Ram Mountain – here is the source of the Vistula river

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Do you know where the longest Polish river has its source? The origins of the Vistula River can be found on the slopes of Ram Mountain. Unfortunately, we did not reach the spring, but we did hike to the very top of this charming and second highest hill of the Silesian Beskids.

There are plenty of attractions waiting for you in the Silesian Voivodeship. You must see them!

Ram Mountain – hiking to the peak from Wisla

Blue trail

It is no secret that in April 2024 we moved to Wisla. Do we think this is one of the most beautiful health resorts in Poland? Surely. But today that’s not what we’re talking about. 🙂 We started our trip to Ram Mountain simply by leaving our apartment (well, not our own, but a rented one).

Vistula dam

Only 8 kilometers separate our new home from the big dam (from the photo above). The concrete barrier, although it is much smaller than the one over Solina, makes a truly spectacular impression. It is surrounded by the picturesque Czerniańskie Lake. The fact that it is an artificial reservoir does not detract from its charm. Just look at the view below. It’s absolutely magical and wild here!

Ram Mountain trails

An asphalt road leads from the dam to the place where most tourists start hiking Ram Mountain. Private houses and guesthouses stand along it. In such natural circumstances, we go to the ‘zero point’ of the hike, i.e. the Wisla Czarne Fojtula PKS bus stop. In May 2024, it looked like on the photo below. : ) It doesn’t matter whether you go on foot, arrive by bus or private car – we recommend starting from here.

Ram Mountain where to start

The asphalt surface accompanies us for almost an hour of walking along the blue trail. It may not create a real mountain atmosphere, but it is very comfortable to walk on. A mountain stream flows parallel to the route, tall trees cast a pleasant shadow, and the rays of the spring sun our faces. What more could you want?

Ram Mountain blue trail

The further into the forest, the greener it gets. The smooth, paved road turns into a real mountain trail – one with large stones, protruding branches and significant unevenness. And finally, it’s a bit uphill! You can even get a little tired!

Ram Mountain video

After about two hours of quiet, undemanding hiking, we reach the top of Ram Mountain. The most striking thing here is the observation tower. At the time of our visit, it was closed for renovation works, but if you go here, be sure to climb it. It is only 15 meters high, but we can only imagine what an amazing panorama there is from the top.

Ram Mountain observation tower

Moreover, the view from the top, even without climbing the tower, is wonderful. We spent half an hour on Ram Mountain, admiring the surroundings. Of course, the first thing that caught our eye was Babia Gora, which we conquered once in the dark. In addition to the Żywiec Beskids, you will also see the Makow Beskids, Little Beskids and Silesian Beskids, as well as the Slovak Choč Mountains and the Malá Fatra. In the background, the icing on the cake – the snow-capped peaks of the Tatra Mountains.


Red and black trail

Ram Mountain shelter

If the situation allows us, we try to descend from the peak using a different route than we entered. This time it’s time to take the red trail. First, a visit to the Przyslop shelter, which is a few dozen minutes’ walk from the peak. It has recently been renovated and looks almost like a hotel. Here we can recommend a delicious, regional beer, but we strongly advise against pancakes with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. ; )

Ram Mountain trail

After visiting the shelter, you can move on. The route leading down is covered with large stones. And although it is not steep, they may slide slightly. Therefore, it is worth choosing a parallel, well-trodden field path. You may have to jump over a branch from time to time, but at least you won’t slip.

Ram Mountain route

What we haven’t mentioned before, but is visible in the photo above, are numerous wind quarries. In the past, the views from Ram Mountain were effectively obscured by dense trees. However, the hurricanes passing here caused considerable damage and fractures. The weakest specimens suffered mainly, especially those that had previously been weakened by bark beetles. Of course, we feel sorry for the trees, but the creation of windbreaks has revealed a wonderful panorama of the surrounding area to tourists.

Ram Mountain black trail

At some point we stand at a crossroads. We can choose between the red trail (traditionally the most picturesque) or the black trail. The sun is slowly setting, which is a sign that it is better to choose the shortest possible route. So we follow the black mark. And we have a bit of déjà vu, because we are once again driving along a smooth, asphalt road with a mountain stream flowing along it. Well, civilization reached Ram Mountain much earlier than us…

How much does it cost to enter Ram Mountain? – tickets

Entrance to Ram Mountain is free.

If the peak is located in a national park, there is usually a ticket office at the entrance to popular trails. Even if there isn’t one, it’s worth buying a ticket online in case of a possible inspection (we passed one on the yellow trail to Śnieżka). Ram Mountain is located in a reserve /not in the national park/ so it can be hiked completely free of charge.

Ram Mountain Silesian Beskids

Ram Mountain – how long does it take to get to the top?

It took us 2.5 hours to climb Ram Mountain from Wisla (PKS Wisla Czarne Fojtula). And at a really leisurely pace. The descent also took us +/- 2.5 hours, but with an hour’s visit to the Przyslop shelter.

  • 14:15 – at this time we were at the Wisla Czarne Fojtula bus stop.
  • 16:45 – at this time we reached the top of Ram Mountain.
  • 19:20 – at this time we took this beautiful photo above from the sunset in the Czarna Wisełka Valley.

Barania Gora Poland

Ram Mountain – how to get?

  • Train. If you are planning a trip to Ram Mountain from Wisla, we have good news. The Silesian Railways are arriving here! The nearest large city connecting Wisla with the rest of the world is Katowice.
  • Bus. You can get to ‘point 0’, which is the Wisla Czarne Fojtula PKS bus stop, by WISPOL bus. It starts in Cieszyn and passes through Goleszow and Ustron.
  • Car. At the beginning of the blue trail to Ram Mountain, you will find several paid parking lots where you can leave your car while climbing.

Ram Mountain ascent

Ram Mountain – tips

  • Have we already mentioned that Ram Mountain is the second highest peak of the Silesian Beskids? Number one in this range is Skrzyczne with 1,257 m above sea level.
  • Two of the three sources of the Vistula flow from Ram Mountain. These are Biala Wiselka and Czarna Wiselka. Together with the Malinka stream, they give rise to the Queen of Polish Rivers.
  • Have you ever wondered where the name Ram Mountain comes from? There are several legends about this subject. Apparently, to some people, this peak resembles the shape of a ram. We haven’t noticed any similarity, but we don’t rule it out either. Some locals claim that the former owner of the local area was called Baran. Is it true? We don’t know the man, but we don’t question this theory either. It’s not the most likely option at all! It is common knowledge that herds of sheep used to graze on the local slopes – maybe the mountain was named in their honor? The saddest story, described by one of the writers, says that 300 sheep burned here in one forest fire. Does the name of the hill commemorate this tragic herd? Well, today we can only make guesses…

Ram Mountain views

Hiking to Ram Mountain – reviews

  • Patrix – 9/10. Very pleasant and easy entry. Additionally, most of the time we walk along the riverbed, so you can still hear the magical sound of the water. The view at the top is quite captivating. I definitely recommend taking the blue trail and not recommending the red one. In my opinion, blue ones are, firstly, much more pleasant to walk in, and secondly, they are prettier.
  • Wiolczix – 8/10. It’s not my ‘best mountain ever, but it’s definitely worth climbing. Due to the fact that the source of the Vistula is located here, it is legendary in its own way. The blue trail is really easy and… you won’t get tired on it, seriously, even if you’re not in good shape. Descent along the red and black trails should also not pose any problems for amateurs. At the top, a beautiful panorama of the Beskids and even the Tatra Mountains awaits you. Even if you are not a big enthusiast of mountain expeditions, it is worth climbing Ram Mountain, if only for these unique views.

Ram Mountain peak

Hiking Ram Mountain – FAQ

How long does it take to climb Ram Mountain?

Climbing to Ram Mountain via the blue trail from Wisla takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The route starts at the Wisla Czarne Fojtula bus stop and leads to the very top, i.e. 1,220 m above sea level. It shouldn’t be difficult even for amateurs.

Is it difficult to climb Ram Mountain?

The route from Wisla to Ram Mountain is easy, regardless of whether you choose the blue or black/red trail to enter. Even beginner climbers can manage to get to the top. It is worth adding that the blue trail is flatter, while the black/red trail may have steep sections in some places.

What’s the best way to climb Ram Mountain?

The blue trail to Ram Mountain is the most frequently used. It is considered the most accessible for tourists. You should start from the Wisla Czarne Fojtula bus stop and follow the blue signs. You should reach the top in 2.5 hours.

From which town should I start hiking to Ram Mountain?

Trails to Ram Mountain lead from several different towns. The most popular base is undoubtedly Wisla. You can also hike from Kamesznica, Bialy Krzyz (Salmopolska Pass), Istebna, Wegierska Gorka or Szczyrk.

Can I see the Tatra Mountains from Ram Mountain?

From Ram Mountain, located at an altitude of 1,220 m above sea level, you can see the panorama of the Tatra Mountains. But it is not everything. From the top, there are also views of the Beskid Mountains (Makow Beskids, Little Beskids, Silesian Beskid, Zywiec Beskids, Babia Gora) and the Slovak mountain ranges (Choč Mountains and Malá Fatra).

Ram Mountain photos

Ram Mountain – map

Ram Mountain /Polish: Barania Gora/ is located in the Silesian Beskids range, in the ‘Barania Gora’ nature reserve.

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