagated the Christian religion and clover (not so ordinary, but the three-leaf called shamrock). As if that wasn’t enough, he also supposedly freed the green island from snakes (although scientists claim that they never inhabited it). Anyway, quite a lot of merit for one person. A Renaissance man, one might say. However, he lived much earlier, in the Middle Ages.

How much truth is there in all his merits? No one knows. What is known for sure? Saint Patrick’s Day is the most celebrated name day in the world. On March 17, not only the inhabitants of Dublin dress in green, but also New York, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Boston, London and many more.

Pictured below is the namesake of Ireland’s legendary patron in elegant attire for the Saint Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patricks Day Ireland

St. Patrick’s Parade in Dublin

Okay, now we know where the national and religious holiday of Ireland came from. Now we will show you what the famous parade looks like in Dublin. We were lucky to see it with our own eyes. Generally speaking, on this day it is difficult to move around the city almost from the morning. Crowds of people are everywhere – on the streets, sidewalks, balconies, monuments, buildings, stairs… The closer you can get to the designated parade route, the better. If you are standing far away, it is worth finding the highest vantage point (we climbed onto the trash can, so quite low compared to the rest of the gathered, but the visibility was still very good – a photo from our exclusive sector can be found in the ‘tickets’ section).

On this day, everyone has an (informal) obligation to wear a green outfit, and at least one element in this cheerful color. Don’t worry if you look like an elf or other gnome. On this day, it is exceptionally desirable and even charming. Besides, you’ll blend in with the dense crowd anyway. When it comes to accessories, hats or caps are welcome – especially the ones our random friends have in the photo below. Ah, and one more thing! Need we add that the most fashionable pattern in the parade is the three-leaf clover? Tip for fashion freaks: apart from all shades of green, gold also reigns on Patrick’s catwalk.

Saint Patricks Day Dublin

You know what’s the most beautiful thing about the St. Patrick Parade? Here everyone can be who they want. Even themselves. ๐Ÿ™‚ In the procession in Dublin there will be a place for even the most eccentric participants. Look at this artist-guitarist below and his unusual ‘predatory’ wings.

Saint Patricks Day Celebration

Are you a couch potato at heart? Your favorite sport is watching TV for hours? During the St. Patrick’s Parade, you can give vent to your emotions and share your hobby with the world. All you have to do is inflate a huge sofa, create a giant TV, and the streets of Dublin will be open to you. In addition, everyone will applaud, take photos and wave eagerly.

how to celebrate St Patricks Day

Do you start the day with a doubleshot espresso at Starbucks? Can’t imagine autumn without a latte with caramel syrup? So pay homage to the huge mermaid that looks like it just emerged from… the logo of the most famous coffee shop in the world. Looks impressive, doesn’t it?

St Patricks parade

Finally, we present a group marching in helmets made of various types of balls. They must have been team sports fans. Very original. We don’t know if their motivation was the love of sports or maybe just protection from the March sun. Anyway, this quite enigmatic group has attracted our attention, thus deserves to be shown to the world and to you.

Dublin parade

The entire parade lasts several hours. It is impossible to count how many people take part in the procession itself. Anyway, counting would be a waste of time. The diversity of participants is much more interesting than doing statistics. Seriously. In general, you look at the marchers and see such unusual outfits. And you think that nothing will surprise you anymore… Then another creative group comes along and the you are confounded again.

Temple Bar Dublin

We have some assumptions that wherever you spend St. Patrick’s Day, in the evening you will end up in the most famous district in Dublin. Its name is Temple Bar. It’s a mecca for party-goers. This is where Patrick’s name day begins and ends. It’s up to you how long celebration will last. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers to you and all Patricks!

Guinness Dublin

St. Patrick’s Parade in Dublin – tickets

St. Patrick’s Parade is available to everyone. There is no need to buy tickets – if you stand on the route of the colorful procession, you can see all the costumed people.

Of course, in several places in the city there are stands with seats, from which you can comfortably watch the parade. A ticket in 2023 cost from 100 to 260 euros. But why overpay if you can watch the whole parade from an exclusive VIP box… on the litter bin?

St Patricks Day Parade Ireland

St. Patrick’s Parade, Dublin – how to get?

We strongly advise against getting to the parade by car. You may also have a problem with ordering a taxi. Public transport runs with restrictions and changes, so we advise you to carefully check the timetables for each day.

In short: due to traffic jams and huge crowds of people all over the city, use your feet as the best mean of transport on this day. Let them take you to Temple Bar itself. Just like these colorful inflatable shoes which carry a crowd of people under their soles.

St Patricks Day Parade Dublin

Saint Patrick’s Day – tips

  • You’ve already found out how to get to the parade, now we’ll tell you how to come back home. The story began with us missing the last Luas fast train to the Tallaght area where we were staying. As we were in the city center in a civilized country, it didn’t scare us at all – what’s the problem with catching a Bolt, Freenow or Uber? Well, on St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin this is a huge problem! ๐Ÿ™‚ Subsequent attempts to order a taxi through various applications ended in a fiasco. Attempts to hail taxis were also unsuccessful. Wiolczi has almost come to terms with the idea that we will most likely walk 11 km from the city center to the hotel. Patrix, however, did not give up. He tried hard to hitchhike. And we did it! A polite Irish couple picked us up off the street and took straight to our hotel. If not for them, we would probably have had the opportunity to admire the sunrise over Dublin. Lesson number 1: never give up. Lesson number 2: miracles happen. Lesson number 3: there will always be people who will help you.
  • We wholeheartedly recommend the wonderful Tallaght Cross Hotel, where the kindest waitress not only prepared delicious vegetarian breakfasts for us for several days, but also gave us tourist advice.
  • Museums in Dublin are not boring exhibitions with immobile exhibits locked in display cases. The creators focused on modernity and interactivity. Our TOP 3 are definitely: EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, Dublinia Viking Museum and Irish Rock N Roll Museum.
  • We do not promote the consumption of alcohol in large quantities. But we believe that local liquors are an element of the culture and tradition of a given country. Of course, available only for adults! When it comes to Ireland, you just have to taste delicious Guinness beer with a delicate creamy foam. In the Guinness Museum or in any pub in Temple Bar, it tastes completely different than in Poland. You can’t miss tasting the most delicious liqueur in the world called Baileys. The combination of whiskey, cream, vanilla and cocoa will delight your taste buds. Finally, something for true connoisseurs. Irish whiskey that we recommend testing at Jameson Distillery Bow St. or Teeling Whiskey Distillery (best to visit and compare both, they offers completely different experience).

St Patricks Day event

St. Patrick’s Parade – reviews

  • Patrix – 10/10. This is the best name day party that could have happened to me in my life. The atmosphere at the parade is really amazing! Everyone is full of happiness and smile! St. Patrick’s Parade in Dublin is a must-see on your ‘before I die’ list. Kisses for Wiolczix for taking me there!
  • Wiolczix – 10/10. This is absolutely the best outdoor event in Europe I’ve been to. The Irish atmosphere is really unique. I haven’t been everywhere, but I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere. ‘The City on the River Liffey’ has its own specific atmosphere. It’s a beautiful, cheerful, green world, to which I would definitely like to come back someday for the most carefree fun ever. How can I describe Saint Patrick’s Day in couple words? Smile, spontaneity, peace & love!

St Patrick name day

St. Patrick’s Day – map

St. Patrick’s Parade Patrick’s Day starts from the northern part of the city, specifically from Parnell Square, marked on the map below.

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