Ogrodzieniec Castle (Silesian Voivodeship)

Ogrodzieniec Castle
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Travel-Mates Knights! We have a puzzle for you. Do you know which of the Polish fortresses could be seen in Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’? We know and we even went there. It was the castle, or rather the ruins of the Ogrodzieniec Castle in Silesia.

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Ogrodzieniec Castle – attractions & tour

Once upon a time, on a sunny October day, the Travel-Mates team traveled through the south of Poland. Wiola and Patryk, as every day, were looking for another great adventure. They were slowly wandering through Silesia, when suddenly their eyes appeared on a huge green hill with a mighty stone fortress on top. They unrolled a threadbare papyrus map They looked at the GPS and they knew… “That’s Ogrodzieniec Castle!”. They were right. They saw the most magnificent building on the famous Trail of the Eagles’ Nests.

epic castle in Ogrodzieniec Podzamcze Silesia PolandOgrodzieniec Castle Entrance to the torture chamber

The road to the epic stronghold led through the magnificent outer bailey decorated with inflatables for children, souvenir shops and snack booths. (Here tradition meets modernity.) The entrance to the castle was defended by a huge rock animal from the photo below. He is called a camel, a drake or a Sphinx. It reminds us of basically every one of these creatures.

Ogrodzieniec Castle inflatablesOgrodzieniec Sphinx Camel Duck

At the very threshold of the fortress, one could strongly feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. (Although we have never been in the Middle Ages, we have a feeling that it was just like here.) Considering the ruins of a 14th-century building, the remains of the Ogrodzieniec Castle look really fantastic.

Ogrodzieniec Castle courtyardThe medieval castle in Ogrodzieniec

In order not to miss any of the attractions, it is best to follow the sightseeing route (it is well marked, so you should not get lost). It leads, among others, through the gate tower, a vast courtyard, the kitchen, the remains of the library, the knights’ chambers, the convicts’ tower to the treasury and the powder magazine.

Ogrodzieniec Castle KnightOgrodzieniec Castle princess

We strictly adhered to the map we got from the lovely lady at the ticket office, so we certainly saw all the rooms available to visitors. After Wiola had served her undeserved punishment in the stocks, we went to the (disgusting) torture room. The level of cruelty of the described “attractions” exceeded our wildest expectations. Therefore, we recommend this room only to people with strong nerves. Concluding the description of our extraordinary journey, we advise you to stay in the castle grounds until sunset. You won’t regret it.

Ogrodzieniec Castle chainTorture chamber in Ogrodzieniec Castle

Ogrodzieniec Castle – tickets and opening hours

A normal ticket to the Ogrodzieniec Castle costs PLN 26, and a reduced ticket – PLN 18.

You can visit Ogrodzieniec Castle every day from 9am to 8pm.

Ogrodzieniec Castle sightseeing route

Ogrodzieniec Castle – how to get?

  • A true knight will easily conquer this fortress on horseback.
  • We decided on horse… horsepower. You can get here quickly and easily by car. Ogrodzieniec is located less than 50 km from Katowice and only 65 km from Krakow.
  • For non-motorists, we recommend access by PKP. Get off in Zawiercie – from here it is only 12 km to Ogrodzieniec. You can easily catch a bus between the two towns.

Ogrodzieniec Castle yard

Ogrodzieniec Castle – tips

  • At the beginning, we mentioned that the Netflix series ‘The Witcher’ was filmed in Ogrodzieniec Castle. But it is not everything! This epic fortress was a movie set many times, for example for the series ‘Janosik’ and the movie ‘The Revenge’ (Polish ‘Zemsta’) directed by famous Andrzej Wajda.
  • Have you heard about Ogrodzieniec Fortress of Light (Polish Ogrodzieniecka Twierdza Światła)? It is an illumination that lights up after dark from November to February. Both the castle and the objects placed in its area are highlighted. #winterclimate

Ogrodzieniec Castle court

Ogrodzieniec Castle – worth it?

  • Patrix – 10/10. A truly epic castle! When we were passing through the village of Podzamcze (near the castle) and I saw him through the window of the car, I exclaimed “WOW!”. Moments later, Wiolczix told me we were going there! Awesome! The Ogrodzieniec Castle makes a big impression. It’s huge and the ruins are in great shape. I felt like I was playing The Witcher 2: Wild Hunt again! Big recommendations. The photos do not reflect the epicness of the walk around it!
  • Wiolczix – 8/10. As befits a real princess, I love all castles and palaces. The more epic, the better. Ogrodzieniec is very high in my personal ranking. During the tour, I moved in time, walking on the historic walls and looking through the old windows. I highly recommend it to all history lovers.

Ogrodzieniec Castle – map

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