Błędów Desert – the largest desert in Europe

Błędów Desert
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Have you ever been to the desert? If not, we have good news! You don’t have to go to the Sahara or Dubai. All you have to do is go to the south of Poland.

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Błędów Desert – where is it?

The Błędowska Desert is situated on the border of the Silesian and Lesser Poland voivodships. The “Polish Sahara” looks most epic from above, specifically from the vantage point on the Czubatka hill in Klucze. We have been there and confirm it, and as proof of this, we present the photo below.

Bledowska Desert Czubatka viewpoint

The greatest attraction of the desert is the Wind Rose, a set of wooden gazebos and promenades. (They look from above like this rose from compasses.) On this side of the desert there is oasis of food trucks, where you can buy food and drinks. (Well, in Poland we say: ‘A human is not a camel and needs to have a drink’.)

Viewpoint Czubatka Klucze

Błędowska Desert – how to get?

  • Car. You can get here quickly and efficiently only by car. You can easily reach both from Parking is available both at the Wind Rose and at Czubatka viewpoint.
  • Bike. A bicycle trail runs through this wonderful tourist attraction.
  • Public transport. We searched the entire Internet for public transport to the Błędowska Desert but couldn’t find anything. We will only suggest that the nearest city is Olkusz.

Bledow Desert how to get

Polish Sahara – prices

The entrance to the Błędowska Desert is free, as are the viewpoints.

Polish Sahara

Błędowska Desert – tips

  • The “Polish Sahara” is not only the largest desert area in Poland, but also in Europe. It is almost 33 km2.
  • The Błędowska Desert appeared in many famous Polish film productions, including ‘The Witcher’.
  • Legend has it that the “Polish Sahara” is the work of a devil who wanted to cover the silver mine in Olkusz with sand from the Baltic Sea. It is not clear why he would have to do this, at least somewhere near the Klucze village hit a tower. The sand spilled out of the big bag and the desert was created.
  • The truth, however, is completely different and there is no point in finding satanic interference in it. The desert was actually created by people who, a few hundred years ago, for industrial purposes, organized the mass cutting of the local forests, and constantly drew groundwater. The specific microclimate caused that the stripped area began to desert. So “Polish Sahara” was not created naturally, but it does not take away its charm at all, does it?

Bledow Desert view from above

Polish Sahara – worth it?

  • Patrix – 8/10. When I look at the Błędowska Desert from above, it makes a great impression. That’s a very interesting view. The desert is surrounded by a paved path, which makes it easy to walk – no need to walk across the sand.
  • Wiolczix – 7/10. A very unique and exotic view in Poland. Especially that from the viewpoint you can admire the forest and desert (up close) as well as cities and mountains (in the distance). We were there on Monday, so in the Polish Sahara there was not only water, but also crowds. Apparently, however, many events are happening there in the high season and at weekends, so it’s worth to check Błędów Desert’s website.

Bledowska Desert sand

Błędów Desert – map

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