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Apple Muzeum Polska in Warsaw
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One apple a day keep the doctor away? Come to a place with a lot of apples: Apple museum in Poland. More than 1,700 exhibits of the world’s technological champion are waiting for you in Warsaw’s Norblin Factory. The oldest ones will surely surprise younger visitors, because they don’t resemble modern equipment at all. Older guests may get teary eyed at the sight of the Apple-1 replica from 1976 or the Macintosh 128K. Ready for a report from our visit?

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Apple Muzeum Polska – photos

First, let’s get one thing straight: if you don’t visit the Apple museum in Poland, you have no right to call yourself a real iFreak. An explanation like “I don’t even know how to get there” will no longer work. You’ll find all the tips you need right here! And if you get lost in Norblin’s Factory itself, we have a photo of the entrance for you. Maybe it looks inconspicuous and modest but leads to an infinite source of knowledge about Apple.

Apple museum entrance

Interactivity and modern design – this is what the creators of Polish Apple museum focused on. Next to the exhibits you will find QR codes that you just need to scan. After that the audioguide will tell you what you have right in front of your eyes. As it usually happens in museums, at the beginning you need to read a bit about history and gain some theoretical knowledge.

Apple museum prices

What would you do if you needed money to start your own business? Steve Jobs, for example, sold his first car for a staggering $1,500. Can you find his model at the Apple Muzeum Polska? Of course. The idea of ​​getting rid of a car may be perceived as crazy, but as it turns out, there was a method to spectacular success. This is not the only business inspiration you will find in the Polish Apple museum.

Apple museum tickets

Do you think (like the Little Prince) that ‘what is essential is invisible to the eye’? That’s great. At the Apple museum, you will also have the opportunity to see what was or is hidden inside the computers. And we bet you’ll be surprised. For example, here is the first Apple disk, which, having a capacity of 5 MB, cost $ 3,499 on the day of its premiere. It is more than twice what Steve Jobs earned from selling his VW.

Apple Muzeum Polska reviews

Finally, time for a journey through the (r)evolution of Apple. In glass cases you will see some of the oldest models of computers of this brand. This is a great opportunity to watch the development of technology in a nutshell. From makeshift equipment – resembling a hybrid of a typewriter and TV with a cathode ray tube – to a subtle Mac with a rich interior and unique design.

museum Apple

You can admire such a hybrid in the photo below. But it’s probably not the computer that draws the most attention in the photo. Who of you knew that Apple’s bitten logo used to be multi-colored? Contrary to suspicions, the rainbow colors didn’t refer to the LGBT + community at all. They were simply to emphasize the uniqueness of the logo, and thus the splendor and diversity of the products.

Apple Muzeum Polska Warsaw

At the Apple Muzeum Polska, some of the exhibits are open to public use, which means that you can play with old Macs as much as you like. In our opinion the prettiest model available here is the Power Mac G4 MDD from the early 2000s. That’s when the Apple began to pay great attention to design and details. Look at the subdued colors, transparent elements, refined details, curves … All this makes Apple perceived as a really classy brand.


Heavily plastic iBooks also have something captivating. Even though they look like toy computers for children. They began to be produced in 1999 and were to be an alternative to better equipped PowerBooks. A whole gallery of these low-budget laptops is waiting for you at the Apple museum in Warsaw. In all the colors of the rainbow!


The Apple Muzeum Polska has also prepared a surprise for LEGO lovers: Macintosh Classic made of the coolest bricks in the world. The model was produced in 2022 and looks really great live (although not very realistic). We won’t tell you if it works – you have to check it for yourself. 😉

museum Apple Warsaw

Are there any millennials here? Do you still remember that before the era of smartphones, you had to have separate equipment to listen to music? Who of you used an iPod? It must be admitted that the Apple product was the most visually beautiful device on the market.


The iPod photo collection above is just the beginning of a sentimental journey. The combination of iPhones and iPads below must be a real attraction for Apple lovers. Huge queues formed for these products on the day of the premiere. You may not understand the phenomenon of this brand, but you must certainly recognize its power.

old iPhones

In Poland we say that ‘happy people do not count time’. But a gadget watch always looks good on the owner’s hand and can attract attention. The creators of Apple knew this perfectly well. Their offer includes both ‘glamorous’ models and really elegant ones. Sample below.

old Apple Watch

Once you’ve read all the information and watched each exhibit carefully (it may take several hours for a more technologically advanced and interested subject), it’s time for a must-see: a visit to the Game Room.

Apple museum in Warsaw

Playing on such equipment is a real challenge, especially for less experienced users. But it soon turned out that a dozen or so minutes of training was enough for the Travel-Mates team to break the record in the legendary Candy Cruncher. Please let us know if anyone managed to beat this score.

games Apple museum

Did we like Apple Muzeum Polska in Warsaw? Definitely yes. But only because one half of us is a tech freak, and the other half loves to learn new things. So we’d like to warn you: if you’re not an Apple fan or if you’re not interested in literally everything around you, don’t visit this museum. But we definitely recommend it to everyone else. You will like it. Just look at our happy, smudged and slightly ultraviolet-brushed faces.

Apple museum Game Room

Apple museum in Warsaw – tickets

Ticket prices depend on the day you choose to visit (Monday-Friday/weekend).

  • Normal ticket – PLN 45/55.
  • Reduced ticket – PLN 30/40.
  • Family ticket – PLN 120/140.
  • Children up to 3 years old enter for free.

Apple museum exhibits

The Apple museum in the Norblin Factory – how to get?

The Norblin Factory, where you can find the Apple Muzeum Polska, is located at Żelazna 51/53 Street. You can easily get here by any means of transport.

  • Car. You can park in one of the 500 paid parking spaces (entrance from Prosta Street).
  • Tram/bus. Get off at the Norblin stop.
  • Subway. The closest will be from the Rondo ONZ or Rondo Daszyńskiego stations (M2 metro line – the red one).
  • Of course, we encourage you to use the most ecological solutions – your own legs or a bicycle.

Apple museum exhibition

Apple Muzeum Polska – tips

  • The creators of the exhibition claim that the Apple Muzeum Polska is the largest such collection in the world. Although we didn’t count all the exhibits ourselves, we have no reason not to believe them. We keep our fingers crossed for further development and maintaining the position of the world leader.
  • Be sure to bring earphones to the museum. You can listen to the audio-guide on the loudspeaker, but you better do other visitors a favor. It will be much more comfortable for all when you use headphones.
  • Read or listen carefully to the curiosities of the exhibition. Thanks to this: 1) you will know a really interesting history of a company that is a global technological giant; 2) you will learn a bit about Chinese and Russian counterfeits of Apple; 3) you will enrich your vocabulary with new technological terms that amateurs (Wiolczi) may not have even heard of. For example: do you know what the Cap’n Crunch whistle, used by the first hackers, was? Answer below.

cap n crunch Apple

Apple Muzeum Polska in Warsaw – reviews

  • Patrix – 10/10. At Apple Muzeum Polska you will experience the development of computerization year after year. The exhibits are arranged in chronological order, so your adventure will start with the first computer designed by Apple and end with the latest iPhones. A fascinating journey! What made me very happy – some of the exhibits could be used. Grab one of the first computer mice or tap on the keyboard of the Apple Lisa II … really exciting. Truly recommend!
  • Wiolczix – 8/10. Interesting. Really interesting museum. Even for a non-tech guys. For me, the coolest were iBooks in all the colors of the rainbow – I haven’t seen them live before, and they look really cute. It was also fun to see how iPods, iPhones and iWatches have evolved over the years. It’s great that you can touch some of the exhibits yourself. Great attraction for both adults and children.

Apple Museum Polska photos

Apple museum in Norblin Factory – map

Warsaw Apple museum is located in the Norblin Factory in Warsaw.

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