‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’ – exhibition in Warsaw

Frida Kahlo exhibition
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Frida is not a name. Frida is a lifestyle. The figure of the Mexican artist and feminist is one of the most recognizable private labels in the world. And these were created many years before the emergence of social media. Although Frida Kahlo died 70 years ago, she still arouses controversy and extreme emotions around the world. Take a look with us at the immersive exhibition dedicated to this extraordinary, original, charismatic woman.

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‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’ – immersive exhibition – photos

Creators of the exhibition ‘Frida Kahlo. Life of an Icon’ demonstrated true artistic skill. The installations are refined down to the smallest detail. And simply beautiful. (This is the first place where artificial flowers are not offensive, because they look very similar to real ones.) The exhibition is really atmospheric. Already in the first room, the decorations take us straight to Mexico. Macabre skulls, colorful bouquets, exotic fruits and melted candles create an extraordinary, slightly mysterious atmosphere.

Frida Kahlo Life of an Icon Warsaw

If someone comes to the exhibition and does not know the biography of Frida Kahlo thoroughly, they will have the opportunity to explore it in quite detail. And – as you can see in the photo below – in a really large format. In one of the initial rooms you can see photos of our heroine, read her biography, and learn about world events from that period. All this will allow us to better understand the motives behind her actions and generativity.

Frida Kahlo Life of an Icon Art Box Experience

The most colorful of the Art Box Experience rooms will probably distract you from deeper thoughts on existential issues. Here you have to be very careful not to get dizzy. This is thanks to multi-colored, bright animations that crawl on the walls and floor. The symbols swirling around are Frida’s favorite painting motifs. This room perfectly reflects the expressive character and unconventionality of the artist.

Frida Kahlo Life of an Icon immersive biography

And here is one of the most interesting (if not the most interesting) installations we have ever seen. Beautiful and symbolic. Of course, it can be interpreted freely, but it is almost certain that the creator wanted to artistically show the suffering the painter experienced during her life. This type of metaphorical pictures, which can be found in abundance at the exhibition, allow you to really feel Frida, step into her shoes and better understand her fate.

Frida exhibition

In addition to numerous curiosities and artistic installations, the exhibition also includes activities for visitors. These are not large-scale attractions, but rather small entertainment that make the exhibition more interactive. We found it very relaxing… coloring Frida’s portraits. We really got into it and relaxed. Of course, you can take your masterpieces home and hang them on the wall.

Frida exhibition Warsaw

The most attractive of the rooms is, of course, the one in which a multisensory presentation is continuously played. Changing images and sounds affect several senses at the same time, cutting off the viewer from the outside world. This is where you can truly relax and immerse yourself in Frida’s biography. Or maybe even, like us, think back to Mexico in the first half of the 20th century. (For a better effect, we recommend viewing the visualization in a lying position on the poufs available in the room.)

exhibition Frida Kahlo

We will not reveal any more details or pictures. We want you to feel unsatisfied and see the exhibition with your own eyes. Just one more little tip. Even if you are not a fan of new technologies, be sure to use VR glasses for dessert. Thanks to them, you can go for a walk – and sometimes even a flight or a ride – in virtual reality. The world into which you will be transported after putting on the glasses is truly otherworldly and at the same time extremely realistic.

Frida Kahlo exhibition Warsaw 2024

‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’ exhibition – tickets

Ticket prices depend on the day you go to the exhibition (Monday-Friday/weekend).

  • Normal ticket – PLN 65/75.
  • Reduced ticket – PLN 55/65.
  • School ticket (group of up to 30 people, free entry for the guardian) – PLN 35.
  • ‘Student Mondays’ (2-in-1 discount ticket) – PLN 55.
  • Ticket for a disabled person or senior – PLN 45/55.
  • Family ticket (max. 2 adults + 2 children from 5 to 14 years of age) – PLN 170/190.
  • Children under 5 years old enter for free.

Frida Kahlo exhibition Norblin

‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’ – opening hours

The exhibition ‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’ is open:

  • Monday – Thursday: 9:00-20:00.
  • Friday: 9:00-21:00.
  • Saturday – Sunday: 10:00-21:00.

exhibition Frida Kahlo

‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’ exhibition – visiting time

Visiting the ‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’ exhibition with a guide will take you about 2 hours (+/- 1 hour for the tour and +/- 1 hour for activities provided by the exhibition creators).

Frida Kahlo Life of an Icon Norblin Factory

‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’ – how to get?

The Norblin Factory, where Art Box Experience is located, is located in Warsaw’s Wola district at ul. Żelazna 51/53. You can easily get here by any means of transport.a

  • Traditionally, we encourage ecological walking and cycling trips – the Norblin Factory is located less than 2 kilometers from the center of Warsaw (25 minutes on foot or 6 minutes by bike).
  • Tram/bus. Get off at the Norblin stop.
  • Subway. The closest stations will be Rondo ONZ or Rondo Daszyńskiego from the M2 station.
  • Car. You can park in one of the 500 paid parking spaces (entrance from Prosta Street).

Frida Kahlo exhibition Poland

Exhibition ‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’ – tips

  • ‘Be Frida’ – a promotion is organized under this slogan, thanks to which you can receive a free entry to the exhibition. All you need to do is dress up as Frida and report to the exhibition staff. Good luck!
  • Before you buy a ‘standard’ ticket, check out the extended exhibition offer. Why not take advantage of children’s workshops or guided tours? Or on April 12, 2024, you will take part in the debate ‘Why were there no great women artists?’. Tickets to these events are, of course, a bit more expensive (by a dozen or so zlotys), but we took advantage of one of these options and it was really worth it.
  • If you can afford it, be sure to take advantage – like we did – of visiting the exhibition with a guide. At the entrance you will get a delicious Mexican drink (the pink margarita was bittersweet, the yellow one was super sour). The wonderful Guide will show you the biography of Frida Kahlo in the smallest details (unless, of course, you come across the same lady as we did). From the series ‘Wiolczi advises’: Gentlemen, a ticket to this exhibition is certainly the perfect gift for your partner. If she is even slightly interested in culture and art, she will be happy when you take her here. (I’ll give you some advice from experience).
  • When leaving the exhibition, don’t miss the photo booth. You can take a photo with a special, colorful filter applied to it. You will have a great souvenir. You can admire the effects of our ‘session’ by scrolling down the page.

exhibition Frida Kahlo Warsaw reviews

‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’ – reviews

  • Patrix – 7/10. I rate the exhibition itself 6/10, but we decided to take a guided tour (an extra point for that). The lady who showed us around was extremely lively and made me curious about the artist’s life. I definitely recommend this form of participating in the exhibition – first a guided tour, and then an independent tour. On the plus side, there are additional attractions such as painting, 3D glasses, and a virtual reality helmet show (all included in the ticket price). I love exhibitions that lead me through a certain narrative, but I didn’t feel that here.
  • Wiolczix – 10/10. The exhibition about Frida is my favorite exhibition ever. Mainly because it combines elements of a traditional exhibition (great decorations!) and modern solutions (animations, 3D technology, immersion, VR). When it comes to these ‘modern solutions’, be sure to put on your glasses and enter the colorful virtual reality. You can really fly away here. We went on a tour with a guide and had a Mexican drink – it’s a much nicer solution than exploring on your own. Although we do not encourage drinking alcohol, we strongly recommend Mrs. Guide. Our story was very interesting and quite funny. The evening spent at the exhibition ‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’ was for me like a vacation in Mexico in a nutshell. I definitely recommend it.

Frida Kahlo life of an Icon exhibiton

Exhibition ‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’ – FAQ

What is an immersive exhibition?

Simply put, an immersive exhibition is one that uses virtual reality to engage the viewer’s various senses so that they become completely immersed in it. An example of an immersive installation is ‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’.

Where is the Frida Kahlo exhibition in Warsaw?

You can admire the Frida Kahlo exhibition in Warsaw at Art Box Experience. This space is located in the Norblin Factory, located less than 2 kilometers from the city center.

What does Frida symbolize?

The character of Frida is, above all, an icon of women’s strength and the feminist movement in Mexico. But not only! The Mexican painter is also a symbol of freedom and independence; suffering and physical pain; sexual liberation; a rebellious approach to art; the unhappy love of a ‘disciple’ for her ‘master’.

What is Frida Kahlo famous for?

When it comes to external aspects, Frida Kahlo is famous primarily for her characteristic, feminine clothes. Multicolored dresses, ribbons, wreaths and corsets were intended to reflect the painter’s strength and character. Just like the ‘monobrow’, which was initially a complex of the artist, and then became her hallmark. Moreover, Frida was famous for her open sexual and feminist views. Her work was also original on a global scale – she painted primarily her multicolored self-portraits in a uniquely unique way. Unfortunately, Frida also became famous for her controversial communist views.

Life of an Icon Frida Kahlo

exhibtioion Frida Kahlo in Warsaw

‘Frida Kahlo. The Life of an Icon’ – map

Art Box Experience is located in the Norblin Factory in Warsaw’s Wola district.

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