Magic Pumpkin Farm Powsin near Warsaw

Magic Pumpkin Farm Powsin Warsaw
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Pumpkin lanterns already decorate gardens and balconies? Halloween costumes are waiting in the wardrobe? Children ready to trick and adults stocked with candies? Now it’s time to visit the magical pumpkin farm in Powsin. There is really what to do and see here. Remember that the attraction is only open until October 31 – no time to waste!

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Pumpkin farm in Powsin – all things to all men

Magic Pumpkin Farm Powsin is a must-see for anyone who wants to receive a certificate of a true ‘autumn girl’ or ‘pumpkin man’.

Farma Dyń Powsin Warszawa autumn girlFarma Dyń Powsin Warszawa pumpkin man

At the beginning, we took a photo session against the backdrop of huge pumpkins, tall maize, wooden bins and haystacks. 100% rustic atmosphere.

Farma Dyń Powsin Warszawa pumpkinsAutumn girl

After the photo session, we fed the cute rabbits, the alpaca family and the little goats. We also ate pumpkin pie from a food truck and drank a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, we turned out to be too big or too heavy for the zip-line and the playground.

Farma Dyń Powsin rabbitsFarma Dyń pod Warszawą alpaca family

But in the Nerf Battle Zone, there is zero discrimination for adults. The atmosphere there is like in a real battle royal. We shot with foam ammunition and hid behind hay obstacles. It was a fierce competition! We even have one victim of war (Wiolczix).

Farma Dyń Powsin Warszawa Nerf Battle Zone

As befits lovers of rural climates, we also took a look at the farmer’s zone. We got behind the wheel of a tractor and drove wheelbarrows.

Farma Dyń Powsin Warszawa tractor
At the end of our visit, we unexpectedly came across a Brazilian drums show. I don’t think we’ve seen or heard such exotic instruments before. We also took part in a quick samba course – we didn’t get the steps, but the fun was great.Farma Dyń Powsin Warszawa Brazilian drums

Pumpkin farm near Warsaw – how to get?

  • The pumpkin farm is located at Łukasza Drewny Street in Powsin near Warsaw (on the route to Konstancin).
  • The easiest way to get there is, of course, by car. Be advised: it is not easy to find a parking space on the weekend.
  • For nonmotorized persons, we offer access by public transport from Warsaw.

Farma Dyń Powsin Warszawa how to get

Pumpkin farm – prices

  • The admission ticket costs PLN 28. If you are under a year, you enter for free.
  • You can buy tickets online or on site (you can pay in cash and by card).

Farma Dyń Warszawa tickets

A magical pumpkin farm near Warsaw – tips

  • Be sure to take someone with you who likes (and who know how to) take pictures. Ours look magical.Farma Dyń Powsin Warszawa photos
  • Fashion & photo tip: be sure to wear at least one colorful garment. Warm shadows will perfectly match yellows and oranges. #Vogue
    Farma Dyń pod Warszawą goats
  • Read carefully the orders and prohibitions posted on the farm. Respect inhabitants and employees. Don’t feed the baby alpaca or her stomach will hurt. Do not pick up the rabbits or they will be scared. And do not play with the pumpkins from the permanent exhibitions, because they will not return to their place on their own. Also, keep an eye on your kids/pupils/animals.Farma Dyń Powsin Warszawa rules
  • We went to the farm on a Sunday afternoon, and we do not recommend this date. There was so crowded! Farma Dyń Powsin Warszawa pumpkin bins
  • The pumpkin farm is ready to host larger groups – you can organize a birthday party for your child here or take your students on a school trip. We guarantee that they will be delighted.Farma Dyń Powsin Warszawa playground

Pumpkin farm – worth it?

  • Patrix – 10/10. Really great place. There are a lot of things to do. We, two adults, spent about 3 hours there having a nice time. Animals eagerly ate from our hands and we could stroke rabbits. Our Instagrams are full of autumn photos. Wow!
  • Wiolczix – 8/10. It is definitely worth going there with children. I do not have one myself, but I saw a lot of toddlers on the spot, euphoric feeding the animals, running on the hay or going crazy in the playground. Big children (18+) also find their way there. We came back in a good mood and snapped a lot of photos (you will not take make a photo session in any studio as in the natural environment). A small minus for the general chaos there (but these are my personal impressions).

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