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Zoo Safari Borysew
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The zoo in Borysew is famous for its white Bengal tigers and white African lions, which are desired all over the world. We went to see them on a hot June weekend. And we fell in love at first sight!

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Zoo Borysew – attractions and animals

When we got to Borysew, it turned out that the zoo has much more to offer us than just the famous wild cats. There are as many as 100 species of animals from 6 continents. Do you want to watch them? We know you want. Let’s go!

zoo Borysew Poland

At the start we were greeted by colorful lovebirds, which probably spend as much time together as the Travel-Mates team. That is, almost every free time. (It’s not romantic, it just really works that way and we even like it.)

Zoo Borysew parrots

The African Watussi cattle surprised us with their antlers. They were impressive in size and shape. Its representatives look like little innocent cows, but we definitely wouldn’t want to take this bull by the horns. Or meet in a dark alley.

Borysew zoo attractions

No matter how menacing an adult of a given species looks, its kids are always adorable. Just look at this inconspicuous little cow. It’s so innocent!

Borysew zoo reviews

Every time we see zebras, we are convinced that nature is amazing! Not only has she created a horse with a perfect, patterned coat, but also in the most elegant, classic colors. Wow!

zoo Borysew zebra

Or a Walliser Goat. It gives the impression that it was made of two halves of one-colored animals. We didn’t disturb her for too long, she was busy taking care of a bunch of kids.

Zoo Safari Borysew photos

A little further on we had a close encounter (of the third kind) with a camel. Do you also think that this animal clearly smiled at the camera?

Borysew animals

Water buffalo, on the other hand, found a great way to cool off – mud baths. On the day of our visit to Borysew, it was so hot that we would have gladly joined them. Regardless of how dirty the puddle was. #coloured

zoo Borysew animals

A bit further we found a llama. (Fortunately, it wasn’t Llama in my living room.) Not only is she a real individualist, but also clearly the guests don’t make the slightest impression on her. She remained totally unmoved.

zoo Borysew tour

After a thorough review of mammals, it’s time for birds. Pink pelicans have a really beautiful color and a terrible beak. For some people, they are a shorter and thicker version of flamingos.

Zoo Safari Borysew reviews

Passing the pens with birds, we found out that the idea of 鈥嬧媋 zoo is not as bad as it might seem. On one of the runs a munjarian crane with a damaged, bandaged leg was walking. In the wild, he probably would have little chance of survival.

zoo Borysew reviews

Zoo Borysew also provides guests with water attractions. Renting a bike is a compromise for fans of pedaling and swimming. The self-guided cruise takes you around the island inhabited by…

Borysew Zoo Safari

…mangabey. For us, the presence of a wild monkey near the body of water in which you are riding a bicycle raises the level of extreme from 1 to 10. Especially when the mangabey is tracking your every single move.

Zoo Safari Borysew

Lemurs are often said to be a combination of a monkey and a cat. What is their origin, we don’t know. But if reincarnation exists, it would be worth becoming a lemur. You eat, you sleep, you jump, you cuddle up with your companions, and then you do it all over again. Plus, your eyes are hypnotized!

Borysew where is it

The puma was not willing to pose for our photo, so it is incognito. We know that wild cats are unlikely to negotiate, so we contented ourselves with a photo of her slender buttocks and moved on.

Borysew attractions

And then we saw a picture that will stay with us forever. We saw Simba and Nala live. Can we feel the love that day? Definitely yes! PS: To be honest: they are actually white Bengal lions from Zoo Safari Borysew and didn’t appear in ‘The Lion King’.

Borysew white lions

Emotions after seeing the most wonderful fairy-tale picture were cooled by the sight of Nile crocodiles. They looked petrified! Greetings to the residents of the house visible in the background. We hope they feel safe living near the zoo.

safari Borysew

Last but not least… Patagonian Mara. That’s something between a marmot and a deer. Fun fact number 1: two hours after giving birth, babies can run and jump on their own. Fun Fact number 2: these pets are super loyal and mate for life.

safari Borysew reviews

Zoo Safari Borysew – white Bengal tigers and white African lions

And now – ladies and gentlemen – the real heroes of the zoo in Borysew. With all due respect to the rest of the animals, but they are the ones who make the biggest sensation here. Wonderful, unique and one of a kind. Did you know that white lions and tigers are just… albino felines?

white Bengal tiger Borysew

white African lion Borysew

Zoo in Borysew – ticket prices

Ticket prices to the zoo in Borysew are as follows:

  • Normal ticket – PLN 65.
  • Reduced ticket – PLN 55.
  • Family ticket 1 adult + 2 children – PLN 156.
  • Family ticket 2 adults + 1 child – PLN 165.
  • Family ticket 2 adults + 2 children – PLN 214.
  • Family ticket 2 adults + 3 children – PLN 263.
  • Children under 3 and children with disabilities enter for free.

Additional attractions at Zoo Borysew are paid and cost:

  • A 40-minute ride on the zoo train – PLN 12.
  • 30-minute stay at the playground ‘Figlarnia’ – PLN 20.
  • 60-minute stay at the playground ‘Figlarnia’ – PLN 25.
  • 30-minute water bike – PLN 25 (max. 4 people).
  • Cinema – PLN 15-25 depending on the type of screening and the number of people.

Borysew playground

Zoo Borysew – opening hours

From May 1, the zoo in Borysew is open from Monday to Sunday from 9:00am to 7:00pm. If you show up in the morning, you can move around it… at the speed of a turtle.

zoo Safari Borysew opening hours

Zoo Safari Borysew – how to get?

Zoo Safari Borysew can be found at Borysew 25, Podd臋bice. This town is located about 45 km north-west of 艁贸d藕.

  • The easiest way to get here is by car. There is a paid car park on site – you will pay PLN 15 for a day’s parking.
  • Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a direct train connection to Borysew. But especially for you, we looked at e-podr贸偶 It turned out that a private carrier will take you to Borysew from the 艁贸d藕 Legion贸w/W艂贸kniarzy stop. The trip will take over an hour, but it’s really worth the effort.
  • Photo below is only for attention – it doesn’t mean that you can get here on a one-humped camel.

zoo Borysew how to get

Zoo w Borysewie – tips

  • The zoo in Borysew is entirely privately owned by Anna and Andrzej Pabich, who run the Dylen family company.
  • If you have such an opportunity, make sure to include in the plan of your visit a demonstration feeding of a seal named Dawid. It’s a great swimmer, a talented acrobat and a real celebrity.
  • The sad news is that there was a tragic fire in the zoo in Borysew a few years ago. Seven monkeys and as many as 40 parrots died then.

zoo Borysew how to get

Zoo Borysew Poland – reviews

  • Patrix – 7/10. The white tigers look truly epic. As far as I know, this is the only place in Poland where you can see these animals. As they say on the Internet, “they are impressive”. The facility itself is also quite nice, the animals have large paddocks. Nice to walk around. It’s worth adding, however, that it is quite a small zoo. Another downside is that, unfortunately, Zoo Safari in Borysew is… dirty. There are also additionally paid playgrounds. There are a lot of cons, but… I simply love those white tigers!!
  • Wiolczix – 8/10. White tigers and white lions are probably the most… dignified animals I’ve ever seen. And super cute too. It’s hard to believe that these are really wild and dangerous cats. Undoubtedly, these two species are the main attraction of the zoo and make it worth coming here from very far. The advantages of the zoo are relatively large paddocks, wide paths, good gastronomic offer and … a ‘house’ for a mother with and child. What do I not like? First, a slightly neglected part of the garden. Some rooms right at the entrance look as if no one has cleaned there. The walls are dirty, pet toys chaotically scattered and there is a lot of disorder. We have captured an example in the photo below. Fortunately, the farther in the zoo, the nicer and more modern the facility looks. And the newest buildings look like 5-star pet hotels. The second issue is the price of tickets. I rarely complain about it but Borysew probably has the most expensive zoo tickets in Poland. And the last, really ‘inhumane’ thing for parents: extra paid attractions. It is known that a child passing by the playground (Figlarnia) will want to go there. You have to pay PLN 20 for 1/2 hour. The same with the cinema or the train. I think these attractions should already be free after paying the entrance fee. But what do I know about business? Either way – I recommend it.

Zoo Safari in Borysew Lodz

Zoo Safari Borysew – mapa

Zoo Borysew znajduje si臋 w wojew贸dztwie 艂贸dzkim, w gminie Podd臋bice.

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