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Do you know the name of the place in Poland where trains are never late? (We know it’s hard to believe, but it really exists.) This is the Museum Station in Warsaw.

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Museum Station in Warsaw (former Railway Museum) – photos

At the beginning of the journey – ticket control. A charming (although very static) cashier will be waiting for you right next to the entrance. It’s better not to stowaway here!

Museum Station tickets

After the obligatory visit to the ticket office, it’s time to… set the switch (don’t worry, just a virtual one, in your head). There are two directions to choose from: a temporary exhibition hall and an open-air museum. We chose the second option (mainly because Patryk couldn’t wait to meet the steam locomotives face to face).

train museum

Open-air Museum Station – TOP 5 exhibits by Travel-Mates

There were a lot of various railway treasures waiting for us in the open-air museum. They were real gems of transport! Some looked really old school! As usual, we chose our favorites.

5th place – Snowplow

‘The Golden Five’ opens with equipment from 1980. It is over 16.5 meters long and weighs as much as 64 tons. It looks a bit like a three-eyed Minion, and a bit like Thomas the steam locomotive (yes, the one from the animated series ‘Thomas and Friends’). The contrasting yellow and blue colors blend together wonderfully. Thanks to them, it was certainly clearly visible against the background of the buried tracks when, as usual, snow surprised the Polish road workers.

Museum Station trains

4th place – Pm3-5 steam locomotive

Produced in Germany in 1940. The weight of the steam locomotive in service is over 179 tons! In its heyday, it was able to accelerate to 150 km/h. Do you think it resembles a long, round, green caterpillar with protruding ears? It’s not a coincidence! The streamlined shape effectively reduced air resistance. A true miracle of the technology of that time.

Museum Station Warsaw

3rd place – Smoking carriage

The podium opens with a wagon for smokers. In this case, we will not focus on the vintage, weight or dimensions, but only on the purpose. And it’s not about the fact that we are supporters of cigarettes or that we specifically need such a place for ourselves. Such a wagon in a train solves at least two problems. The first – passengers risking their lives by leaning out a window with cigarettes. The second – smoky train toilets, which often become dens for addicts.

old trains Warsaw

2nd place – Artillery wagon

The only artillery wagon of an armored train preserved in Poland. A real beast of a Museum Station. 60 tons of (un)live weight. 12.5 meters long. Armor 50-80 millimeters thick. 2 howitzers, 2 rotating turrets, 2 anti-aircraft machine guns. It makes the most mysterious and menacing impression. If we had to choose which carriage we wanted to visit from the inside, this one would be in the first place.

Museum Station video

1st place – Motor wagon SN61-133

It really looks like the oldest exhibit, although it is not. Produced in Budapest in 1969. It measures over 24 meters and weighs just under 58 tons. It can accelerate to 108 km/h. Progressive corrosion process makes it the most charming of the exhibits. If you want to see it in all its glory, hurry up. We are afraid that in a short time it will be covered with moss and rust or simply fall apart.

Museum Station Warsaw Towarowa street

Museum Station – other exhibits

The Station Museum is not built on locomotives and wagons alone. For the train to move, two more elements are needed. The first one is the engine and the second one is the furnace. Only in the open-air museum we realize how huge and complicated these devices are. Wiolczi tried to reach the top of the engine, but being 160 centimeters tall she was unable to do so. Patryk wanted to burn the stove, but with virtual fuel it would be difficult for him to make a fire.

Museum Station in Warsaw

Museum Station info

Museum Station – tour

All good things must come to an end. We close the Tour de Skansen with undisguised satisfaction and then head towards the exhibition hall. It’s definitely more museum-like here. There are a lot of photos, descriptions and interesting exhibits waiting for us (not only small models of railway rolling stock, but also clocks, uniforms, banners, paintings and many others).

Museum Station Towarowa 3

One of the most interesting rooms on the museum map is the elegant Government Reception at the Main Railway Station in Warsaw. It works like a time machine – you can easily go back to the era of Polish People’s Republic. The ‘communist atmosphere’ is provided by the iconic furniture, a decorative fern and a red & white bouquet.

railway museum Warsaw

The Museum Station is also a treasure trove of curiosities from the recent railway past. Take a look at this inconspicuous exhibit, for example. Although from a distance it looks like a wicker insect nest, in fact it is… a basket semaphore. We guarantee that there are more such surprising items here.

Museum Station prices

After viewing the static museum exhibits, you will certainly be eager for even the smallest activity. Of course, the Museum Station meets the expectations of active visitors. Example? Here you go! Here is the interactive interlock. If you have dreamed of becoming a train dispatcher, this device is perfect for you.

Museum Station photos

Museum Station in Warsaw – tickets

Ticket prices are extremely visitor-friendly.

  • Normal ticket – PLN 18.
  • Reduced ticket – PLN 9.
  • Family ticket (2 adults + maximum 3 children up to 18 years of age) – PLN 38.
  • Children up to 7 years old enter for free.

Every Monday you can enter the Museum Station for free. No matter how old you are. We checked this option – it works.

Museum Station free entry

‘Train Museum’ in Warsaw – opening hours

The Museum Station is open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The facility operates continuously, 7 days a week, just like wonderful Polish State Railways. ­čśë

Museum Station opening hours

Museum Station in Warsaw – visiting time

  • If you are interested in ‘profound tour, reserve about 2-3 hours. ‘Profound sightseeing’ means carefully viewing the exhibitions inside the building and the exhibits in the open-air museum.
  • If you are interested in ‘superficial tour’ (a quick walk along the sightseeing route and a glance at museum pieces), 1-1.5 hours will be enough.

Museum Station what to see

‘Train Museum’ in Warsaw – how to get?

The Museum Station is located at ul. Towarowa 3 in Warsaw’s Wola district.

  • Traditionally, we encourage ecological walking and cycling trips – the museum is located 2 km from the center of Warsaw (25 minutes on foot or 10 minutes by bike).
  • Bus stops nearby: Plac Zawiszy and Rondo Daszy┼äskiego.
  • If you want to come by tram, the closest stops will be Plac Zawiszy or Rondo Daszy┼äskiego.
  • When traveling by metro, get off at Rondo Daszy┼äskiego station – it’s a 7-minute walk to the Museum Station.
  • Have you decided to travel by train? The museum is located a stone’s throw from the Warszawa G┼é├│wna and Warszawa Ochota stations. And not far from Warszawa Centralna. Come to the train museum by train? A class on its own.
  • Information for those arriving by car: there is a free parking lot at the Museum Station (right in front of the entrance).

Museum Station how to get

Museum Station in Warsaw – tips

  • The Museum Station organizes train simulator rides. Unfortunately, this attraction is so popular that we were unable to sign up for it (although we regularly hunt for tickets). If you want to go for a ride, keep a close eye on the schedule. Maybe you’ll have better luck. Ticket costs only PLN 20.
  • Would you like to check before your visit whether it is really worth going to the Museum Station? Go to the official website of the facility and take a virtual tour.
  • The railway is considered one of the safest means of transport. Rightly so, because disasters on tracks are rare. However, history knows tragic, bizarre railway accidents, often resulting from human fault. You can read about them in detail at the exhibition in one of the wagons (which is standing in the open-air museum).

train museum

Railway museum in Warsaw – opinions

  • Patrix – 8/10. I really enjoyed my visit to the Museum Station! The trains are very impressive! Being able to get inside the machines gave me a lot of joy. Seeing a real locomotive engine is also a cool attraction. A small minus is that some trains (e.g. the diplomat carriage) are open to visitors a few days a year. To see the interior of all the carriages, you need to visit the museum several times.
  • Wiolczix – 7/10. The Museum Station is a wonderful attraction… for railway enthusiasts. This place is great, but only if you are deeply into ‘train topics’. As for the inside part, I was overwhelmed by the huge number of various exhibits. I was definitely more interested in the open-air museum. Old locomotives and wagons create a unique atmosphere. Especially those that look like a Hogwarts train or have a wooden retro interior. You can feel the spirit of the old railway in them!

Museum Station opinions

Museum Station in Warsaw – FAQ

Where in Poland can I see old locomotives?

Old locomotives can be seen in many places in Poland. One of the most famous is Stacja Muzeum in Warsaw at 3 Towarowa Street. This place combines a classic museum with permanent and temporary exhibitions and an open-air museum rich in large exhibits. In addition to old locomotives, there are old-school wagons of various origins and purposes.

How much does a ticket to the Museum Station cost?

A regular ticket to the Museum Station costs only PLN 18, and a reduced ticket – PLN 9. Children up to 7 years old enter free of charge.

Museum Station – when is entry free?

Free tours at the Museum Station take place every Monday. Free is the fairest price, so we recommend taking advantage of it.

Museum Station – train simulator?

The Museum Station organizes rides with the EU07 locomotive simulator (2 to 6 times a month). The ticket price: PLN 20. The ride time: 15 minutes. Tickets can be purchased online or at the museum’s box office. Be vigilant. The attraction is so popular that tickets sell out quickly.

Museum Station reviews

‘Train Museum’ in Warsaw – map

The Museum Station can be found in Warsaw’s Wola district, near Plac Zawiszy and not far from Rondo Daszy┼äskiego

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