Orientarium and ZOO in Lodz

Orientarium Zoo Lodz Poland
LodzŁódź VoivodeshipNo price limitPolandUnder EUR 25

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Have you been to the zoo in Lodz this year? The recently opened Orientarium is currently the most modern facility of this type in Europe.

Orientarium + ZOO In Łódź – queues

First a little warning: on the weekend there are two giant lines here. First to the ticket office, second to the entrance. They scared us a bit, but did not discourage. After half an hour of waiting, we were already inside.

Orientarium Zoo Lodz queue

Orientarium in Lodz – what can you see inside?

The Orientarium is the most interesting and the youngest part of the zoo in Lodz. Here you can see 35 species of land animals and 180 species of fish from Southeast Asia. It is divided into 4 zones:

  • The most impressive thing is, of course, the elephant house with huge Indian elephants.
  • In Celebes you will see cute otters and cheerful macaques
  • It gets a bit scary in the Sunda Islands, due to crocodiles and Malay bears. There are also orangutans and gibbons here.
  • The underwater tunnel – the symbol of the Orientarium – is inhabited by sharks, rays, seahorses and many other species of exotic fish. You will also see fragments of a beautiful coral reef here. The attraction is liked not only by children. We, adults, spent a lot of time here, watching the animals swimming around us and above our heads.

Orientarium Zoo Lodz elephantOrientarium Zoo Lodz interiorOrientarium Zoo Lodz coral reefOrientarium Zoo Lodz underwater tunnelOrientarium Zoo Lodz shark

ZOO Łódź – what can you see?

Apart from the Orientarium, the zoo in Lodz has a lot of other attractions. In the zones of Africa, South America and Australia you will see animals from these continents. Wiwarium, climbing frame (polish: małpi gaj) or Świat Ptaków is an opportunity to meet many species of a specific group of animals in one place. We liked the hippos (both of us), meerkats (Wiolczi) and giraffes (Patrix) the most.

Orientarium Zoo Lodz giraffesOrientarium Zoo Lodz meerkatsOrientarium Zoo Lodz hippos

At the zoo in Łódź, the gastro zone is surprisingly rich and pleasant. There is a large selection of delicacies for adults and children. Even coffee tastes good too. You will definitely not leave this place with empty bellies.

Orientarium in Łódź – how to get?

  • Car. This is the easiest way to get here. Especially that there are 5 parking lots nearby.
  • Public transport. Apart from MPK buses in Lodz, a free ZOO Orientarium bus runs every 15 minutes from Monday to Sunday (route: Konstantynowska, Unii Lubelskiej, Atlas Arena, Bandurskiego, Krzemieniecka).
  • Train. Orientarium is located 20 minutes on foot from the Łódź Kaliska station.

Orientarium Zoo Lodz zebras

Zoo in Lodz – tickets

Tickets to the Orientarium ZOO in Łódź cost from PLN 80 to PLN 270. There are no reduced tickets.

  • PLN 80 – Single ticket for Orientarium ZOO Łódź.
  • PLN 150 – 2-person ticket for Orientarium ZOO Łódź.
  • PLN 220 – 3-person ticket for Orientarium ZOO Łódź.
  • PLN 270 – 4-person ticket for Orientarium ZOO Łódź.
  • PLN 85 – Combined ticket Orientarium ZOO Łódź + EC1.

Orientarium Zoo Lodz monkeys

Orientarium and Zoo in Lodz – opening hours

  • Ticket offices: from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Orientarium building and zoo: from 9 am to 7 pm (last entrance 6:30 pm).

Orientarium Zoo Łódź rekin

Orientarium in Lodz – tips

  • Remember that the ticket to the Orientarium also entitles you to enter the premises of the Lodz Zoo.
  • If possible, buy tickets online or use the ticket machines on site. Then you will avoid queuing at the cash register, which goes much slower than the one at the entrance.
  • The whole trip will take you about 3-4 hours.
  • If you can afford it, don’t go to the Orientarium on weekends and on public holidays. These days the crowds are much larger than Monday to Friday.

Orientarium Zoo Lodz birds

Orientarium and zoo in Lodz – is it worth it?

  • Patrix – The underwater tunnel in the Orientarium makes a huge impression. The Elephant House as well. But the ‘old part’ of the zoo not. There are many species, but on large runs there are usually 1-2 animals, which makes them difficult to see. However, it is still a nice idea for a walk with the family. Unfortunately, the price is quite high.
  • Wiolczix – 6/10 (Orientarium – 8/10, zoo – 4/10). The Orientarium is very modern and the water part with the tunnel, sharks and coral reef makes an amazing impression. The zoo is in contrast – there are few animals, and their cages or runs look a bit neglected.

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