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Pack your bags! We are just setting off on a magical expedition to the wonderful land of a million lights – Lumina Park in Poznan, Poland. This is definitely the most traveling light illumination we have seen so far. In just one walk, we crossed several continents and saw the hallmarks of each of the places we visited. All this accompanied by sounds typical of a given region coming from the speakers.

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Lumina Park Poznan – photos


Right after entering Lumina Park we teleport straight to China. The unique atmosphere of the Middle Kingdom is created by its most famous symbols: characteristic lanterns, huge dragons, a maneki-neko cat, a giant panda. And something for true astrologists: a wheel of fortune with Chinese zodiac signs.

illumination Poznan

Lumina Park 2023

Lumina Park tour


From Asia we fly straight to Australia. We met several exotic animal species here: a giant kangaroo, a cute koala and a (slightly) aggressive agama. Fortunately, none of them were as predatory as in reality. Be careful, girls! At the end of the journey, the handsome Australian surfer from the photo below may be waiting for you. Stay alert! 😉

illumination Poland

Lumina Park tickets online

light installation Poland


We return to Asia, where picturesque India awaits. First, one of Wiolczi’s travel dreams, the Taj Mahal mausoleum. It’s only a miniature version, but – to paraphrase a well-known saying – a bird in the Lumina Park is worth two in the India. Those looking for thrills can enjoy an elephant ride and a meeting with a snake charmer.

park of lights Poland

Lumina Park

Lumina Park Poznań when


Now it’s time for real Mexico and its attributes. In one of the most colorful countries in the world, we are greeted by a cheerful mariachi band. A moment later it gets a bit scary – we encounter a giant mask with a sinister smile (when Wiolczi is about 1.6 m tall, this mask must be about 2.5-3 m). As a farewell, take a photo with the Chichén Itzá pyramid and a hot air balloon. Then you can evacuate straight to the North Pole.

Dendrological Garden Poznan

Lumina Park Poznan exhibition

Lumina Park Poznan review

North Pole – Arctic

The entrance to the Arctic is guarded by two huge reindeer. The symmetrical illumination looks as if it was created by Wes Anderson himself. On the route we met two teddy bears – one in white fur and the other in a brown coat. Wiolczi jumped into Santa’s sleigh, but she didn’t find any gifts there. Maybe because there’s still a month until St. Nicholas Day? From the frosty Arctic, we moved to hot Africa.

garden of lights Poznan

attractions for children Poznan

illumination park Poznan


The Dark Continent turned out to be the most positive and ‘colorful’ impression. This is due to a huge amount of multi-colored lights and melodic sounds. The coolest adventure here was a jeep ride on a safari full of exotic animals. We met both a giant giraffe and a huge elephant here.

Poznan for children

Poznan winter attractions

Poznan what to do

North America

We were guided around North America by a rather modern-looking Indian in a brown coat (he looked very much like an Australian surfer and an Arctic polar bear ;). We quickly sneak through the Caribbean pirate zone – so that we do not fall under the curse of the black pearl. The arrow leads us straight to an Indian village with a huge cross and a wigwam.

Poznan Lumina Park

Poznan winter illuminations

Poznan Lumina Park 2023

We recommend ending this great adventure with light illumination with a well-deserved warm drink. The organizers of Lumina Park took care of the winter gastronomic offer. In several places in the park you’ll find such a wooden booth. You can buy coffee, tea, mulled wine, hot chocolate and cold drinks there.

lights Poznan

Light installation Poznan – tickets

Tickets to Lumina Park Poznan can be purchased at the ticket office or online. Ticket prices vary depending on the day of the week.

Monday – Thursday:

  • normal ticket – PLN 35.
  • reduced ticket* – PLN 31.
  • family ticket** – PLN 120.
  • children up to 2 years old enter for free.

Friday – Sunday and holidays:

  • normal ticket – PLN 39.
  • reduced ticket* – PLN 35.
  • family ticket** – PLN 135.
  • children up to 2 years old enter for free.

* Reduced tickets are available to children, pupils, students (up to 26 years of age), retirees, pensioners, mildly disabled people, guardians of moderately or severely disabled people (moderately or severely disabled people enter for free).

** A family ticket can be purchased by: 2 adults + 2 children up to 18 years of age; 1 adult + 3 children up to 18 years of age.

Poznan Christmas light installation

Illumination Park in Poznan – visiting time

The tour route of Lumina Park in Poznan is approximately 1.5 kilometers long. There are a lot of exhibits there, so a leisurely tour will take you about 2 hours (when you want to take some photos, admiring light sculptures and drink hot chocolate or winter tea). However, if you just want to quickly pass through the sightseeing path, you can easily do that in an hour.

Lumina Park Poznan photos

Lumina Park Poznan – opening hours

The opening hours of Lumina Park in Poznan took place on October 26, 2023. The Garden of Lights will be open to visitors until February 25, 2024. You can visit it from Tuesday to Sunday during the hours listed below.

  • From October 26 to October 28: 17:30-21:00.
  • From 29/10 to 12/11: 16:30-21:00.
  • From 13/11 to 14/01: 16:00-21:00.
  • From 15/01 to 31/01: 16:30-21:00.
  • From 01/02 to 18/02: 17:00-21:00.
  • From 19/02 to 25/02: 17:30-21:00.

Last entry to the garden is possible at 8:00 p.m.

Poznan winter 2023

Park of lights in Poznan – how to get?

Lumina Park Poznań is located in the Dendrological Garden of the University of Life Sciences at 2 Warminska Street.

  • If you decide to travel by bus, the closest stops are Golecin and Wojska Polskiego (a little further are Niestachowska and Sołacz).
  • Those traveling by tram should get off at the Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy stop.
  • Good news for car drivers: there is a large free parking lot at Warminska Street, next to the entrance to Lumina Park. Parking spaces fill up quickly, so we recommend getting here as early as possible.
  • We reached Lumina Park by Uber. A one-way trip from the center of Poznań cost us around PLN 20-30.

Lumina Park Poznan tickets prices

Illumination park in Poznan – tips

  • In the 2023/2024 season, Lumina Park will shine with millions of lights in as many as 10 locations. Four of them are located in Poland: Poznan, Bydgoszcz, Lublin and Wroclaw. The other six in Budapest (2), Vilnius (2), Prague and Sofia.
  • All illuminations shine with energy-saving LED bulbs, considered an ecological source of lighting.
  • Lumina Park is appropriately adapted and prepared for the visit of people with mobility disabilities. However, assistance is needed in a few places. The need for assistance from a park employee has to be reported at the ticket office before entering.
  • Have you decided on a Botanical Journey in Poznań? Be sure to take part in Gamification. Scan the code, answer travel questions and get a prize. The quiz is prepared in three language versions: Polish, English, Ukrainian.

Lumina Park app

Lumina Park Poznan – reviews

  • Patrix – 8/10. This is a very original garden of lights! Usually, these types of attractions are related to Christmas or fairy tale themes. This time we were taken on a journey. This makes this experience a bit different than any other. Lumina Park is large and diverse, and the millions of bulbs are impressive! A small minus for the relatively high price, especially when traveling with a larger group.
  • Wiolczix – 9/10. Lumina Park – Botanical Journey in Poznan is a truly impressive illumination. The travel theme only increases my rating and overall impression. The figures are really large, what can be clearly seen in our photos. For younger and shorter children, walking between giant figures must be incredibly fun. It’s nice that among the elements from all over the world there are also Polish accents – the Poznan billy goat, the Lajkonik and shepherd’s axe. But definitely the coolest thing is that Lumina Park was created in the Dendrological Garden. Usually, gardens of lights don’t have that many trees. Here are a lot of them and they are really well used. My favorite moment while visiting is when I walk along the picturesque, colorful path marked by light. Or when strings of lights hang from tree branches. It’s a bit wonderful and a bit psychedelic. Last but not least: music! Which is an absolute added value. I would really like to see Lumina Park in other cities for comparison.

Poznan lights garden

Park of lights Poznan – FAQ

What is Lumina Park?

Lumina Park is a unique illumination in which light combines with sound to create an extraordinary spectacle. The combination of various media provides visitors with amazing experiences. Lumina Park – Botanical Journey in Poznan is like a journey around the world, during which you can see buildings, symbols and figures from various regions. The illumination is located in the ‘magic forest’ located in the Dendrological Garden of the University of Life Sciences. The presence of trees and winding paths make the light show even more fairy-tale and mysterious.

How much does a ticket to the illumination park in Poznan cost?

Ticket prices to Lumina Park in Poznan depend on the day of the week. From Tuesday to Thursday, a regular ticket costs PLN 35, and a reduced ticket – PLN 31. From Friday to Sunday and on holidays, you will pay PLN 39 for a regular ticket and PLN 35 for a reduced ticket. Families can count on cheaper tickets (a family ticket, depending on the day, can be purchased for PLN 120-135). Children under 2 years of age enter free of charge.

Lumina Park – until when?

Lumina Park – Botanical Journey opened on October 26, 2023. The illumination will be available until February 25, 2024. Keep in mind that Lumina Park is closed on Mondays.

Can you drink something in Lumina Park in Poznan?

There are several bars located in Lumina Park in Poznan where you can order both hot and cold drinks. The organizers took care of lovers of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and mulled wine.

Is it possible to enter Lumina Park with a dog?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in Lumina Park in Poznan (the same situation is in Lublin). Bringing a four-legged friend is allowed in Wroclaw and Bydgoszcz.

Where is the ‘magic forest’ in Poznan?

The ‘magic forest’ is located in the Dendrological Garden of the University of Life Sciences in Poznan. Look for it at Warminska 2 Street. In this magical forest there is a Lumina Park.

what to do in Poznan

Poznań – Dendrological Garden – illuminations – map

Lumina Park is located in the Dendrological Garden of the University of Life Sciences in Poznan (Golecin district).

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