Secret club in Poznan – HOUSE Szkolna

Secret Club in Poznan HOUSE Szkolna
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Do you know a hidden club in Poznan where you can feel at home? If not, you must see the secret place, HOUSE Szkolna, which is located in an old tenement house in the very center of the city. Why is it so secret?

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HOUSE Szkolna Poznan – how to get inside?

Entry to the club is not open to everyone. To get inside you must have a special club member card. How to get it? Currently… we don’t know. Once upon a time the card could be purchased at the bar. Their number was limited, which meant that only a select few could enter the HOUSE.

Now you can try to go to Szkolna 17, call the intercom on 1 and contact the staff. Or write to HOUSE on FB or IG.

If you are not the lucky owner of the club card, you can patiently wait outside the door at Szkolna 17. Each person entitled to enter has the privilege to take one accompanying person inside. If you stand long enough, there will be someone to let you in. This is a great opportunity to meet someone!

HOUSE Szkolna Poznan how to get

HOUSE Szkolna – amazing interior of an old tenement house

We simply love old tenement houses. In the HOUSE Szkolna club, which has an area of ​​500 square meters, you will find several rooms decorated in various styles (small sample below).

HOUSE Szkolna Poznan roomsHOUSE Szkolna Poznan interior design

During the day you can have a cup of coffee with your friends, work, read or… play ping-pong. In the evening, the place is filled to the brim with people and good music. Here you can drink a glass of alcohol and dance with your friends.

Klub House Poznań partiesKlub House Poznań ping pong

Club HOUSE Szkolna – how to get?

You can reach HOUSE Szkolna by car, taxi, public transport or on foot. The tenement house is only 400 meters from the Old Market Square (only a 5-minute walk).

HOUSE Szkolna Poznań how to get

HOUSE Szkolna – prices

The price of the admission card is determined by the HOUSE Szkolna. But once you are the lucky owner of it, you go inside for free. The prices at the bar are moderate and do not differ from other clubs in Poznan.

Klub House Poznań events

HOUSE Szkolna Poznan – tips

  • Follow the social media of HOUSE Szkolna! Even if you are not a clubbing fan, you can take part in events, thematic meetings or exhibitions.

House Poznań worth it

Secret club in Poznan – worth it?

  • Patrix – 8/10. The decor of the interior is really unusual. Some rooms remind me of Krakow’s pubs, others are like techno clubs covered in fluorescent paint. The weekend is full of open-minded people. Interestingly, the owners of HOUSE Szkolna are very open and nice.
  • Wiolczix – 9/10. The idea of ​​a ‘hidden’ club is admirable. Being a ‘HOUSE Szkolna member card holder’ sounds prestigious. In addition, interesting interior design is completely unusual: an old piano, a fluorescent joker above the door, a psychedelic ping pong table, a retro bookcase, Asian lanterns… Wow, we truly recommend!

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