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Sabat theatre
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Can you imagine the combination of the Rio Carnival, Swan Lake and the Eurovision Song Contest? You can see such a combination during the revue at the Sabat Theatre. Its creator is the famous Polish dancer, choreographer and director, Mrs. Małgorzata Potocka. Popular hits, dynamic choreographies and positive energy – if you are looking for it, check out Foksal 16 in Warsaw.

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Teat Sabat – Viva Sabat performance

Especially for you, we have prepared a short report from our (Christmas) outing to this one-of-a-kind theater. We chose the revue ‘Viva Sabat’. At the entrance, we were greeted by a nice gentleman from the service, he pointed to the cloakroom and escorted us to the bar. We were in this theater for the first time and Wiolczi was a bit speechless at the sight of the interior. Probably she would arrange her own apartment like this. (Unfortunately, he doesn’t have his own apartment.) Red and gold go together perfectly, creating a very elegant impression. It seems as if on the Sabat Theatre Christmas lasts all year!

Sabat Theatre menu

A moment later we were treated to a welcome glass of champagne. There was still dinner in the theater hall, which we did not take part in due to the lack of vegetarian options. What a pity! But back to the drink – it tasted great. The bubbles put us in a great mood, as you can see in the photo below.

Sabat Theatre reviews

For those who are not on a vegetarian diet, we sincerely recommend buying a ticket with dinner. You will eat it in such a ‘restaurant’. It looks inviting, doesn’t it?

Sabat Theatre dinner

After dinner, the big show begins! And right away at top speed. Everything shines on stage. Dancers dance as if there was no tomorrow. Their outfits shine, and a smile appears on their faces from the beginning (which doesn’t disappear for almost the entire performance). Vocalists sing covers of famous hits in a completely new edition. What about the audience? Her level of endorphins increases significantly.

Sabat Theatre cast

In addition to lively performances, there were also a few calm and lyrical songs. We took the photo below when George Michael’s sentimental hit ‘Careless Whisper’ was playing in the speakers. The absolute number 1 for Wiolczi was the cover of Elvis Presley’s most beautiful song ‘Always on My Mind’. Listening to the vocalist of Sabat, we had the impression that Elvis is (really) alive and had just arrived in Warsaw.

Sabat Theatre dance

Do you know where we wanted to go on our next trip? To Rio de Janeiro, see the big samba parade. Unfortunately, we already know that in 2023 we will not do this. But we could see a substitute for the parade in Sabat. We had the opportunity to see dancers with headdresses (both placed on their heads and pinned where the backs end) who performed choreographies with elements of Brazilian samba (or so we thought). Either way, it was hard to take your eyes off them (especially the male part of the audience).

Sabat Theatre dancers

Several vocal performances were graced with acrobatic shows by the lady from the photo below. She performed with a hoop and sashes hanging from the ceiling. That was amazing! She looked fantastic and introduced a bit of magic to the spectacle… We will tell you in secret that apart from delight, she also aroused a slight anxiety in us. We were wondering whether she would accidentally fall… Fortunately, everything went safely.

Sabat Theatre artists

The cast of ‘Viva Sabat’ really surprised us with their skills and, above all, versatility. We agreed that it must be an incredibly difficult task to completely change the style and costume so many times in one performance. What’s more, Wiolczi even got a little emotional during the performances (this is a rare situation!).

Sabat Theatre repertoire

Admiration for the interior, choreography, organization or direction is one thing. However, we must also mention that the show is full of nudity and you can constantly see the pictures that we have captured in the pictures below. If we were you, we wouldn’t take children or ‘prudish’ relatives on it. Going to the revue, you must be prepared that for a long time you will watch the naked buttocks, groins or chests of dancers from a short distance. This can evoke both delight and disgust.

Sabat Theatre performance

Sabat Theatre worth it

Sabat Theater – how to dress?

How to dress for the Sabat Theatre? Elegant. It doesn’t have to be a tuxedo or a dress with a train, but it’s worth looking ‘festive’. We recommend shirts for men and evening dresses for ladies. We looked like below and did not stand out from the rest of the guests (so we assume it’s ok).

how to dress to the Sabat Theatre

Sabat Theatre in Warsaw – tickets

Ticket prices vary and depend on:

  • the variant of the event: you can choose the ‘dinner + show’ option or only the ‘show’ option (PLN 150-390);
  • sector in which you will sit: you will pay a bit more for a seat in sector A-D than in sector F-G, i.e. on the balcony. We sat right next to the stage and we sincerely recommend this table.
  • whether you choose alcohol when booking your ticket: you can order a bottle of wine (PLN 129), prosecco (PLN 169) or champagne (PLN 399) to your table.

Sabat Theatre tickets

Sabat Theatre in Warsaw – how to get?

The Sabat Theater is located at the lively Foksal 16 Street, right next to Nowy Świat street.

  • It will be easiest for you to get here by car, but we recommend much more ecological public transport.
  • Bus or tram. Get off at the bus stop: Ordynacka, Nowy Świat, Krucza, Chmielna or the Muzeum Narodowe.
  • Subway. The nearest station is M2 Nowy Świat-Uniwersytet.
  • Train. Get off at the Warszawa Śródmieście station.


Małgorzata Potocka’s Sabat Theater – tips

  • The Sabat Theater is the only music hall with dance revue in Poland. This means that you will not find this type of entertainment anywhere else in our country.revue dance Warsaw
  • It was a huge surprise for us that the creator of the theater, Mrs. Małgorzata Potocka, appeared on the stage. At first glance, you can see that she is a person with a sense of humor and distance to herself, but also an incredible class. As soon as the opportunity arose and we saw her in the audience after the performance, we had to ask for a commemorative photo (we got a bit blurry on it due to stress). Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky too? Małgorzata Potocka Polish choreographer dancer and director
  • If you have the opportunity, be sure to stay at the dancing after the show. You will be able to stomp on the stage where the artists of the Sabat Theater perform. #halloffame There is also a chance to see what is behind the shiny curtain.Sabat Theater dance after the show

Sabat Theatre – reviews

  • Patrix – 8/10. If you’ve never been to a dance revue, this is a must see place. You sit at a table, drink wine, listen to beautiful expressive voices… and ladies dressed in thongs and fishnets dance in the background. Everything is great, but with the last one I have a bit of a problem. The dancing ladies are highly sexualized. If only they had shorts covering the buttocks it would be great, but because of this oversexualization the whole thing is a bit trashy. Nevertheless, I remember evening spent at the Sabat Theatre very fondly. A lot of energy, songs that reminded me of my childhood, a show that aroused a lot of emotions. Trully recommend.
  • Wiolczix – 7/10. The place and its atmosphere are absolutely elegant and unique. Audience staff very polite and helpful. I got the invitation as a gift, it was one of the most hit gifts ever. Małgorzata Potocka is simply an icon of style and an inimitable ‘house brand’. There are very talented artists on stage. You can see that preparing for the performance requires a lot of work & dedication from them. (I appreciate it, although not everything is perfectly matched and even an amateur eye like mine will spot the lack of synchronization of the dancers.) However, I have a huge problem with the whole picture. A bit like visiting a zoo or a circus. On the one hand, everything I watch is cute. On the other hand, it is disgusting. Fishnets, constantly bare buttocks, swinging legs in extremely skimpy underwear… I know what this type of revue is about and what simple instincts it is supposed to be based on, but the whole thing could be done with much more class and in better taste. Now it strikes at my feminist soul. : ) 10 points for overall, but this last aspect lowers the score to 7.

Sabat Theatre, 16 Foksal street, Warsaw – map

The Sabat Theater is located at 16 Foksal Street.

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