National Stadium in Poland (PGE Narodowy) guided tour

National Stadium in Warsaw
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The World Cup in Qatar is over. This year there were plenty of emotions for the Polish national team and their fans. For the first time in 36 years, our players advanced to the 1/8 finals. What’s more, they only lost to France (world runners-up) and Argentina (world champions).

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National Stadium in Warsaw – tour

The Travel-Mates team has visited the pitch or the stands of the National Stadium many times (sometimes together, sometimes separately). None of us, however, came up with the idea to see this object from the inside. Until now.

National Stadium in Warsaw

The spice of the whole adventure was added by the fact that the roof of the stadium… has a defect. We like risk, so we bought tickets online and went to the famous National Stadium on a winter afternoon.

National Stadium stands

It quickly turned out that Stadium (aka PGE Narodowy) is huge not only in the ‘open’ part, but also in the built-up. At the beginning of the ‘Tour de Stadion’, the guide took us to the VIP-only areas. The Książęce Box is decorated in warm, hazel colors. ‘Książęce’ is a well-known brand of Polish beer. I think it’s easy to guess what kind of alcohol can be consumed here.

Książęca VIP Box National Stadium

Wiolczi especially liked the chandelier with Svarowski crystals, decorating the Krzyształowa Box (English ‘Crystal Box’). This beautiful element of the interior design, consisting of hundreds of shiny balls, maintained in patriotic colors, was designed by Ewa Minge, the famous Polish fashion designer. In combination with red velor sofas, elegant colors and plenty of light makes an amazing impression. Apparently, the Crystal Box is very popular not only during the games. It is also often rented for smaller events, including… stag and hen parties.

Crystal VIP Box National Stadium

Carried by luxury, we went straight to the place where the famous press conferences are held. It is here that our players have the pleasure of receiving congratulations or the unpleasantness of answering uncomfortable questions. In the photo, the best player of the Travel-Mates team waiting for journalists who never showed up…

National Stadium press conference

Wiolczi had an incredible opportunity to bask in the glow of the Polish Cup. Don’t they match perfectly?

National Stadium Polish Cup

A moment later we had the opportunity to see some ‘museum’ exhibits. Among them was a ball signed by the Polish national team.

ball signed by the Polish national team

And also the shoes of “King Arthur” Boruc – a goalkeeper of European clubs adored by fans.

Artur Boruc shoes

Finally, we have reached the place veiled in the greatest mystery. Where the most important conversations take place before, during and after the game. To the heart of the match backstage – the football locker room.

National Stadium football locker room

Nothing surprised us more than a room with two rows of tubs side by side. However, this is not a place for a post-match SPA or mini-jacuzzi. Players are covered with a huge mass of ice here, which allows them to avoid injury. At the very thought of this we got goosebumps!

National Stadium wellness

Generally, even meandering through the corridors during a guided tour of National Stadium can be interesting. On the walls you can see the timelines, which present the most interesting events that took place at the stadium. Concerts of Madonna, Coldplay or Ed Sheeran are commemorated here. It should not be forgotten that PGE Narodowy is not only about football, but also a lot of interesting music and thematic events. Organized on a really large scale.

National Stadium events

We could go on like this forever but we are sure that the guide will do it better and more interesting for you during the trip. We also don’t want to reveal all the details – after all, traveling is about self discovery. 🙂 One thing is certain: the National Stadium will surely surprise you.

PGE Narodowy – guided tours – tickets

Ticket prices for a 90-minute tour of the stadium (the same time as a match, only without a break;)

  • normal ticket – PLN 35;
  • reduced ticket – PLN 26;
  • family ticket – PLN 90;
  • children under 4 enter for free.

Guided tours are available from Monday to Sunday. You can buy tickets online at or at the ticket offices. Check the starting times of the tours and the availability of tickets on the PGE Narodowy website.

National Stadium in Warsaw tickets

National Stadium – how to get?

Access to the National Stadium is really fast, simple and convenient.

  • Car. If you decide to come here by car, you can park comfortably in the underground or outdoor parking lot available to visitors. You can park your car here during National Stadium operating hours, if no mass events are held there.
  • Train. You get on the SKM or Koleje Mazowieckie trains and get off at the Warszawa Stadion stop.
  • Subway. Take the M2 line to the Stadion Narodowy station.
  • Tram or bus. A dozen or so different trams and buses arrive at National Stadium. Get off at the Rondo Waszyngtona stop.

National Stadium in Warsaw stand

National Stadium – tips

  • Do you know how much it costs to bring the turf that covers the pitch at the National Stadium? According to the guide’s data it’s… 150,000 euros. ‘Grass’ is brought a few days before the match. After the final whistle, it is rolled up and disposed of. Don’t worry, PGE Narodowy is not losing out on this. Profits can even amount to over 6 million euros.
  • The press conference attended by the players is also one big advertisement. Manufacturers pay dearly to have their products on the table, near the microphone and in the spotlight. Players must be careful not to accidentally cover the label too much or put the item in the wrong place (out of camera range). One wrong move and you’re fined.
  • An interesting point on the map of the National Stadium is the multi-denominational chapel. It is an entirely black and white room with no religious symbols. It was consecrated by the clergy of four religions (Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Islam and Judaism). Sounds very tolerant, congrats.
  • Where do the naughty fans go? To detention. Seriously. Security can throw players into such a cell for inappropriate stadium behavior. Hence, they are received not by their relatives, but by the appropriate services. We do not recommend this attraction.

National Stadium arrest

National Stadium – reviews

  • Patrix – 8/10. I liked it very much. During the trip, I learned a lot of curiosities from the life of the stadium. Many of them were completely new and unexpected for me. Although I am not interested in football, the trip was very interesting for me. When I asked the guide about something, he was able to answer my questions. Truly recommend!
  • Wiolczix – 9/10. Honestly? I didn’t expect a tour of the stadium to be so interesting. Guide did not overwhelm us with historical events, nor did he try to make us laugh. But he told us a lot of interesting facts about the life of the stadium and ‘behind the scenes’. We told you a few above, but that’s just part of what we learned. It was nice to see the stadium from the inside, not from the stands or the pitch as before. And in winter, when the grass is replaced by… snow. A whole new look. 🙂

Platinum VIP Box National Stadium

National Stadium – map

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