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Planeta Glamping
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First of all, let’s agree on one thing: if you want Christmas to be really successful, be sure to choose a unique gift for this occasion. The Travel-Mates team did just that and started the holiday season this year with a visit to a glamping site. Is it worth spending a night in the forest, inside a tent that looks like an igloo? Were we afraid? Were we cold? Our ‘glamping report’ below.

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Glamping – what is it?

We’re gonna talk about glamping here. Maybe some of you are wondering what it is? Don’t worry, Travel-Mates already explains. Let’s start as in the dictionary: ‘glamping’ is an abbreviation of the phrase ‘glamorous camping’ which means ‘luxurious camping’. (We call it “prestige camping” because it sounds cooler.) This type of accommodation was invented by nature lovers and those opposed to the hustle and bustle of the city, who are too lazy to pitch a tent on their own and too comfortable to sleep on a sleeping pad (#colored). Glamping = high standard, warm even in winter, full equipment and no worries about the weather. The facility we used had a ‘living room’, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchenette and even a large terrace. Sounds good? Well, read on!

what is glamping

Planeta Glamping near Warsaw – photos

The very beginning of the glamping adventure was ultra-exciting for us. When we were leaving Warsaw for Zalesie Górne (only 30 kilometers south), it started snowing, which made the pine forest surrounding Planeta Glamping even more magical than in the summer photos. Navigation led us to the very gate that is part of a high fence separating the camping site from the rest of the forest. Excellent! This means security and privacy – no one from outside can get into the facility.

glamping near Warsaw

After parking, we saw a truly cosmic sight. Between the trees, on wooden platforms, stood huge gray domes with transparent parts. A bit of an igloo, a bit of NASA. The view was amazing. Planeta Glamping is a place from a completely different planet! One of these dome-shaped houses was soon to become our weekend apartment. There are five of them in total (four 4-seaters and one 6-seater). Each tent is named after a different planet in the solar system – here you will find Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter. We got the hottest one, Venus.

Planeta Glamping near Warsaw

When we opened the door to our glam tent, we were totally surprised. Positively, of course. First of all, size. The tent looks much smaller from the outside than it is when you step inside. There is a lot of space here, and the high ceiling adds much spaciousness. At first glance, you can see that the interior decorator really did his best. The whole thing is cozy, elegant and warm – even if the temperature at the beginning was 16 degrees Celsius (don’t worry, after a short time the thermometer showed 23 degrees). How fantastic Wiolczi felt immediately after entering the house proves only one thing – women either really are from Venus, or at least they must spend time in Venus.

Planeta Glamping photos

Planeta Glamping looks magical during the day and simply fabulous at night. When darkness falls, the lamps pendant between the trees turn on. The deafening silence, the surroundings of nature, the presence of wood and warm light allow us to finally relax. We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a completely modern tent lacks one piece of equipment that can be found in almost every home – a TV. This is probably a clear sign that you should turn off your laptops and phones here. We say STOP to the blue light in the spherical tent.

Poland glamping

Instead of electronics, choose analog entertainment. We assume that if you live in a big city or work a lot in front of a screen, you have wanted to do this for a long time. And when was the last time you had time for this? Open some good wine or make some delicious tea. Sit in a deep armchair. And just look ahead. We guarantee that your brain will finally rest. And when you want a bit of privacy – no problem. Thick curtains will effectively cover the entire window and allow you to hide from the world. Sounds like a dream come true?

glamping in Poland

Glamping tent – interior

We have to devote a separate paragraph to the interior and equipment of the spherical tent. Absolutely. As a rule, tent is associated with an unstable structure, uncomfortable bed, lack of hot water and… fear of water getting inside in the event of rain. Glamping is a completely new quality.

Planeta Glamping video

The heart of this place is undoubtedly the seating area or, to put it better, the living room. Two comfortable armchairs, a footstool and a coffee table invite guests to sit next to the ‘foil window’ to the world. Or rather: to an extremely magical and mysterious forest. After all, that’s why you come to glamping – to rest, relax, Netflix and chill.

glamping tent rental

Good, deep sleep is also a guarantee of a successful rest. And for this you need a comfortable bed. Forget about camping with a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad on uneven ground. Glamping offers you a comfortable XXL bed with a springy mattress and fresh bedding. And with a view of the forest.

unique gift for Christmas

Are you wondering where the stairs next to the bed lead? Any ideas? Here – unfortunately – there will be no surprise. Wooden steps will lead you straight to the second bed. Although the upper bedroom looks very small in the photo, in reality it can easily accommodate two adults. There is also space for a book or a glass next to the mattress.

Planeta Glamping price list

Lying comfortably on the first floor, you will certainly begin to contemplate the surface and texture of the ceiling. It interested us so much that we took a few photos. The tent’s vault is a large fabric dome, the elements of which are connected by metal joints. This type of ceiling really adds a cosmic character to the interior.

glamorous camping

Now that you’ve visited and seen the entire seating area, it’s time for the utility parts. Hands up everyone who slept at the campsite and missed a ‘civilized’ toilet, running water, a warm shower and a mirror. This is the glamping bathroom. Available in every tent, only for you. Tiny, but pretty. In addition to the ‘luxuries’ visible in the photo, there is also a boiler and a radiator. All this will allow you to take care of your body hygiene during your forest rest.

Planeta Glamping Warsaw

Are you hungry, but you don’t feel like going to a restaurant and interrupting your rest? You don’t have to use the field kitchen or make a fire. The glamping tent has room for a kitchenette equipped with a fridge, electric stove, kettle, washbasin and drainer. You don’t have to take your dishes or cutlery here – everything can be found inside the elegant cupboards. You must admit that the interior of a glamping tent, compared to a traditional tent, is totally luxurious

glamping in the forest

Relaxing glamping – how to buy it?

Before the Christmas race begins, it is good to calm down and relax. Surprise gifts are great, but this year we decided that apart from them, we would give ourselves some time. Preferably by experiencing an adventure that neither of us has ever experienced before. After initial market research, the choice fell on Wyjatkowy Prezent. It’s no accident – we have used their attractions more than once or twice and were really pleased

gift for a girl for Christmas

Recently, we’ve been trying to spend a little less time online, so we went shopping to Złote Tarasy. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go to Warsaw to buy a voucher. Wyjatkowy Prezent’s showrooms are located in every larger shoping mall in a every big city in Poland. And if you prefer to surprise someone without leaving home, you can also make a purchase online and print the coupon yourself. After all, making your or someone’s dreams come true is easy.

gift for a boy for Christmas

In the beginning was… chaos. Although the Wyjatkowy Prezent shop is rather inconspicuous in size, you will find here plenty of ideas for spending your free time creatively. Wine tasting at a vineyard? Balinese massage? A weekend in the mountains? After familiarizing ourselves with the offer, we had a fundamental problem: how to choose just one from so many attractions? We were helped in our selection by: the ‘gift information machine’; division of exhibition vouchers into categories; polite Mr. Seller. The choice fell on relaxing glamping just outside Warsaw. We have never experienced such an adventure before (although Wiolczi had been dreaming of it for a long time).

gift for two

Planeta Glamping (Zalesie Górne) – prices

A voucher for a wonderful trip to Planeta Glamping which you can easily buy via Wyjatkowy Prezent costs:

  • 1 night in a tent for 4 people – PLN 549.99.
  • 1 night in a tent for 4 people + 1 hour in the Forest SPA – PLN 799.99.
  • 1 night in a tent for 6 people – PLN 799.99.
  • 2 nights in a tent for 4 people – PLN 1,099.99.
  • 2 nights in a tent for 4 people + 1 hour in the Forest SPA – PLN 1,599.99.
  • 2 nights in a tent for 6 people – PLN 1,599.99.

Planeta Glamping

Planeta Glamping near Warsaw – how to get?

Planeta Glamping is located at 1 Wczasowa Street in Zalesie Górne – 27 kilometers south of Warsaw.

  • Car. Although we usually recommend more ecological means of transport, it is definitely easiest to get to Planeta Glamping by car. The journey from Warsaw takes about 30-40 minutes. The facility has a parking lot for guests, located in a fenced area.
  • Train. The fastest way to get to Zalesie Górne from Warsaw is by Koleje Mazowieckie (+/- 40 minutes).
  • Bus. About 1.5 kilometers from Planet Glamping, we saw a bus stop called Wiekowej Sosny. Buses going to and from Piaseczno stop there.

glamping Warsaw

Planeta Glamping (Zalesie Górne) – tips

  • A tip for people who are guests of Planeta Glamping on both very warm and very cold days: the temperature in the tent at the top is much higher than at the bottom. So choose wisely which bed you sleep on. In winter – definitely at the top, and in summer – at the bottom.
  • If you want to reach a higher level of relaxation, use the Forest SPA (Polish: ‘Leśna SPA’). Guests have at their disposal a sauna and a jacuzzi, which can be rented exclusively.
  • Planeta Glamping is a really beautiful facility with wonderful ‘huts’. But don’t limit yourself to it and be sure to visit the picturesque area in which it is located. Lovers of walking, cycling, mushroom picking, fishing and water sports will certainly find something for themselves here. Just a few steps from Planeta Glamping you will find the Film District (Dzielnica Filmowy), Rope Park (Park Linowy), Wakepark and Water Park (Park Wodny). Something for the big ones and something for the little ones.
  • Are you in Zalesie Górne and looking for a nice restaurant nearby? Go to Mariano Italiano in Piaseczno. We got there completely by accident. An Italian would probably not leave a Michelin star here, but we left this place full and satisfied. It wasn’t a ‘real feast for the palate’, but we can truly recommend the pizza in this place.

the best glamping

Relaxing glamping with Wyjątkowy Prezent – reviews

  • Patrix – 10/10. It was an amazing adventure! When I entered the tent, at first I couldn’t find my way at all. My phone had no reception, I couldn’t use the Internet and… I didn’t know what to do with myself. After a few minutes, however, I started enjoying my offline life. I spent a nice time with Wiolczix, which we devoted to each other. This focus on the other person that you can experience in this place is something completely new and… totally crazy. We were glamping for just one day, but I recommend going there for longer. When you put away the screens, your brain will regenerate and your body will rest. Glamping is the perfect time for ‘renewal’. Make a face mask, play a board game, read books, talk to each other. It’ll be great!
  • Wiolczix – 10/10. Planeta Glamping gets the maximum rating from me, without a shadow of a doubt. I have always dreamed of sleeping in the middle of the forest and have never decided to do so – mainly because of the lack of hot water in the tent. And then glamping came to the rescue, combining hotel comfort with camping wilderness. The spherical shape of the tent makes the interior absolutely fabulous. I’m glad we went there in winter, because looking through the ‘foil window’ at the falling snowflakes was absolutely magical (the only thing missing for us to be in the Christmas mood was a Christmas tree). That was something wonderful.

glamping reviews

Planeta Glamping – FAQ

Where is Planeta Glamping located?

Planeta Glamping is located in Zalesie Górne. It is only 27 kilometers south of the center of Warsaw. By car you can get here in just over half an hour.

How to book accommodation at Planeta Glamping?

We booked our accommodation at Planeta Glamping through Wyjatkowy Prezent. It was quick, easy and convenient. After purchasing the coupon, just go to the Rezerwacja |, click the “Mam już voucher” box at the top of the page and enter the reservation code & e-mail address. We received a reply confirming the reservation on the same day. A week later we were glamping!

What are the additional fees at Planeta Glamping?

At Planeta Glamping you will pay extra for:

  • place for a pet – PLN 75 per day.
  • Forest Spa exclusive:
    • for Planeta Glamping guests – PLN 250 for 1.5 hours of sauna and jacuzzi; PLN 150 for 1 hour of sauna or jacuzzi.
    • for other guests: PLN 270 for 2 hours in the sauna and jacuzzi; PLN 150 for 1 hour of sauna and jacuzzi.
  • bike rental – PLN 50 for 4 hours or PLN 75 for the whole day.

What can I do around Planeta Glamping?

Planeta Glamping is located in the middle of a beautiful pine forest in Zalesie Górne. On the premises you can relax, use the SPA, lie on a hammock, swing on a swing or light a barbecue. The picturesque surroundings are an ideal place for long walks or bicycle trips. We also recommend relaxing or fishing at two large ponds. You are just a stone’s throw away from the Film District (Dzielnica Filmowa), Rope Park (Park Linowy), Wakepark and Water Park (Park Wodny).

Is glamping available all year round?

You can use Planeta Glamping regardless of the season. Spherical tents are available all year round. From spring to autumn, you certainly won’t freeze here. We tested them ourselves in December, with several degrees of frost and snowfall. It was cold, but that made it atmospheric – a thick blanket, hot tea and mulled wine effectively warmed the atmosphere.

glamping in Poland

Planeta Glamping near Warsaw – map

The space campsite – better known as Planeta Glamping – can be found at 1 Wczasowa Street in Zalesie Górne.

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