Museum of Evolution of Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw

Museum of Evolution of Polish Academy of Sciences
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Have you ever wondered where you can see a dinosaur skeleton in real life? We know and we will show it to you. Just go on a trip to the Museum of Evolution of Polish Academy of Sciences. The facility is located in the Palace of Culture and Science where you can also enter the observation deck of the Palace of Culture and Science. But first the museum!

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Museum of Evolution of Polish Academy of Sciences – photos

First, a handful of valuable information that will make sure you don’t run away from the Warsaw Museum of Evolution before you even start visiting it. First of all: the exhibitions occupy only a few rooms (3 large, 2 small), so don’t expect a long trip. Secondly: we warn you that this place, right from the threshold, can take you to another era. So get ready for a bit of the Jurassic (due to the exhibits) and a bit of PRL (due to the interior design, which has been worn down by time).

Museum of Evolution Palace of Culture and Science

Just a few of our photos are enough to realize that the museum installations are not very modern. In fact, you may get the impression that they have not been replaced since the establishment of the facility. The artificial animal models are very plastic, and the modest decorations are dusty, outdated, neglected and simply ‘mediocre’. This could use some serious renovation. We think that a simple visit by student volunteers from the Academy of Fine Arts could increase the attractiveness of the entire interior at a low cost.

Museum of Evolution opening hours

Let’s not say that we are just complaining – enough complaints, time for compliments. The Museum of Evolution of Polish Academy of Sciences is a treasure trove of knowledge for enthusiasts of evolution and paleontology. The information is presented in a very analog way (on boards attached to the walls), but it contains a lot of details, curiosities, photos and graphics. If you like interactive museums – you won’t find it here, but if you came for a large dose of solid knowledge – you will find it here.

Museum of Evolution of Polish Academy of Sciences Warsaw

As you have probably already realized, the Travel-Mates team focuses on naturalness. Therefore, we are always interested in which of the exhibits are real and which are artificial. We asked about it at the stage of buying tickets – after all, we are not paleontologists and it is difficult for us to recognize it at first glance. The nice Mr. Cashier couldn’t answer us, but he warned us that the original items were properly marked. It was true. And you know what else? We encountered many more of these real exhibits than we expected. Way to go.

Museum of Evolution - what to see

Although the Museum of Evolution is located in the very center of Warsaw, it looks – unfortunately – severely underfunded. However, there are elements here whose authors deserve praise for their budget-friendly and creative solutions. The exhibition’s creators, for example, used inflatable blue balls to create models of globes to show the movements of the lithospheric plates over millions of years. We think it looks really artistic and creative.

Museum of Evolution is it worth it

We have already dealt with the visual issues. It’s time to tell you a bit about the exhibits you can see at the Museum of Evolution in Warsaw – both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Undeniably, the most important objects here are the dinosaur skeletons. They were found in the Gobi Desert in the 1960s and 1970s. The leader of the expedition was a Polish scientist, Professor Zofia Kielan-Jaworowska. It was on the initiative of our native paleontologist that the first exhibition entitled ‘Dinosaurs from the Gobi Desert’ was created at the Palace of Culture and Science.

where to see dinosaurs in Warsaw

We are almost certain that it is thanks to the gigantic dinosaur skeletons that the Museum of Evolution of Polish Academy of Sciences is visited by crowds of children and (younger) teenagers. After all, let the first stone be cast by those who did not want to come face to face with such a legendary creature straight from Jurassic Park. Of course, the safest option is to meet the giant after his death. Since the skeleton of one of the sauropods takes up the entire room(!), such a living animal could, with an accidental move of one foot, wipe out an ordinary human mortal.

Museum of Evolution dinosaurs

But of course these are not all XXL exhibits. In addition to many dinosaur skeletons, what caught our attention was a massive – and even slightly terrifying – skull. Can you guess who it belonged to? Its owner was a huge river crocodile living in the Tenere region of Niger. The reptile was up to 12 meters long, and the skull visible in the photo is 178 centimeters long (that’s longer than the entire Wiolczi). This size of the lower jaw allowed this reptile to effectively hunt not only fish, but even smaller dinosaurs.

Museum of Evolution in the Palace of Culture and Science

The Museum of Evolution in Warsaw is not just about animals. Also meet our ancestor (or rather ancestor) – the Australopithecus Lucy. Of course, this is not an original exhibit, but only an artistic reconstruction of a skeleton found in 1974 in Ethiopia. This ‘human primate’ that lived over 3 million years ago was short (only 1 meter tall) and had a very poorly developed braincase. How do you assess the similarity to modern people?

museum for children in Warsaw

In addition to the museum giants, there are many small and inconspicuous ‘evolutionary treasures’ hidden in small display cases. Before we came here, we didn’t realize that there were so many different types of reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. And of course dinosaurs. Nature never ceases to amaze us. Exhibitions at the Museum of Evolution confirm Charles Darwin’s theory that ‘it is not the strongest species that survive, but those that best adapt to change’.

Museum of Evolution Warsaw

Finally, as a reward for making it this far, we will show you the only interactive attraction located in the Museum of Evolution. It is a tablet that allows you to precisely scan the structure of one of the exhibits. By clicking on the points marked on the screen, you will find out what is inside the skeleton of a given dinosaur. Considering that both children and adults spend a lot of time here, we think it would be worth investing in more multimedia. The museum market – nomen omen – has already evolved enough. This is just a suggestion if our post ever accidentally reaches the museum authorities. : )

Museum of Evolution photos

Museum of Evolution in Warsaw – tickets

Ticket prices to the Museum of Evolution of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw are not excessive and cost:

  • normal ticket – PLN 20.
  • reduced ticket – PLN 10.
  • family ticket (parents + maximum 5 children) – PLN 50.
  • group ticket – PLN 10/person (guardians enter for free).

Museum of Evolution visiting time

Museum of Evolution of Polish Academy of Sciences – opening hours

The Museum of Evolution in Warsaw is open:

  • from Tuesday to Saturday from 08:00 to 16:00
  • on Sundays from 09:00 to 15:00.

The facility remains closed on Mondays and holidays.

Last entry is possible 30 minutes before the museum closes.

Museum of Evolution tickets

Museum of Evolution of Palace of Culture and Science – visiting time

  • Visiting the Museum of Evolution in Warsaw lasts approximately 1 hour.
  • Of course, if you just want to take a look at the exhibits or show your children dinosaur skeletons, even 0.5 hour is enough for a quick, cursory trip.
  • However, if you want to explore all the knowledge written on the information boards and read all the descriptions of the exhibits – reserve up to 3 hours.

Museum of Evolution prices

Museum of Evolution in Warsaw – how to get?

The Palace of Culture and Science, which houses the Museum of Evolution, is located in the very center of Warsaw. You can easily get here by any means of transport.

  • Traditionally, we encourage ecological walking and cycling trips – if you live in the capital, you can easily get here.
  • Tram/bus. Get off at the Centrum stop.
  • Subway. The closest station will be M1 Centrum. If you are traveling on the M2, you can walk couple minutes from Świętokrzyska station.
  • Have you decided to travel by train? The museum is located a few minutes’ walk from the Warszawa Centralna station.
  • Car. You can park in the paid parking lot located at Plac Defilad around the Palace of Culture and Science. You will enter it from Emilii Plater Street, from the Congress Hall or from Świętokrzyska Street.

Museum of Evolution Warsaw

Museum of Evolution – tips

  • At the Museum of Evolution we learned that the famous Wawel dragon really existed. It was most likely 5-6 meters long, came from the archosaur family and was the largest carnivore in the area. (So ​​it’s doubtful that any legendary shoemaker could beat him.)
  • It is not true that you need to organize long and expensive expeditions to collect dinosaur remains. Polish scientists already in the second half of the 20th century proved that real evolutionary treasures can also be found in Poland – sometimes you just need to look hard enough. Young researchers led by Professor Jerzy Dzik in the 1990s discovered the remains of amphibians, reptiles and Silesaurus, which is a museum gem, in Krasiejów near Opole.
  • The Warsaw Museum of Evolution conducts educational activities (museum lessons) as well as the Young Paleontologist’s Club (for children aged 6 to 10). Students and dinosaur lovers, are you here? : )
  • On the website of the Museum of Evolution you will find the ‘Virtual Tour’ tab. The exhibition there is presented in a very unattractive way (don’t be put off by this), but thanks to this you can check before your visit whether it is really worth visiting.
  • Unfortunately, the Museum of Evolution is not adapted for disabled people – there are steps and no elevator.

natural history museum Warsaw

Museum of Evolution, Palace of Culture and Science – reviews

  • Patrix – 6/10.If you want to see a dinosaur, this place is for you! Huge replicas of real beast skeletons are impressive! Dinosaur bones and fossils found during excavations are cool. Unfortunately, the entire facility is in poor condition. The museum looks like a biology class from the ’90s. The price is adequate to what we will find on site. The exhibits are nice, but the museum itself looks bad.
  • Wiolczix – 5/10. It is with regret that I have to evaluate the Museum of Evolution in Warsaw as ‘not very positive’. There is no doubt that someone put a lot of time, heart, knowledge and passion into its creation. Unfortunately, the Museum of Evolution has probably not evolved at all for a dozen or so (if not several dozen) years. The gigantic skeletons make a huge impression, but because of what the interior looks like, visiting it is not the most pleasant. It’s hard to believe that we are located in the center of the capital of Poland. We have seen similar facilities in Brussels and London – so we know that it can be organized much better. Nevertheless, it is worth taking children, dinosaur lovers and paleontology enthusiasts here.

Museum of Evolution reviews

Museum of Evolution in Warsaw – FAQ

What can you see at the Museum of Evolution in Warsaw?

In the Warsaw Museum of Evolution of the Polish Academy of Sciences, you can see many interesting specimens. These include: skeletons of Mongolian dinosaurs, ‘primordial dinosaurs’, primeval birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, as well as exhibits related to the origins of man. There will be something interesting for everyone.

Is it worth going to the Museum of Evolution in Warsaw with your child?

It is worth going to the Museum of Evolution in Warsaw with a child – especially one who is interested in animals. Gigantic dinosaur skeletons will surely delight little visitors. The attention of curious children and teenagers should also be attracted by smaller exhibits from the rich collection of reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Where can you see dinosaurs in Warsaw?

If you or your children want to see a dinosaur, you must go to the Museum of Evolution of Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. You will find there, among others: the skeleton of a sauropod from the Gobi Desert (this exhibit takes up almost the entire room), a tarbosaurus, silesaurus, dunkleosteus, ichthyosaur and pinocetus. And that’s not all that awaits you in the museum.

How much do tickets to the Museum of Evolution in Warsaw cost?

Tickets to the Museum of Evolution cost from PLN 10 (discount ticket) to PLN 20 (normal ticket). Families with a maximum of five children will pay PLN 50 for entry. Guardians of organized groups enter for free, and their pupils pay PLN 10 per ticket.

Museum of Evolution opinions

Museum of Evolution of the Polish Academy of Sciences – map

The Museum of Evolution of the Polish Academy of Sciences is located in the very center of Warsaw.

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