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Moszna Castle
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Have you heard about Polish Disneyland? You won’t find an amusement park or Walt Disney characters here, but you will visit a wonderful castle. Rumor has it that this is probably the most beautiful castle in Poland. There are as many as 365 rooms and 99 towers! Can you even imagine it?

Poland is beautiful! Here are the best attractions in Opole and surrounding area.

Tour de Moszna Castle – attractions and sightseeing

Wonderful Princesses and noble Princes! We invite you to the castle located in the town of Moszna. Its name comes from the surname of the Moschin family, who settled in the nearby village of Łącznik at the beginning of the 14th century. The history of the castle is extremely complicated. That’s why – or rather thanks to this – it looks so fancy today. Subsequent owners had new ideas and projects for its extension.

Palace in Moszna

The building was built in the 18th century and since then it has passed from hand to hand, from family to family. It also survived a great fire, but – in this case – there is no evil that does not come to good. The castle was not only reconstructed, but also expanded with a new wing. It survived two wars, for some time it served as a sanatorium and even a neurosis treatment center, and finally became one of the most recognizable monuments of the Opole region.

Moszna Castle price list

Moszna Castle can be visited in various ways. Some guests come here to see this extraordinary building only from the outside and take a walk in the huge park. Others book a guided tour, its name is ‘Daily Life in the Castle’ (Polish: ‘Życie codzienne zamku’). We finally decided on the third option: an individual tour of the chambers and the park.

Moszna Castle interesting facts

Each of the rooms we visited was equipped with a multimedia sound system. Thanks to this, we felt as if there was a guide with us (however, there is no point in asking him questions because, as you can guess, he won’t answer). If you prefer to read instead of listening, the boards with descriptions and interesting facts are intended for you. They are located in each of the castle rooms (they looks like the one above).

Moszna Castle rooms

Did we mention at the beginning that there are as many as 365 rooms in Moszna Castle? Of course, it is not possible to see them all. The individual tour route includes 8 rooms: the Hall, the Library, the Hall under the Peacock, the Café, the Gallery, the Count’s Cabinet, the Golden Apartment and the Chapel. Each of them looks like from a different era, what emphasizes the diversity and uniqueness of the castle.

Moszna Castle chambers

One of the most impressive chambers is the the Hall under the Peacock It took its name from the bas-relief of a bird that guards the entrance to the aula. An interesting fact is that it used to be a hall of mirrors. Wherever there are now wall paintings, there were once large mirrors hung. (Sounds like a real paradise for Instagrammers, doesn’t it?)

Moszna Castle tour

Here is a place that is alternately called a cafe, a living room or a waiting room. And each of these names corresponds to its functions. The room is equipped with lots of wooden elements – coffers, balustrade and furniture. Everything is decorated in warm colors, which creates a cozy, homely, but also a bit mysterious atmosphere. This is probably the nicest place in the entire castle.

Moszna Palace attractions

Another room worthy of attention is the Gallery. This is probably the most universal room of all. It once served as a ballroom, and due to the presence of a stage, it can still be used for cultural purposes today. Theater groups and music bands are welcome here. The Gallery currently also serves as a conference room for business meetings – it can accommodate up to 150 people.

Moszna Palace history

Finally, the most impressive room in Moszna Castle, the Count’s Cabinet. It basically consists of three smaller rooms, separated by stairs and columns. Everything here is so large, ornate and majestic that it is a bit overwhelming. The interior decorator had panache! In addition to the historic interior furnishings, you can also meet a young lady, visible in the photo below.

Moszna Palace sightseeing

We left the palace orangery for dessert. On the relatively small area of ​​the greenhouse, there is a fountain and many species of exotic plants. This very atmospheric place adds a bit of exoticism to the castle and smoothly transports tourists from the historic interior to the atmospheric palace gardens.

Moszna Castle orangery

Moszna Castle – park

Once upon a time, the area around the Moszna castle was not fenced – it was a natural unity with the surrounding forests and fields. Nowadays, everything is more organized, and therefore it is rather difficult to get to the park without an entrance ticket. However, it is definitely worth buying a ticket and immersing yourself not only in the architectural, but also in the natural beauty of the palace and park complex.

Castle in Moszna

The most important and most recognizable point in the facility is the multimedia fountain. There are sound and light shows here. It is surrounded by lush greenery and colorful flowers. Against this background, the (almost) symmetrical façade of the castle with a huge terrace looks great. In our opinion, from this perspective, Moszna Castle is one of the most photogenic buildings in Poland.

Moszna what to see

A linden alley leading from the fountain divides the green park into two parts. Following the path, we quickly notice that the further into the garden, the more wildness there is. While the castle and its surroundings look like they were drawn with a ruler, the park itself is much less tidy. In spring, you can admire beautiful rhododendrons and azaleas. In summer, linden trees bloom here. In autumn, oak trees shed their leaves. In winter, conifers remain alive. Nature makes this place wonderful at any time of the year!

Moszna Castle garden

Moszna Palace – tickets

Ticket prices for the castle in Moszna are not excessive, considering the epic nature of the attractions.

  • Visiting the chambers + entry to the park: regular ticket – PLN 38, reduced ticket – PLN 24.
  • Admission to the park only: regular ticket – PLN 16, reduced ticket – PLN 10.
  • ‘Daily Life in the Castle’ + admission to the park – regular ticket – PLN 74, reduced ticket – PLN 56.

Children up to 15 years of age, students (up to 26 years of age), pensioners and retirees with a valid ID are entitled to purchase reduced tickets. Children under 3 years of age enter all sightseeing routes for free.

Moszna Palace tickets

Castle in Moszna – opening hours

The palace in Moszna can be visited every day from 9:00. The last entry to the ‘Daily Life in the Castle’ route is at 5:30 p.m. (prior reservation required). Chambers are closed at 6 p.m.

Moszna castle

Palace in Moszna – how to get?

  • The palace and castle complex is located at 1 Zamkowa Street in Moszna. The nearest large cities are: Opole (35 km away), Katowice (110 km) and Wrocław (120 km). From Opole you can get to Moszna by bus in just over an hour for about PLN 17.
  • Although we usually encourage more ecological means of transport, the most reasonable solution in this case seems to be driving car. In front of the palace and park complex, you will find a quite large paid parking lot, with a one-time fee of PLN 10. On weekends and holidays, we recommend arriving here as early as possible, because parking spaces fill up really quickly.

Moszna Palace garden

Moszna Castle – tips

  • Are you dreaming of a longer stay at the castle in Moszna? No problem. There is a hotel in the palace, thanks to which you can feel like residents of this place, at least for a moment. You can book accommodation in the palace on Booking.
  • If a night in the castle makes you anxious, you can at least eat a gourmet dinner or drink royal coffee here. There is a thriving restaurant and café in the castle.
  • Moszna Castle organizes business and cultural events. If you have no idea where to spend St. Andrew’s Day, New Year’s Eve or a carnival ball, feel free to check out the palace’s offer.
  • We also encourage all future brides and grooms to take part in magical engagement or wedding sessions in the park. The fee is PLN 150 and a maximum of four people can enter the area.

Moszna palace

Moszna Palace – reviews

  • Patrix – 8/10. Moszna Castle looks truly epic! When I saw it, the only thought that came to my mind was ‘Wooow’! It’s a castle like from a fairy tale! Exploring the rooms is also quite pleasant, but it is less impressive than its park. Sitting in front of a castle on a spring or summer day is so pleasant and relaxing.
  • Wiolczix – 10/10. A must-have on the Polish travel map (and not only for all true princesses). It must be admitted that someone had great panache to build such a gigantic estate in such a magnificent style. Because – what can I say, since it can be seen at first glance – this building is an absolute architectural gem. And this wonderful garden with a fountain! Revelation!

Moszna Palace near Opole

Castle in Moszna – FAQ

How much does entry to Moszna Castle cost?

The price of an entry ticket to Moszna Castle depends on the selected tour route. A regular ticket only for the park costs PLN 16, and a reduced ticket – PLN 10. A regular ticket for an individual tour of the chambers and entry to the park costs PLN 38, and a reduced ticket – PLN 24. A regular ticket for a guided tour of the castle + entry to the park costs PLN 74, and a reduced ticket – PLN 56.

How much does it cost to stay at the Moszna Castle?

The principles of operation of Moszna Castle are similar to those of standard hotels. Therefore, accommodation prices depend on the day of the week (cheaper from Monday to Thursday, more expensive on the weekend), hotel occupancy, room standard and the advance notice with which the stay is booked. According to, one weekend day in a double room with a private bathroom outside the room and breakfast included costs about PLN 500. In turn, for 1 weekend day in an apartment with an area of ​​60 m2 with breakfast included, you will have to pay about PLN 700. Both amounts are for reservations approximately one month in advance.

How long does it take to visit the castle in Moszna?

An individual tour of the chambers and orangery of Moszna Castle takes just over an hour. Reserve also about half an hour for a not too quick walk in the park. This is enough to see the entire facility. If you want to breathe fresh air in the shade of a linden tree or enjoy coffee in the palace cafe, you have to add additional time.

In what region of Poland is Moszna Castle located?

Moszna Castle is located in the Opole Voivodeship, between the small towns of Krapkowice and Prudnik. These areas are popularly called the Opole region (Polish: Opolszczyzna).

When is the best time to go to the castle in Moszna?

The palace and park complex in Moszna looks wonderful at any time of the year, but it is best to come here in spring, when azaleas and rhododendrons bloom in the garden and all the greenery surrounding the castle comes to life.

Who owns the palace in Moszna?

The current owner of the palace in Moszna is the Marshal’s Office, which in 2013 founded the company Moszna Zamek sp. z o.o.

Is there a haunted place in Moszna?

Of course. 😉 According to numerous local legends and tales, ghosts, led by a white lady, roam the castle in Moszna. It is not known whether this is the figure of an English governess who died in the palace or perhaps a servant who committed suicide here. These types of stories should, of course, be classified as fairy tales, because the existence of ghosts has not been scientifically proven – both in the castle in Moszna and in any other castle.

Moszna what to do

Palace in Moszna – map

The castle in Moszna can be found in the Opole Voivodeship.

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