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Cybermachina Warsaw
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Do we have fans of computer games, consoles or board games here? We have found a place where you can all meet together. This is Cybermachina, a pub created by players for players.

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Gaming pub Cybermachina – interior design

The interior design of Cybermachina has an amazing atmosphere. And it evokes those most emotional childhood memories. Have you ever broken a magical rainbow spring, which is a beloved souvenir from your siblings’ holiday? Did you get your parents’ hackles up by sticking colorful stickers on the wall unit? Or maybe during computer science class you took the mouse from your friend who was maximally focused on playing Minesweeper and deliberately clicked on the bomb, making him cry? We experienced all this years ago and thanks to Cybermachina we returned to those beautiful(?) moments with a hint of melancholy.

Cybermachina gaming pubgaming pub in Warsawgames pub in Warsaw

But it is not everything. Fans of retro & vintage style will surely like furniture, electronics, books and board game packaging that have been badly damaged by time. And a word about details. Beer tap with the character of Mario, binders with the famous polish magazine ‘Świat Wiedzy’ collection or Pac-Man neon icons on the walls. This artistic mess creates a really nice and slightly nostalgic atmosphere.

Cybermachina WarsawCybermachinaCybermachina board games

Cybermachina – what can you play?

Don’t expect us to give you a list of games you can play in Cybermachina. First, there are a lot of them. Secondly, we don’t want to spoil your surprise. But okay, we’ll show you what we’ve been doing. We started with a round in Mario Kart, then we had a fight in Mortal Kombat and in the and we played a concert of Guitar Hero.

Cybermachina Mariopub for players

Heading towards the bar, we passed an inconspicuous, barely working monitor, on which an old-school Minesweeper was blinking. We couldn’t resist it. To take our tired eyes off the screens, we switched to board games. You can choose from such classics as: Ego Love (a good choice for a date), Dixit (a good choice for an integration meeting), Jenga (a good choice after one drink) or Balance Chairs (a good choice after two drinks). Finally, a round of checkers and the queen’s gambit.

pub for players Warsawgaming pub Warsaw

Cybermachina – how to get?

Cybermachina is located at 54/56 Nowy Świat Street in Warsaw. You can get here by car, bus, tram and subway. Look for the entrance from Gałczyńskiego Street. When you see the characteristic signboard (below), go down the stairs and move to the world of games and activities.

Cybermachina entrance

Cybermachina – prices and opening hours

Entrance to Cybermachina is free. In addition, you can play all the games (at the fairest price, i.e.) absolutely for free, without a time limit. We don’t need to mention that it’s appropriate to order a drink or a snack at the bar? These are very affordable, even for poor students. And they have funny names inspired by games and animations.

Cybermachina is open:

  • on Fridays and Saturdays from 2pm to 3am.
  • from Sunday to Thursday from 2pm to 1am.

Cybermachina pub

Cybermachina – what cities?

Cybermachina is a chain of pubs. So you don’t have to live in Warsaw to play hard. Especially for you, (perhaps) only here, a list of all locations:

  • Katowice, 10 Św. Jana Street
  • Kraków, 11 Stolarska Street
  • Toruń, 13 Łazienna Street
  • Wrocław, 52 Szczytnicka Street
  • Bydgoszcz, 11 Wełniany Rynek Street
  • Olsztyn, 2 Lelewela Street
  • Poznań, 19 Mielżyńskiego Street
  • Gdańsk, 7 Okopowa Street
  • Szczecin, 12 Śląska Street
  • Gdynia, 15 Kościuszki Square
  • Rzeszów, 4 Matejki Street

Cybermachina – tips

  • Follow Cybermachina’s website and social media. There’s a lot going on here! You can take part in different competition, cosplay parties, as well as broadcasts of live esports events.
  • Cybermachina has its own beer. We saw with our own eyes more than one can of Rainbow Rabbit in the bar fridge. Let’s try!
  • You probably haven’t wondered where the best selfie mirror in town is. But we’ll tell you anyway. Of course in Cybermachina. For photographic inspiration, check their IG.

Cybermachina esport live

Cybermachina – worth it?

  • Patrix – 9/10. A great place for people who love both computer and board games! You will spend a great time here with your friends. You will drink delicious drinks. You will play board games. Perfect for me!
  • Wiolczix – 8/10. I’m no geek, and I liked this place from the first play. I was a bit afraid of the typical nerd climate – completely unnecessarily. Here I met a real return to the past (in fact, to very early youth). A big plus for all the details of the decor. I really like it when the owner of the place takes care of the smallest details to create a great atmosphere for guests. A small minus for the fact that I had to endure the bitterness of defeat several times after losing in Mortal Kombat. I don’t remember any other flaws. 🙂

Cybermachina worth it

Cybermachina – map

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