Rabbits and kings in Gniezno (Królika GOń app)

Rabbits in Gniezno
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Do you remember when the whole world went crazy about Pokemon GO? We have for you the Polish version of this game – Królika GOń. The action takes place in the first capital of Poland, Gniezno. The whole thing is to find objects marked in the application in the reality. The exact locations and photos of all rabbits and kings can be found below.

Are you going to the first capital of Poland? See the best attractions in Gniezno.

Królika GOń app

The first step to great fun – combining the virtual, real and historical world – is downloading the Królika GOń application on your phone. The only condition is that you have Android or iOS. The application was created for a very practical reason: to encourage tourists to visit not only the most famous attractions, but also those less frequented.

Królika GOn app

When you click the magic ‘START THE GAME’ button, you will see a map with various symbols. There are elements of the Royal Route (Polish: Trakt Królewski) under them: 5 statues of Polish kings crowned in Gniezno, 2 heroes of Polish legends, 4 educational models made of bronze, 8 information boards and 3 information points. Between them there are also… 15 rabbit figurines. They symbolize the most important events in the history of the first capital of Poland. After reaching each of the points marked on the map, you will be asked a question about Gniezno. They are really detailed and mostly quite difficult. They require a lot of historical knowledge. Thanks to them you will learn many interesting facts about the first capital of Poland.

Gniezno cathedral

Where are the rabbits in Gniezno?

Where are the kings in Gniezno?

Królika GOń in Gniezno – prices

The application is completely free to download. You also don’t pay anything for walking around the city. We have to admit it’s a fair price.

bronze model of the city Gniezno

Gniezno – how to get?

Gniezno is located in Wielkopolska and is quite well connected with the rest of the world (or at least with Poland). It doesn’t matter if you get here by car, train or bus. The rabbit (and other attractions) should be chased in the most ecological way – on your own legs.

Gniezno toytown

Kings and rabbits in Gniezno – tips

  • The Royal Route in Gniezno cost over PLN 4.1 million. Quite an expensive investment.
  • On the route of the Królik GOń application you will find a whole lot of tourist and cultural attractions of the city: the Gniezno Cathedral with the Gniezno Doors, the Museum of the Archdiocese of Gniezno, the complex of the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State, Jelonek Lake, Lech Hill, the locomotive roundhouse, the Valley of Reconciliation, the Old Town Hall, the building of the Main Post Office , Church of St. Trinity, Church of St. Michael the Archangel, Church of St. Lawrence, Church of St. George, Church of St. John the Baptist, city walls and city parks.
  • The Royal Route, connecting the most interesting monuments of the first capital of Poland, is about 6.5 km long.

the legend of Lech Gniezno

Królika GOń app – reviews

  • Patrix – 7/10. The idea is absolutely great. Catching rabbits and kings, we visit the most important places in Gniezno. That makes me want to run around town. A big plus for the fact that the rabbits represent different characters. A big minus for the fact that the application works poorly and the questions in the quiz are really hard.
  • Wiolczix – 9/10. I absolutely love challenges like this. Walking with a map (even if it’s virtual) and discovering new places is a wonderful pastime for every true traveler. I wouldn’t leave Gniezno until I found all the rabbits and kings. The idea is great, because you have to see almost all the attractions of the city to check off all the points on the map in the application. The only downside is the app itself. On iOS, it works poorly – for example, I had to close it and start it again after each point scored. There are also no specific instructions on how to use it, so if I were the creators, I would add a tutorial. To sum up: technically it didn’t go well, but the idea is nice.

the cathedral in Gniezno

Królika GOń, Gniezno – map

We know that no one asked, but below you will find all the locations of kings and rabbits in Gniezno, marked by us on the Google map. Specially for you. You’re welcome.



And here is a map of Gniezno:

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