Art Sushi – the first golden roll in Warsaw

Art Sushi Warsaw golden roll
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We are taking you to the restaurant that offers guests sushi with edible gold. It is currently an absolute must-have, or rather a must-eat, in Warsaw. We wanted to go to Japan, but it turned out that we have a little Japan in the city.

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Art Sushi – golden roll in Warsaw

Art Sushi is the first Japanese restaurant in the capital that has a roll with edible gold on its menu. Yes, you read that right, you get (pure) gold on a plate. The main ingredients of the original version of this roll are St. Jacob mussels (scallops) aka hotate & Ikura caviar.

Art Sushi menu

Since we found out about the golden roll, we really wanted to try this specialty. However, in the Travel-Mates team there are only herbivores. But nothing is impossible for the Art Sushi. The chef prepared a vegan version of the golden delicacy especially for us. We really like this personal touch to customer service. (Wow!) You can admire our beautifully served roll below.

Art Sushi Warsaw vegan golden roll

What does a roll with edible gold taste like at Art Sushi? Perfectly. The ingredients are delicious, fresh and juicy. A shiny layer of gold with flowers and decorations creates a truly artistic composition. On the one hand, we don’t want to destroy this picture. On the other hand, it’s hard to resist.

Art Sushi golden roll

To satisfy Japanese tastes, we also ordered aromatic Genmaicha tea with roasted rice (aka ‘popcorn tea’). It had a distinctive nutty-bitter taste. It’s hard to compare it with anything, you just have to come to Art Sushi and drink it. It is worth it, because regular consumption of this drink brings a lot of health benefits.

popcorn tea Art Sushi Warsaw

Art Sushi Warsaw – menu

The golden roll is of course an absolute must-eat in the Art Sushi menu. But the restaurant has much more to offer! The menu includes starters, soups, salads, single rolls, sushi sets, oriental main dishes, desserts, non-alcoholic drinks and alcohols. You can try the flavors from various Asian countries – mainly Japan and Korea, but not only.

Would you like a broth with noodles, tofu, leek and chives? Pickled seaweed salad? Hosomaki with gourd? Kimchi pie? Tempura ice cream? Or maybe sencha with cherry petals? These are just some of the meatless dishes you can try at Art Sushi. For meat&fish we invite you to the menu.

Art Sushi Warsaw prices

Sushi with edible gold – prices

A roll with edible gold at Art Sushi costs PLN 89. Not much for the only such attraction in Warsaw. Other tasty items on the menu also have very decent prices, especially for a Japanese restaurant in the center of the capital.

A golden roll is a perfect dish for special occasions. Thanks to it, you will add splendor to a romantic date (Valentine’s Day is coming soon) or celebrate someone’s special day in a unique way (everyone has a birthday). We are sure that your beloved ones will appreciate that. Especially if they like classy places and delicious food. (We don’t know anyone who doesn’t.)

Art Sushi Warsaw

Art Sushi Restaurant in Warsaw – how to get?

The Art Sushi Japanese restaurant is located at 56 Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw. You can easily get here… basically by any means of transport.

  • Car. Art Sushi is located in the very center of the capital. (Easy to get to, harder to find parking, especially during rush hours.)
  • Tram or bus. The nearest stops are Dworzec Centralny or Centrum.
  • Subway. It is 550 meters (about 7 minutes walk) from the Centrum station to Art Sushi.
  • Train. If you decide to travel by train, get off at Warszawa Centralna or Warszawa Śródmieście stations. From here, it’s only a few steps to the golden roll.

japanese restaurant warsaw

Art Sushi in Warsaw – interesting facts & tips

  • The Art Sushi restaurant has been operating for 10 years. We found out that the current owners of the restaurant started their career in this place as… waiters. After some time, they bought it from their bosses and refreshed. They must really liked this place. 🙂
  • These two Ambitious Gentlemen are constantly ‘performing’ in the Art Sushi restaurant room. Usually as managers, sometimes as waiters. Every day one of them comes to the opening and checks if everything works as it should. Art Sushi is a well-supervised business run with great passion.
  • Do you know the golden figures of cats waving their arms up? They appear in many Asian films and series. They are called Maneki-Neko. One of these cats is Art Sushi’s mascot – you can meet him sitting on the bar from the beginning of the restaurant’s existence. Its task is to attract guests and guard the quality of the dishes served.
  • Art Sushi was the first restaurant in Poland to create original rolls combining the fundamental principles of Japanese sushi with elements of European and American cuisine. All things to all men. 🙂
  • Rating on Google – 4.6 out of 1251 reviews. Rating on Trip Advisor – 4.5 out of 190 reviews. Lots of positive comments in both places. Awarded by independent, satisfied customers. It’s worth staying here!

Art Sushi Warsaw reviews

Golden roll at Art Sushi – worth it?

  • Patrix – 10/10. Extensive menu, tasty dishes and a unique golden roll. The stay in this place was very pleasant and tasty.
  • Wiolczix – 10/10. Very peaceful, pleasant, quiet place. In the very center of the city, you can take a break from its hustle and bustle and move for a moment to The Land of the Cherry Blossom. Nice, smiling Ladies Waitresses offer advice and help. I give the maximum rating for making a veggie version of a non-veg meal for us.

Genmaicha japanese tea with rice

Art Sushi, Nowogrodzka 56, Warsaw – map

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