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This is the first attraction in the history of Travel-Mates that we experienced together… but separately. The zip line in Kadzielnia Park and Nature Reserve in Kielce is a really great thing. However, only Patryk was brave enough to go down. Wiolczi said we didn’t have enough time (in fact, she probably chickened out, but she still doesn’t want to admit it). Thanks to the fact that the Travel-Mates team has split up this time, you can get to know the report from the zip line ride both from the perspective of a participant and an observer. So relax, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the flight.

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Zip line ride in Kielce – report

We found out that there is a zip line in Kielce quite by accident, while walking around the charming Kadzielnia Park & Nature Reserve. Our attention was immediately caught by a man sliding down the rope between the hills. Patryk wanted to be in his place so much that without hesitation we rushed forward in search of the starting point of the zipline. It wasn’t difficult – there were arrows along the walking route pointing the way to the sky adventure. We finally managed to find the right place. Effect? A successful recipe for a happy zipline rider.

zip line Kielce

First, the adrenaline-hungry daredevil should be brought to the zip line crew. There, he read the attraction regulations, sign it and pay for the ride (price list below). After completing all formalities, the instructor hands him a specially selected helmet and harness. Is it comfortable? Not necessarily. Is it cool? Of course! The daredevil, fully equipped, undergoes theoretical and – more importantly – practical instruction. The friendly atmosphere of the training is ensured by the zipline staff. By sliding down a rope s low between trees, a beginner learns the technique of rappelling, braking, turning and re-attaching. Properly prepared, he goes to the first of the four platforms of the rope park in Kadzielnia. As he himself admits – on slightly trembling legs and a bit terrified.

zip line Kielce Youtube

The first ride is the longest and probably the most extreme – the rope suspended between the starting point and platform No. 1 is approximately 333 meters long. While Wiolczi is calmly recording a video from the ground floor, Patrix is ​​flying at the speed of light (well, maybe a little slower) over a huge abyss. Seriously! The ropes between the platforms are suspended very high above the ground – as much as 40 meters! Amazing thing. Here you can really check what the term ‘bird’s eye view’ means. What adds epicness and fear at the same time is the fact that the zip-line rider has a reservoir under him and the hills around him. It looks spectacular in the photos, and even better in reality! A certain difficulty on the route may be braking too early, which makes impossible reaching the finish line without stopping (even for the most experienced zipline riders!). But there is nothing to be afraid of – during the training, instructors warn that such a situation may happen and show how to deal with that and easily reach the next station.

Kielce zip line

A surprise awaits zip-line riders on platform No. 1. To feel the wind in your hair again, you have to overcome two obstacles. The first one is a wooden bridge suspended on ropes. If you have been to a rope park before, such a ‘constructure’ should not surprise you. The second ‘complication’ is the ladder you need to climb to platform number 2. If you are not paralyzed by fear of heights, you will get to the top without any problems. Just don’t look down, and remember to use the carabiner safely. The next two rides (between platforms 2 & 3 and 3 & 4) are shorter. The height drops slightly, but the emotions – not a bit. Until the very end, the rush of air and wonderful views take the riders’ breath away. Even though the zipline is exceptionally long, after getting off the last platform you are left… unsatisfied. (It was so visible in Patrix’s eye!) From the end point, you have to walk another 10 minutes to the starting point where you can return the equipment and share your impressions with instructors and other brave zipline riders who are already waiting in line for their rides.

zip line in Kielce

Zip line in Kielce – opening hours

The zip line is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to dusk.

zip line Kielce tickets

Zip line in Kielce – price

  • You will pay PLN 100 for your first zipline ride along with professional instruction.
  • The second ride will cost you PLN 30.
  • The third and each subsequent ride on the same day is free.

zip line prices

Kadzielnia, Kielce – how to get?

  • You can reach Kielce by train from almost every large Polish city. (We arrived here from Warsaw by train in less than 3 hours. The return trip by FlixBus bus took us the same time.)
  • When you get to the Kielce, we encourage you to use the most ecological means of transport – walking and cycling. The zip line is located just over 1 km from the city center (in the Kadzielnia Park and Nature Reserve. It will take you about 15 minutes to get here on foot.
  • Public transport. The closest bus stops will be: Amfiteatr Kadzielnia, Legionów, Krakowska / Kadzielnia, Pakosz / Kadzielnia.
  • Car. In Kadzielnia Park and Nature Reserve you will find a car park for guests, it is located here:


Zip line Kielce – tips

  • Today, unusually, we have advice for… parents ‘ziplining’ with children. From the ‘problem solving’ series. When Patryk was flying between hills, Wiolczi witnessed a serious conversation between a mother and her several-year-old son. The boy really wanted to take part in the attraction, but he insisted that he had to be attached to his mother during the ride. However, the mother was afraid that she would not be able to cope with that, so she suggested her kid to go with the instructor and she follows them. Unfortunately, the boy stood his ground. He didn’t get any arguments. When both the boy’s father and the zip line crew ran out of ideas, the mother came up with a brilliant solution. She said to the kid: “See, if you go with the instructor and mom goes alone, we will be able to see each other and watch the other person go down. And if we go together, strapped in, we won’t see anything!” The boy thought about it in a second and jumped for joy! With a smile, he began to choose which instructor he wanted to go downhill with. Kudos to mom! The art of diplomacy at the highest level.
  • Are you stressed about going down on your own, like the little boy from the story above? Or maybe you are afraid that at some point you will become detached from the safety rope or you will attach the carabiner incorrectly and fall? It is not possible. The zipline in Kielce has a ‘continuous safety system’. This means that you are inextricably connected to the rope from start to finish.
  • Once you’ve finished the zip line ride, be sure to visit caves which are also located in Kadzielnia Park and Nature Reserve. They’ve been open to the public since 2012 and guarantee an amazing experience.

zip line Poland

Zip line in Kielce – reviews

  • Patrix – 10/10. It was a great adventure! I admit that I was very afraid before the first and subsequent rides. Even though I was well protected, I couldn’t fool my head. Ziplining over the abyss is an amazing experience full of adrenaline! The views are very nice, but it’s hard to rally enjoy them because of fear. It’s the best zip line I’ve ever been on.
  • Wiolczix – 10/10. Is it enough that instead of the standard rating of the attraction, I just say how much I regret not using it? Believe me, I regret it very much! When Patryk returned to the starting point after all three rides, I saw that his endorphins had reached their maximum level. He was so happy and smiling. I can only imagine how amazing it felt to zipline between huge hills and tall trees. And there’s also a lake under your feet! Wow, it must be like a fairy tale!

Kielce zip line review

Zip line Kielce – FAQ

From what age can you use the zip line in Kielce?

The minimum age of a person who wants to ride a zipline in Kielce is 4 years old. The small tourists cannot, of course, go down on their own – they must be accompanied by a responsible adult guardian. It is also possible to ride with an instructor/trainer. To use the zipline yourself, you must be 145 centimeters tall.

Zip line Kielce – what is the minimum height of the participant?

To ride the zipline yourself, you must be at least 145 centimeters tall. Everyone who is shorter but over 4 years old can use the attractions while being accompanied by an adult guardian.

Zip line in Kielce – what is the maximum weight of a participant?

The maximum weight of a person riding the zip line in Kielce is 135 kilograms.

How to dress for a zipline ride?

For the zipline ride, choose sports shoes and comfortable clothes. On a cold, windy day, it is worth protecting your head and ears from the cold. Long-haired participants should tie them up for their own safety and comfort. Avoid light colors because they can get dirty easily.

Where is the ticket office and the start of the zipline route in Kielce?

The ticket office, starting point and riding lessons are located at Wzgórze Harcerskie (near the Amfiteatr Kadzielnia and the Pomnik Bojowników o Wyzwolenie Narodowe i Społeczne). While walking through the nature reserve, you will certainly notice signs leading to the zip line.

How to book a zipline ride in Kielce?

The zipline ride in Kielce does not need to be booked in advance. You simply come to the starting point, inform the instructor that you want to undergo training and buy a ticket. However, if you really want to contact the zipline staff, you can do so by calling +48 576-368-382.

Poland zip line age

Zip line in Kielce – map

The zipline is located in Kadzielnia Park and Nature Reserve.

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