Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience

Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience
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What is it: sweet, twisted and rich inside? Perfect man? Patrick from the Travel-Mates team? (Not only). This is a delicious St. Martin’s croissant, the secret recipe of which you can discover at the Poznan Croissant Museum.

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St. Martin’s croissant – what is it?

St. Martin’s croissant is a traditional sweet croissant baked in Poznan and some parts of Wielkopolska. It has the shape of a horseshoe (which, according to legend, was lost by Saint Martin), is made of puff pastry and generously filled with sweet filling. Its most important ingredient is the white poppy. You will learn the whole recipe during the show.. 🙂

St Martins croissant what is it

St. Martin’s croissant – tradition

Today’s fame of the St. Martin’s croissant is due to its holy namesake with a good heart, who helped the poor hundreds of years ago (literally hundreds – he lived in the 4th century). To restore the old tradition, in the 19th century, a Poznan priest asked that on the occasion of Saint Martin’s Day, the richer faithful should do something for the needy people. One confectioner heard this and came up with the idea to baked croissants with white poppy seeds and gave them to the poor. With the permission of his boss, the ‘mission’ was successful.

And so to this day, on November 11, the inhabitants of Poznan (and also willing tourists:) celebrate Saint Martin’s Day.

Saint Martins legend

In the photo above, the culprit of all the issue: Saint Martin on horseback, giving a piece of his coat to a cold man. (It is not entirely clear whether this happened before or after the famous croissant-shaped horseshoe was lost.)

Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience

You will feel the atmosphere of tradition as you enter the old tenement house where the Croissant Museum is located. In the showroom you will see long kneading tables, plenty of confectionery tools and a traditional oven placed in the wall.

Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience attractions

It is highly probable (and even certain) that before the show begins, the host will ask for willing ‘daredevils’ to help in the croissants workshops. Don’t worry, no prior training is required. Apply, put on a colorful apron and a chef’s hat, and be rewarded with really great fun. Just look at the face of the aspiring assistant cook in the photo below. And what, worth it?

Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience show

The ‘daredevils’ who declare their help in baking croissants will knead the dough properly, roll it out thinly, divide it into triangles with an antique saber, fill it with a delicious filling, and finally close it.

Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience

The croissant show combines elements of gastronomic workshops and stand-up (with a large majority of stand-up). They are led by a funny guide dressed up as a traditional confectioner from the 19th century. For those who prefer an interesting story to watching the croissant production process, the creators have prepared a lesson in the Poznan dialect and the legend of Saint Martin. There is no place for boredom here!

Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience recipe

All those who complete the workshop will receive Certificates Of A Croissant Journeyman. It mainly entitles you to… hang it on the wall or take a commemorative photo with it, which we did.

journeyman croissant certificate

Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience – tickets and show hours

The Croissant Museum is open 7 days a week (except for selected days). You can buy tickets online or at the ticket office at the entrance. We recommend booking them in advance, as the number of places is limited.

  • Normal ticket – PLN 35.
  • Reduced ticket – PLN 31.
  • A child under the age of 3 enters the show for PLN 1.

Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience reviews

St. Martin’s Croissant Museum – how to get?

The Croissant Museum of Poznan is located in the heart of the city, at 41/2 Old Market Square (entrance from Klasztorna 23 Street). We suggest getting to the market square by any means of transport, and then a short walk to the museum.

If you choose a car, be prepared for heavy traffic jams (at any time of the day or night) and problems with finding a parking space (which costs PLN 7 per hour). In addition, Poznan parking meters do not have the option of paying by card or banknotes – you have to pay with coins.

Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience worth it

Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience – tips

  • Don’t be fooled by fakes of the St. Martin’s croissant. Since 2008, anyone who wants to bake this delicious dessert must have a certificate of the Chapter of the Poznań Traditional St. Martin’s Croissant (in Polish: Kapituła Poznańskiego Tradycyjnego Rogala Świętomarcińskiego).
  • This valuable regional product also has EU support. It is entered by the European Commission into the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications in the European Union. (Let’s try a fake double-protected croissant!)
  • In addition to ‘croissant shows’, there are also ‘croissant and goat shows’, extended by watching the famous ‘butting’ goats on the Poznan market square.
  • On weekends and holiday months, the Poznan Croissant Museum offers shows in English. A great idea to take a friend from abroad to a non-standard show of a 100% traditional Polish product.
  • Spoiler alert! During the show, a competition is organized in which participants estimate the weight of a baked croissant (the weight of the finished product should be from 150 to 250 grams). A prize awaits the winner. May the best win. 😉

Croissant Museum Poznan

Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience – worth it?

  • Patrix – 8/10. A must-see during a visit to Poznań. It is an opportunity to have a good time, laugh and try the legendary Poznań delicacy.
  • Wiolczix – 9/10. I’ve been to this museum (which has little in common with the usual museum) twice and each time was hilarious. Engaging the audience at every stage of the show is great. A great combination of history, tradition, culture and… cabaret.

Poznan Croissant Museum workshops

Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience – map

You can enter the Croissant Museum from 23 Klasztorna Street.

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