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Body Worlds
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Have you ever seen a real human corpse? Would you like to see the sooty lungs of a smoker? Or maybe you’re wondering what the different stages of human fetal development look like? These and other attractions can be found at the famous Body Worlds – Vital exhibition in Warsaw.

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Please be aware that this post contains images and content only for viewers and readers with strong nerves and (let’s call it) low sensitivity.

Body Worlds – what is it?

Body Worlds is an exhibition created with real human bodies, skeletons, muscles, systems and organs subjected to a complicated plastination process. The creators have prepared over 160 different exhibits.

Body Worlds Vital

Plastination – what is it?

Plastination is a type of preparation of a dead body, thanks to which we get rid of water and fat from it to preserve the natural shapes and colors of the insides. In the photo below you can see exactly what the structure of the body undergoing this complicated process looks like.

plastination Warsaw

Gunther von Hagens – who is this?

Gunther von Hagens is a German doctor, anatomist and pathomorphologist who is the author of the Body Worlds exhibition. A lot of controversies and myths were born around this mysterious figure. The scientist is sometimes called Frankenstein or ‘Doctor Death’. The most common (never confirmed) charge against Hagens is the illegal ‘harvesting’ of bodies for research.

body worlds are they real

Body Worlds – the most interesting exhibits

What was the most memorable for us at the exhibition? In the first place certainly the black sooty lungs of a smoker. You won’t see anything like this on ordinary X-ray images. And if you’re not a pathologist, you probably won’t see it anywhere else. Such a picture (combined with a really interesting description) is a great scare for heavy smokers.

Body Worlds description

Generally speaking, the entire exhibition has a very preventive character. You will see parts of the body damaged by various diseases and also get a lot of ready-made advice and tips on how to prevent such disorders. Heart attack, kidney cancer, atherosclerosis… At Body Worlds – Vital, there is an opportunity to see how individual diseases actually destroy specific organs. This is a great motivation to follow the guidelines provided by the creators of the exhibition and start taking care of yourself.

Body Worlds Warsaw

The second extremely interesting ‘attraction’ is the opportunity to see the stages of development of a human fetus. From a tiny creature that doesn’t resemble anything humanoid, to almost a newborn. Here the term ‘miracle of conception’ or ‘miracle of birth’ takes on a new meaning.

Body Worlds exhibition Warsaw

We were also surprised to see the smallest bones of the human skeleton. Do you know which it is? Of course, the hammer, anvil and stirrup located in the ear. The bones took their names from their shapes. Do they really resemble these miniature tools? See for yourself – at the exhibition or in the photo below. One thing is for sure: hearing properly would be impossible without them

Body Worlds Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw

Have you ever faced the eternal dilemma: the heart vs. the mind? At the Body Worlds exhibition, you don’t have to choose, you can see both. A cross-section of the brain will allow you – very literally – to look inside someone’s mind. And that’s without any paranormal abilities.

Body Worlds Warsaw 2023

An undoubted advantage of Body World – Vital are the detailed descriptions of the exhibits. You will learn from them exactly how individual organs work. The creators also signed each of the elements of a given organ. Thanks to this, you don’t have to look for the tricuspid valve of the heart yourself or wonder which ventricle is left and which is right. Just be careful with that meticulous reading of the descriptions. We read basically everything we could, so we spent almost 3 hours at the exhibition.

Body Worlds what is it

Opinions on Dr. von Hagens’ exhibitions are very different and mostly extreme. Some call his exhibitions a provocation or even pathology. Others argue that the whole enterprise is immoral because the people you can see in the display cases never really agreed to plastinize their corpses. Others marvel at the unique way of showing the beauty of the human body and the artistry of the exhibition. Which group do you belong to? Visit Body Worlds – Vital in Warsaw in person and see for yourself.

plastination exhibition

Body Worlds – ticket

Ticket prices for the Body Worlds – Vital exhibition range from PLN 40-180.

  • Regular ticket – PLN 60 / 70 (Monday-Friday / weekend).
  • Reduced ticket – PLN 50 / 60.
  • School ticket / for a disabled person – PLN 40 / 50.
  • Family ticket 2+2 – PLN 150 / 180.

Body Worlds Palace of Culture and ScienceBody Worlds Warsaw tickets

Body Worlds exhibition in Warsaw – how to get?

The Palace of Culture and Science is located in the very center of Warsaw. You can easily get here by all means of transport.

  • Car. You can enter the PKiN car park from Marszałkowska Street. You will pay PLN 6 for an hour of parking.
  • Subway. Get off at the Centrum station, from here it’s only a few minutes’ walk to your destination.
  • Tram and bus. The nearest to the Palace of Culture and Science will be the Centrum, Dworzec Centralny, Metro Świętokrzyska and Emilii Plater stops.
  • Train. Depending on the carrier, get off at Warszawa Centralna or Warszawa Śródmieście station.

corpse sculpturesBody Worlds exhibition

Body Worlds – tips

  • Body Worlds is the most visited science exhibition in the world. So far, it has been seen by over 50 million people in various countries around the world (more or less the number of inhabitants in Poland and Belgium combined).
  • The Body Worlds exhibition ‘starred’ in one of the James Bond films. In one of the scenes of the cult ‘Casino Royale’, Daniel Craig runs between plastinized exhibits.
  • Gunther von Hagens was born in 1945 in German-occupied Poland (now Skalmierzyce). After the end of World War II, he settled in Germany. He boldly declares that when he dies, he would like his body to be plastinated. Maybe someday there will be an opportunity to see the guts of the author of Body Worlds in the showcase?

Body Worlds reviewsBody Worlds opinions

Body Worlds Vital – reviews

  • Patrix – 10/10. The Body Worlds exhibition is very unusual. When I found out it was made of real human bodies, I was stunned. However, it is definitely worth visiting. Real exhibits illustrate the workings of the human body much more than drawings in biology textbooks. An even bigger plus for comparing healthy organs (e.g. brain) with sick ones. The real impact of the above-mentioned diseases on the structure of the organ is breathtaking.
  • Wiolczix – 9/10. I had really mixed feelings during the Body Worlds Vital exhibition. Indeed, it is an extraordinary combination of many different fields. Here, medicine, anatomy and art meet in one place. The entire exhibition is both ultra-interesting and shocking at the same time. Ultra-interesting, because you have the opportunity to see ‘from the inside’ how complex and precise the human body is. Shocking when you realize that you are actually surrounded by dead people and their corpses on all sides. A big plus for the educational message of the exhibition: the creators show sick organs or systems, but also inform what to do and how to live to prevent various types of diseases. I deduct one point for the controversy over the origin of the bodies and the legality of their use. Anyway, I think it’s one of the most interesting and educational exhibitions I’ve ever seen. I definitely recommend it.

Body Worlds 2023 PolandGunther von Hagens exhibition

Body Worlds Vital in Warsaw – map

You can see the Body Worlds – Vital at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The exhibition is located on the fourth floor.

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