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Palm House Poznan
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Do you know someone who wants a holiday under the palm trees? If so, take him to the Poznań Palm House. It’s the perfect place to feel and see some exotics in Poland. Huge plants enclosed in giant greenhouses make a really great impression. Don’t delay, enter the palm house in Poznań, close your eyes and you are already in the Amazon jungle or on a beach in Thailand. We recommend this way of traveling in times of rising inflation.

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Poznań Palm House – attractions

Don’t let the name of the Poznań Palm House fool you – you will see much more here than just palm trees. There are as many as 9 huge pavilions available for sightseeing, which are homes to various plants and… animals. Moving between different greenhouses is like moving between different worlds.Palm House Poznan photos

Two pavilions made a special impression on us. The first one is the succulents of America, in which we walked among various cacti. We didn’t even realize that these plants can come in so many different colors and shapes. Wow!Palm House Poznan cacti

Even more magical was the pavilion of aquatic plants with a big swimming pool in the middle. Huge leaves floating on the surface of the water and the surrounding reeds and trees are breathtaking (at the same time, all these plants produce oxygen, so the balance is positive).Palm House Poznan aquatic plants

The Poznań Palm House is also an opportunity to see plants whose fruits, seeds, and roots often visit our kitchen. Coffee, avocado, date, coconut, pepper, vanilla – you will see them all. Read the inscriptions on the plates, because some trees and vines can really surprise you with their appearance.Palm House Poznan coconut palm

We also stopped for a longer time at the “exhibition” with insectivorous plants. It turns out that they are very inconspicuous and do not look like predatory at all. Well, appearances may be deceptive…Palm House in Poznan insectivorous plants

In the palm house we also saw plants with beautiful flowers. They delighted us with their unusual shapes and bright colors. Look at the beautiful yellow one below!Palm House Poznan flowers

At the end we looked into the cafe, where there were hundreds of plants. Some grew from pots on the floor, some climbed the walls, and others hung from the ceiling. In combination with wicker furniture, they created a truly Balinese atmosphere. In the cafe you can not only drink something, but also have a snack. That’s a very cozy, atmospheric place.Palm House Poznan cafe

We also have an attraction for kids (joyfully tested by adult Wiolczi) that will make your children eagerly march through the palm house in search of more stamps adventure. All you have to do is pick up a map of the facility with empty spaces for stamps. The maps are available for free at the entrance. The task is to find a stand in each of the pavilions where you can put the stamp. If you have them all, it means that you have walked through the entire Palm House and you probably did not miss any attraction.Palm House in Poznan stamps

Animals in the Palm House in Poznań

As we mentioned above, the palm house is also home to a large group of animals. Our favorite was the screaming macaw parrot. (Pictured below is Wiolczi trying to make contact with her.)Palm House Poznan macaw parrot

Part of the third pavilion is entirely devoted to fish. In huge aquariums we met small fish known from home breeding, but also exotic giants.Palm House in Poznan aquarium

Do you know little golden veils floating in glass balls and granting wishes? Below we present their overgrown XXL cousins.Palm House Poznan fish

On the sightseeing route, we also met an inconspicuous turtle, which was drying itself on the shore before another jump into deep water (probably).Palm House Poznan turtle

We have been waiting for a long time for this strange reptile to come out of its hiding place and be photographed. Patience duel? Travel-Mates 1:0 Animal.Palm House in Poznan animals

And a moment later we saw the creature below (whose name we don’t remember, sorry) and we thought that the one above wasn’t so strange… The guy below really lives, breathes and even moves relatively dynamically.Poznan Palm House animals

Palm House in Poznań – tickets and opening hours

Ticket prices at the Poznań Palm House:

  • regular – PLN 16;
  • reduced – PLN 12;
  • children up to 3 years old enter for free;
  • a group of up to 25 people will pay PLN 60 for a guided tour.

The fee for the cloakroom is PLN 2. It is optional, but due to the temperature, we do not recommend wearing a jacket (unless you want to sauna). 🙂

The Palm House is open to visitors:

  • Tuesday – Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 (last entry: 16:00).
  • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 09:00 to 18:00 (last entry: 17:00).

Poznan Palm House tickets

Poznań Palm House – how to get?

The Poznań Palm House is located at Wilson Park. You can easily get here by tram or bus.

If you choose a car, the nearest car parks are at Matejki Street (next to Biedronka shop) and at Parkowa Street.Poznan Palm House entrance

Poznań Palm House – tips

  • It was here that we read a tidbit about the most terrible torture we have ever heard of. Currently, the plate with its description has already been removed but we can tell you about it (yes, we are those people who read boring descriptions on the plates). A long, long time ago prisoners of war were hung over young bamboos. As you probably know, this plant grows really fast and has a very sharp end. Such a convict hung over an inconspicuous bamboo and waited for the plant to slowly penetrate his body and finally pierce him through. In our opinion it’s ultra inhuman.Poznan Palm House bamboo
  • The Poznań Palm House is a record holder in its category – it is the largest facility of this type in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.
  • To bring you closer to the scale of this place: there are about 17 thousand. plants belonging to 1100 species. Impressive?Poznan Palm House plants
  • Poznań Palm House provides visitors with 9 out of 12 pavilions. What happens in the other three? Well, the mystery is solved: there are propagated plants there.
  • Before or after sightseeing, we encourage you to take a walk in Wilson Park. Until 1925 it was a Botanical Garden.Palm House Poznan sightseeing

Palm House in Poznań – reviews

  • Patrix – 10/10. This is the coolest palm house I’ve been to. Regardless of the season, you can feel like in a wild jungle and recharge with green energy. You will find thousands of plants and dozens of animals here. Huge trees make the biggest impression. I love visiting this place! In addition, you will find here one of the most atmospheric cafes.
  • Wiolczix – 8/10. We were at the Palm House in April and December. It was even more impressive the second time around! It’s nice to go there when it’s still cool outside (well, that’s about 8 out of 12 months in Poland). Breaking through the dangling leaves of exotic trees or walking along the alleys with cacti is a small substitute for traveling abroad. A big (positive) surprise for me in the palm house was… the animals. I didn’t expect them there. The price of tickets is so pleasant that I will definitely visit this place again and again.

Palm House Poznan worth it

Poznań Palm House – map

The Poznań Palm House is located at 18 Matejki Street.

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