Vistula boulevard in Warsaw aka ‘Schodki’

vistula boulevard
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This is a must-see in Warsaw! Vistula Boulevards with concrete steps, widely known as ‘Schodki’. The place is so famous among young people that it became the main character of Mata’s song, who is one of the most popular Polish rappers of the young generation.

Vistula Boulevard – what to do during the day?

Vistula Boulevards, vibrant with life from morning to evening, are an ideal place for bicycles, roller skates and walks. You will also find an outdoor gym or a place for skateboarding there. An obligatory point on the map for every tourist is the symbol of the Polish capital city – Warsaw mermaid, located near the Copernicus Science Center.

warsaw mermaid

Vistula Boulevard – what to do during the night?

Real crowds of young people gather on the boulevards in the evening. Everyone will find something for themselves here. You can not only sit on the famous concrete steps, but also have a drink on the barge, eat something good or dance in the open air till the crack of dawn. When it comes to the best clubs, we especially recommend WIR, Pomost 511, Miami Wars, Grunt i Woda.

club on the Vistula River

Vistula Boulevard – prices

Vistula Boulevards are a great option for everyone. Here you can leave a lot of money in fancy restaurants or clubs but also choose a less expensive option like food trucks or beach bars. Lots of people come with their own ‘provisions’ for outdoor consumption. Pick-and-mix!

 concert on the Vistula river

Vistula Boulevard – reviews

  • Patrix: 10/10. Freedom, wildness and party. Smiling and open people. All stretching for several kilometers along the Vistula. Something beautiful! You can drink in the open air, in a pub or in clubs. You will also find good food here. That’s a fairy tale!
  • Wiolczix: 3/10. Depends on what you like. For example, I really like beach bars that are located on the Vistula River (especially Grunt i Woda or Wolność) and ‘barge parties’ (especially WIR). You can sit there with a drink or dance. Occasionally there will be a concert here. However, the idea of ​​a ‘great weekend urban celebration’ on the stairs, in which teenage children take part, doesn’t appeal to me at all. I would rather ban partying in this place and transfer the event to ‘Vistula open clubs’ with selection at the entrance. Not to mention the garbage (bottles/cans/cigarette butts) generated by the crowd. I only participate in it when the rest of my friends want to hang out here. However, I have no complaints about the boulevards during the day – it is very family friendly. It’s nice to take a walk, ride a bike, rollerblade or just sit on the stairs.

Vistula Boulevard – map

‘Party steps’ can be found in the Powiśle district.

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