Rose Passage in Lodz

rose passage in lodz poland
Free entranceLodzŁódź VoivodeshipPoland

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What is the most beautiful place in Lodz in the very center of the city? In our opinion, the Rose Passage with tenement houses lined with pieces of mirrors.

Rose Passage – what is it?

The name of the place comes from the shapes formed by the cut pieces of glass, which resemble roses. An interesting fact is that these flowers symbolize the retina of the eye to commemorate the disease with which the daughter of the author of the project, Joanna Rajkowska, fought.

The mosaic of rose consists of mirrors cut into small, regular and irregular shapes. You can both take a close look at them and see yourself in them. The Rose Passage looks most beautiful from a distance when entire walls sparkle wonderfully and shine in the sunlight.

The whole attraction will take you about 10-15 minutes, during which you will fill the photo gallery with unusual instagram-like photos. It’s just a magical place!

mirror tenement house in lodz poland

Pasaż Róży – how to get?

Rose Passage is located in the center of Lodz, easily accessible by any means of transport. To see it, just go through the gate at 3 Piotrkowska Street.

rose passage in lodz poland

Rose Passage – prices and opening hours

Entry to the Rose Passage is free.

The entrance is open daily between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m

piotrkowska 3rd street lodz poland

Pasaż Róży – tips

  • The Rose Passage is best visited on a bright, sunny day, when the glass fragments reflect the most light.
  • We recommend visits in the afternoon and at sunset. It will give you the opportunity to see attractions in two completely different, but equally unusual scenes.

rose passage garden lodz poland

Rose Passage – reviews

  • Patrix 7/10 – It’s a tiny place, very tiny. The crossing takes literally a minute. But the photos from here are epic.
  • Wiolczix – 8/10. It is not a spectacular attraction, but I have never seen anything like it anywhere. And it has very interesting history.

Rose Passage in Lodz – map

Charming “mirror tenement houses” are located in the very center of Łódź.

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