Rock labyrinth in Stolowe Mountains

Rock labyrinth Poland
Lower Silesian VoivodeshipPoland

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Is it really possible to get lost in the rock labyrinths in the Stolowe Mountains? The Travel-Mates team as usual had to verify this opinion. Fisrt let’s say one thing: this place really took our breath away. Not only because it is special, unique and simply amazing. Also because, more than once or twice, we had to hold our breath hard to squeeze through narrow rock cracks. Let’s go for a tour through the rock maze!

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A rock labyrinth in the Stolowe Mountains, Poland

Polish rock city (aka rock labyrinth or Bledne Skaly), is located in the Stolowe Mountains in Sudetes. More precisely: in the Stolowe Mountains National Park. How do you know you’re in the right place? Thanks to the plaque with the name of the place above the entrance (which you can see in the photo below) and a large number of tourists during the season.

rock labyrinth Poland

At the beginning of the trip you will face a very serious dilemma: which adventure to experience first? Admiring the amazing landscape from a vantage point (if yes, choose PUNKT WIDOKOWY and turn left)? Or maybe wandering in a rock labyrinth (if yes, choose LABIRYNT SKALNY and turn right)? That’s a difficult decision! Fortunately, you can see both of them.

Stolowe Mountains labyrinth

We first chose the rock labyrinth. And that’s without a map. Don’t worry, there’s no chance of getting lost here. The sightseeing route and its direction are clearly marked. Remember it’s one-way. So if you decide to enter it, there is no turning back. 🙂

rock labyrinths of Stolowe Mountains

The rock city impresses with its beauty from the moment you step in. Among the 6 to 11 meters high walls, people seem so tiny! From time to time on your way you will encounter unusual rock formations carved by pure nature. Next to the attractions you will see plates with the number and name. The most famous is Kurza Stopka (in English: Hen’s Foot) which is a symbol of the Polish rock city. You can find a photo of this rock formation at the top of the post.

rock labyrinths Poland map

Are you wondering how the Stolowe Mountains and these unusual labyrinths were created? Once upon a time (i.e. about a hundred million years ago) the area of ​​the present-day Sudetes was covered by the sea (this is why the Stolowe Mountains are called ‘the land born of the sea’). At its bottom, sedimentary rocks formed (aka sandstones). In the process of the Alpine orogeny, they were uplifted. Water and wind have effectively ‘devastated’ rocks of various resistance over the years. Thanks to this process, i.e. erosion, today we can walk around unusual labyrinths.

rock labyrinths Szczeliniec

Let’s go back to the tour of the rock city, which is really picturesque. It consists not only of high walls, fanciful shapes and narrow alleys, but also wooden paths surrounded by water. It’s not deep here, but you have to be very careful not to fall down and walk the whole section with a dry foot.

rock labyrinths

Squeezing through narrow corridors is the most fun part of sightseeing. Each crack is accompanied by a note of uncertainty and a slight thrill. We never know if we’ll be able to squeeze through it or what’s waiting around the corner. The good news for children and petite tourists: rock city is one of those places where short people have it easier. Obstacles, through which taller tourists had to stretch a bit, Wiolczi overcame with a raised forehead and a straight spine.

Labyrinth in the Stolowe Mountains

Our visit to the rock labyrinth is summed up with a short but concise: “WOW”. If you haven’t been to this place yet, be sure to visit it. And if you know someone who hasn’t heard of that unusual attraction, be sure to send him this post.

Stolowe Mountains what to visit

Rock labyrinths in the Stolowe Mountains – tickets

Admission to the rock city tourist route costs:

  • PLN 12 – normal ticket.
  • PLN 6 – reduced ticket.

If you want to enter the parking lot next to the entrance by car or motorcycle, you will have to pay an additional PLN 30 (PLN 15 for transporting disabled people, and PLN 70 for bus drivers).

rock labyrinth tickets

The rock labyrinth in the Stolowe Mountains – sightseeing time

The time of visiting the rock labyrinth is estimated at about 30-60 minutes. We spent about 45 minutes here, but as usual, we were delighted with everything, and we made some nice videos and photos for you. The time of walking the path also depends on the weather and the fitness of people walking in front of you. The route is one-way and in places so narrow that it is difficult to overtake someone. Then you have to patiently stand in traffic and cheer, so that no one gets stuck in front of you.

Stolowe Mountains rock city

Rock labyrinths in the Stolowe Mountains – how to get?

The rock labyrinth is located near the towns of Karlow and Kudowa-Zdroj. The nearest large city is Wrocław, less than 130 km away.

  • Do you spend the night in Kudowa-Zdrój or Karłów? These are great bases for the rock labyrinth. They are only 7 kilometers apart. From the center of these towns, you can reach your destination on foot in about 1.5 hours.
  • When it comes to public transport, the tells us that from Wrocław you can get to Kudowa-Zdrój by bus in about 2.5 hours for PLN 35. It’s a fair price. We also found a direct connection from Warsaw to Kudowa-Zdroj. A bus ticket costs PLN 100, but the journey takes almost 10.5 hours. #sounds_crazy Calculate for yourself if it’s worth it.
  • So it will be easiest to get here by car. Be careful, a little surprise awaits you. The road to rock city is narrow and winding, which is why shuttle traffic has been organized here. A few kilometers before rock labyrinth you will find a barrier that is raised only at scheduled times (the current schedule can be found on the Stolowe Mountains National Park website). You will pay PLN 30 for the entrance. You can park your car near the entrance to the tourist route (parking is included in the entry price). Of course, the same rules apply when leaving. It’s worth checking the current departure times so that you don’t have to wait too long.

rock labyrinth Poland how to get

Stolowe Mountains National Park – tips

  • Our best advice: better book your tickets online in advance. Entrance to the rock city is limited. During the season, it often happens that there are many more tourist than available tickets.
  • You can reach the rock city along the Hundred Turns Road (Polish: Droga Stu Zakrętów). Sounds magical, right?
  • According to the legend, the Stolowe Mountains were created by Liczyrzepa, i.e. the Ghost of the Mountains. The behavior of the pagan people in this area would anger him so much that all the rocks in the vicinity cracked, creating all these unusual shapes.
  • The rock city appeared in the movie ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’. New Zealand screenwriter Andrew Adamson appreciated the beauty of the Polish mountains and shot a scene here that you can easily find on YouTube.
  • Another popular attraction of the Stolowe Mountains is their highest peak – Szczeliniec Wielki. Contrary to the grandiose name, it is only 919 m above sea level. Getting it is neither demanding nor complicated but the views from the top are wonderful. Be sure to climb to the top.
  • Attention, vipers are here! This is not a joke. The zig-zag adder occurs in the Stolowe Mountains National Park. You can admire it in the photo below (on the right).

the rock labyrinth of the Stolowe Mountains

Rock labyrint in the rock city – reviews

  • Patrix – 10/10. The walk through the rock labyrinths is really great! I expected it to take between 5 and 10 minutes… Meanwhile, walking fast, you will have at least 30 minutes of squeezing between various rock formations. The air is really clean and smells beautiful. In addition, stunning views await you. The huge rocks are impressive!
  • Wiolczix – 10/10. Such trips confirm my belief that nature is truly amazing. And when nature creates something, it is amazing. I’ve never seen an attraction like this before. A trip around the rock city took me to a magical, fairy-tale world that I really didn’t want to leave. The only downside is that it was too short. Rock city really rocks!

rock labyrinth Poland review

Rock labyrinths in the Stolowe Mountains – map

Rock city can be found in the Stolowe Mountains National Park, in the Central Sudetes, between Kudowa-Zdroj and Karlow. That’s a stone’s throw from the Polish-Czech border.

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