Alpine coaster in Warsaw

Alpine coaster in Warsaw
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Wind in your hair, racing heart and wonderful views of the capital city – all this is waiting for you during the alpine coaster ride in Park Szczęśliwicki, Ochota district, Warsaw. If you would like to add a pinch of adrenaline to a leisurely walk, don’t postpone this attraction for later.

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Alpine Coaster in the Szczęśliwicki Park, Warsaw – our ride

Now fasten your seatbelt, sit back, relax and enjoy the trip! At the beginning, you mount this orange, plastic… ‘steed’. It looks a little insecure, but no need to worry. It’s able to carry and safely bring two adults to the finish line. There’s also a self-riding option for singles, outsiders, and those who just prefer to go on their own adventures. Travel-Mates always stick together, so we chose a ride for two. Patrick had to master the (uncomplicated) art of using the magic lever, which is used to both brake and accelerate this carriage.

alpine coaster Warsaw

The hill you will climb is not too steep, but we guarantee that you will feel a slight overload. The speed while riding to the top is rather negligible, but you will still be accompanied by a note of uncertainty. After all, the first time you never know what the whole adventure will look like. At the top, a pleasant view of the city skyline awaits you. On a warm spring day, you can clearly see that Warsaw is not only glass skyscrapers and gray blocks of flats, but also a whole lot of green areas. It’s worth getting to the top to see it.

alpine coaster Warsaw price

Sooner or later you will be pulled out of the delight of the capital city by … sudden acceleration. Time to go downhill! It’s not too steep, but many times it was really nice to throw us sideways. If you don’t brake too much, you can reach a pleasant speed. The trolley rushes to a large extent among greenery, which can be seen in the photo. Don’t worry, everything seems to be really safe here, so if you follow the rules, you will definitely reach the finish line without any injuries. Even children enjoy this attraction on their own, and a large number of them after one ride are eager for another. Right away. We will surely come here more than once or twice.

alpine coaster Drawska 22

Alpine coaster in numbers

  • Route: over 700 meters.
  • Hoist track: 216 meters.
  • Downhill track: 499 meters.
  • Level difference: 41 meters.
  • Average track gradient: 21%.
  • Maximum track gradient: 30%.
  • Maximum speed: 36 km/h

Roller coaster in Szczęśliwicki Park – opening hours

You can use the alpine coaster every day from April to October from 10am to 8pm. The only thing that can stand in your way is unfavorable weather conditions – then the attraction is closed for safety reasons.

roller coaster Warsaw

‘Bobsleigh’ in Warsaw – price list

Ticket prices for the downhill ride by alpine coaster are as follows:

  • single ticket – PLN 10 = 1 point.
  • single ticket – PLN 18 = 2 points.
  • single ticket – PLN 45 = 6 points.

For each ride, 1 point is charged per person (passage of two people in one carriage = 2 points).

The ticket is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase, so if you are planning regular bobsleigh rides in Park Szczęśliwicki, it is better to buy a ticket with more points, then you will save some money.

bobsleigh warsaw

Alpine coaster in Szczęśliwicki Park – how to get?

Warsaw bobsleighs are located at Drawska 22 street. You can easily reach here:

  • by car.
  • by public transport (the nearest bus stops are: Szczęśliwice, Przy Parku, Harfowa).

Of course, we recommend ecological means of transport: a bicycle or your own legs.

bobsleighs poland

Szczęśliwicki Park in Ochota district, Warsaw – tips

  • If you want to feel the maximum speed and at the same time keep the safety of other (especially the youngest) users of the alpine coaster, do not follow the trolley with a small passenger. We had that the first time and we constantly had to brake.
  • But whatever happens – never, ever, drive into a vehicle in front of you. It’s really dangerous even at low speed. Do not extend your arms and legs outside the wheelchair while driving.
  • Bobsleighs in Park Szczęśliwicki cannot be used by children under 3 years of age and pregnant women. On the other hand, young people under the age of 8 can slide down only when accompanied by an older person.
  • The Szczęśliwicka Hill (aka Górka Szczęśliwicka) located in the Szczęśliwicki Park is the highest hill in Warsaw. Its height is 152 m above sea level. You will also find here one of the three year-round ski slopes in Poland.

alpine coaster tickets

Roller Coaster at Górka Szczęśliwicka – reviews

  • Patrix – 10/10. A very nice attraction in the middle of the park that I didn’t know about before. And at a pretty good price, because what can you buy for PLN 10 today? A bag of chips? It’s healthier to take a walk in the park! The feeling of speed in the back seat is satisfying – there is a little adrenaline. Truly recommend.
  • Wiolczix – 9/10. Bobsleighing in Park Szczęśliwicki is a great ride! The trolley not accelerate to dizzying speed, but it’s really pleasant on the bends. At the top you have a great view of the panorama of Warsaw – we captured a substitute in one of the photos above. Similar attractions were used on school trips to the Polish mountains. That memory brings tears to my eyes. I guarantee that the emotions are still the same, even 15 years later. A small minus only for the length of the ride – it could last a bit (or preferably twice) longer.

bobsleigh ride warsaw

Alpine coaster in Park Szczęśliwicki – map

The entrance to the alpine coaster can be found at Górka Szczęśliwicka in Warsaw’s Ochota district. Exact location below.

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