Christmas LEGO tram in Warsaw

Christmas LEGO tram Warsaw Poland
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Until Sunday, December 4, the LEGO tram will run around Warsaw. It doesn’t matter if you last played with a DUPLO when you were three, or you’re secretly building Ninjago in your thirties. Just drop everything and ride this tram.

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LEGO Christmas tram – attractions

Here is an attraction that no one should pass by indifferently. Don’t take ‘usual’ tram. Wait for the LEGO Christmas tram. It’s not difficult to recognize it – he has the logo of the best manufacturer of the coolest bricks and huge stickers of LEGO Santa Claus.

Christmas LEGO tram in Warsaw

If you get in through the front door, Santa Claus and Ninja Kai will probably wave to you. Handle them with care, because there are real people inside (Wiolczi looked straight at Ninja Kai’s eyes and got a little scared when his knobs started to move.) Seeing a truly royal velor throne with gold decorations, you will certainly want to at least for a moment sit on it. The attraction is allowed for everyone – both for small and slightly larger children (see photo below).

LEGO Christmas Tram Santa Claus Ninja Kai

If you manage to walk to the end of the tram, you can also pose at the last door with a small statue of a smiling Santa, intricately assembled from LEGO bricks.

Christmas Tram LEGO Santa Claus

Tram LEGO in Warsaw – tickets

The ride on the LEGO tram is free for everyone, don’t even look for validators inside.

Lego tram in Warsaw attractions

Lego Christmas tram – timetable

The LEGO tram starts its journey at the Ratuszowa ZOO stop in Praga. It goes the following route: Jagiellońska – Gdański bridge – Starzyńskiego – Jana Paweł II Avenue – Stawki – Andersa – Marszałkowska – Nowowiejska – Niepodległości – Rakowiecka – św. Boboli. On weekdays, it ends its course at the Mokotów car barn. On Saturdays and Sundays it arrives at the PKP Służewiec terminus.

WEEKDAYS (Ratuszowa ZOO – Mokotów car barn):

LEGO Tram Timetable Weekday at Ratuszowa

WEEKDAYS (Mokotów car barn – Ratuszowa ZOO):

LEGO Tram Timetable Mokotów weekday

SATURDAY & SUNDAY (Ratuszowa ZOO – PKP Służewiec)

LEGO Tram Weekend Ratuszowa Timetable

SATURDAY & SUNDAY (PKP Służewiec – Ratuszowa ZOO)

LEGO tram Weekend Mokotów timetable

Miniquiz Lego – tips

Before riding the LEGO Christmas tram, check whether you are worthy to stand on its threshold. If you answer all five questions correctly (without searching for answers on Google), you deserve to be called a LEGO Superfan. The answer can be found at the end of the post.

1) What country do LEGO bricks come from?
A. Norway
B. Sweden
C. Finland
D. Denmark

2) The name LEGO was created from the combination of two words that in English mean:
A. “have fun”
B. “have a nice day”
C. “aim high”
D. “be yourself”

3) The LEGO Group entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest producer of…
A. plastic.
b. tires.
C. windows.
D. bumpers.

4) In 2018, using LEGO bricks, a model of a luxury car was recreated in 1:1 scale. Do you know what its mark was?
A. Ferrari
B. Maserati
C. Bugatti
D. Porsche

5) LEGO has released a collection that emphasizes the diversity in the world and promotes tolerance. It consists of 11 colorful figures in various colours. Its name is:
A. Differently Wonderful
B. Everyone Is Awesome
C. United in Diversity
D. So Different, Yet So Similar

LEGO Christmas tram Santa Ninja Kai

Christmas tram Lego – worth it?

  • Patrix – 6/10. Nice attraction, but really, apart from the photo on the throne, there is nothing to do there. However, it can be fun for the youngest to impress, especially if they love bricks!
  • Wiolczix – 6/10. A pleasant ride, although on Sunday around 15:00 the car was very crowded (certainly less than the trams in Mordor or the subway on a weekday at 16:00 – after all, you could still get in and breathe freely). We were hoping for a bit more attractions inside, but the very presence of Santa Claus and Ninja Kai introduced a festive and fabulous atmosphere. At this price, we will gladly go again.

Correct answers to the quiz: D, A, B, C, B.

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