Rusalka Lake in Poznan

Rusalka Lake Poznan
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Would you like to go to the lake on a sunny day without leaving the city? We invite you to Poznan to Rusalka, which looks like out of a fairy tale!

Lake Rusalka in Poznan – attractions and events

Lake Rusalka is surrounded by a beautiful forest with a walking and cycling path. Look how amazing this place looks.

Rusalka Lake pedestrian and bicycle path

There is also a bathing beach, a volleyball court, an outdoor gym and a playground for children. In summer you can rent canoes or water bike. Naturists will also find a separate zone at the junction of the forest and lake for themselves. Rusalka is also full of various fish species that attract many fishing enthusiasts.

Rusalka Lake bathing beach

At Rusalka are organized concerts, stand-ups and sports events (including the Poznan Grand Prix in cross-country races, cyclists’ meetings, the Valentine’s Run). When you feel hungry after all the activities, you can visit a restaurant, cafe, beach bar or ice cream parlor.

Rusalka Lake playground

Rusalka – how to get?

Lake Rusałka is located just 5 km from the center of Poznań (in Golęcin, Sołacz district).

  • Car: From the city center you can reach the lake in 15 minutes and you can easily park near the lake.
  • Public transport: buses and trams travel to the area of ​​Rusalka.
  • Bike or walk: There is a pleasant cycling and walking path leading to the lake. We strongly recommend choosing this method.

Rusalka Lake pier

Rusalka – prices

Entry to the area of ​​Lake Rusałka is free.

Rusalka Lake walk

Rusalka in Poznan – reviews

  • Patrix – 10/10. It is a wonderful lake surrounded by a beautiful forest. Everything you need is there – a beach, green areas, pizza, sports field. MEGA.
  • Wiolczix – 8/10. The area around looks like from “Secret Garden”. Plus for a nice pier and a bathing beach.

Lake Rusałka in Poznań – map

Lake Rusałka is located only 5 kilometers from the center of Poznań.

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