Cosmos Museum Warsaw

Cosmos Museum Warsaw
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Do you want to feel cosmic energies? We have a perfect place for you, where a bit of magic interchange with a pinch of illusion. This is the Cosmos Museum in Warsaw. We will not write about the magical and mysterious atmosphere here. You have to feel it yourself during your visit. Instead, we’ll show you 10 of our favorite attractions in Cosmos.

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Cosmos Museum in Warsaw – best attractions

1. A pool filled to the brim with balls

In our opinion, this is the most photogenic place in the entire Cosmos. Colors are very girly, but as you can see in the photo below, adult men also look great in it (and not only those in pink shorts). You can organize here both an Instagram session and a big battle with plastic balls. You are only limited by your own imagination.Instagram Museum Warsaw

2. Vortex Tunnel

When we enter the Vortex Tunnel, we feel like visiting an amusement park. Or like laundry that has entered spin mode. Inside this ‘swirling corridor’ you can lose your sense of gravity. One thing is for sure: this attraction will turn your head around.Cosmos Museum visit

3. Dark Knight

Here is the darkest exhibit (that’s why we called it the Dark Knight). In our humble opinion, David Copperfield was involved in this installation. Why? Believe it or not, there is actually a human sitting on the chair below (yes, that’s Patryk). He appears and disappears in photos or videos depending on the lighting. If you don’t believe the photo, be sure to check out our video from Cosmos. Cosmos Museum Warsaw

4. Inverted room

You don’t have to be particularly athletic, stretched or tall to effortlessly touch the ceiling, wall and desk with your limbs at the same time. More than good condition, you will need the ability to edit photos. Important! Do not try to do such acrobatics at home.Cosmos Museum Warsaw photos

5. Magic chair

That’s nothing more than playing with perspective. At first glance, you probably think that we have made Patryk smaller. Or that we stole a giant stool from Godzilla’s dining room. Nothing more wrong. You only need to look closely at the photo to see that the legs of the chair are not connected to the seat.Museum Warsaw Instagram

6. Mirror hall full of lights

Since we’re in Cosmos, constellations are very welcome. Or at least their imitation in the form of a mirrored corridor with thousands of lamps. This design of the room gives the impression that we’re in a sky illuminated by millions of stars. Spoiler alert: the colors of the lights change, so you can take many different photos.attractions Cosmos Museum Warsaw

7. Mirror room

This is a place where you can look at yourself from the best side. (You choose which one.) It works like a maze, and the less experienced can be a little disoriented. Believe it or not, it’s not easy to get out of this labyrinth the first time around. You must also be careful not to collide with yourself in your search for a path. mirror room Warsaw

8. Inconspicuous white room

Was Patryk in one of those famous white rooms with doors without handles? Or is he just falling down an endless tunnel? None of these things. He simply locked himself in a room where the right play of lights and mirrors gave him the opportunity to take a unique photo. And even more unusual video.Cosmos Museum Warsaw what's new

9. Sandbox with contour lines

Playing in the Cosmos sandbox is probably the most relaxing attraction for body and soul. By pouring sand, forming hills or digging holes, you can create your own planet. You decide for yourself where the seas and lands will appear and what the terrain will be like. Colorful lights and contour lines will help you in the creative process.Museum Cosmos Warsaw prices

10. Levitating balls

Do you want to know how white balls flutter happily in the air? Well, the whole attraction is that a stream of air directed upwards with the right power comes out of narrow vertical tubes. If we put (most likely) polystyrene balls at the right height, they will float carelessly in the air. Be careful, because it’s really addictive fun.Cosmos Museum photos

Cosmos Museum in Warsaw – tickets

Tickets to the Cosmos Museum in Warsaw cost:

  • Regular – PLN 32.
  • Reduced (students) – PLN 26.
  • A child up to 12 years of age (must be under adult supervision!) – PLN 19.
  • Person with a disability – PLN 16.
  • Senior – PLN 19.
  • 2 adults + 1 child (up to 12 years old) – PLN 65.
  • 2 adults + 2 children (up to 12 years old) – PLN 79.
  • 2 adults + 3 children (up to 12 years old) – PLN 93.

Cosmos Museum Warsaw tickets

Cosmos Museum – opening hours

You can visit the Cosmos Museum in Warsaw:

  • from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00 (last entry: 20:00).
  • on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 22:00 (last entry: 21:00).

Cosmos Museum opening hours

Cosmos Museum Warsaw – how much time to visit?

The time on the ticket is unlimited, so you can spend the whole day here. An hour is enough to see all the exhibits. However, if you want to take advantage of every attraction without exception or organize cosmic photo session, reserve a minimum of two hours for your visit.

space museum Warsaw width=

Cosmos Museum in Warsaw – how to get?

The Cosmos Museum is located at 15/3 Ɓucka Street in Warsaw and is well connected with the rest of the city.

  • Be eco! We encourage you to go on ecological walking and cycling trips – the museum is located only 2 km from the center of Warsaw.
  • Bus. There are stops nearby: Norblin, Mennica, Wronia, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Rondo DaszyƄskiego.
  • Tram. The nearest stop is: Rondo DaszyƄskiego, Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego, Norblin.
  • Subway. Get off at the Rondo DaszyƄskiego station (M2, red line).
  • Car. The Cosmos Museum is located in the paid parking zone. When leaving the car on the street, don’t forget to pay for parking.

Cosmos Museum Warsaw address

Cosmos Museum – tips

  • Before your visit, check out the hashtag #cosmosmuzeum on Instagram. Among thousands of photos you will find fantastic inspiration for amazing shots.
  • Are you looking for an out of this world gift idea? A Cosmos voucher will be great present. You can buy it online on the museum’s website.
  • We recommend booking tickets in advance online. There are no huge queues here, but it may happen that you will have to wait a while until a few people leave the premises. People with tickets purchased online enter without a queue, regardless of the number of people inside.
  • However, there is a risk in booking tickets in advance: they are only valid for 15 minutes from the time stated when booking. If you are late, there will be no entry or return.
  • Although the Cosmos Museum offers reduced tickets for people with disabilities, the place is unfortunately not adapted to the needs of people with physical disabilities. There is no elevator in the building, and not all attractions can be used by wheelchair users.

cosmic museum Warsaw

Cosmos Museum Warsaw – reviews

  • Patrix – 6/10. The Cosmos Museum is pretty cool. You will spend a nice time in it and take cool photos for Instagram. If you like optical illusions, this is also definitely a place for you! However, you must know that many places at a similar price offer a slightly better experience and more exhibits, e.g. the Museum World of Illusion in Warsaw.
  • Wiolczix – 8/10. We have already visited several places of this type and each one is absolutely fabulous. Of course, many attractions are repeated, but they’re still magical. It seems to me that the Cosmos Museum is the most Instagrammable and ‘photogenic’ of all, but I leave it to your judgment. My three favorite places are: mirror hall full of lights, mirror room and the pool with pink balls.

Warsaw cosmos

Cosmos Museum reviews

Cosmos Museum in Warsaw – map

Cosmos Museum can be found in the Wola district, a stone’s throw from Rondo DaszyƄskiego or Norblin Factory.

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