Save The Planet – eko-exhibition in Warsaw

Save The Planet Warsaw multisensory exhibition
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Is there anyone interested in saving the planet and ecology? If so, you must see the multisensory exhibition Save The Planet – Ocalmy Planetę at the Art Box Experience in Norblin Factory, Warsaw. Hurry up, you have time until 15.01.2023.

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Multisensory exhibition – what is it?

If you have not been to the multisensory exhibition yet, you have to see that. It is distinguished by the fact that it engages more than one sense. Therefore, the authors of such exhibitions do not hang a picture on the wall or place a still exhibit in a display case. Instead, they focus on combining tradition with modernity. An art with technology.

Animations and texts appear on huge screens that surround the visitor from all sides. You have to be focused and careful because the pictures change quite quickly. In the background you can hear pleasant music or the voice of the lector. Such an exhibition is a completely different experience than visiting a “standard” museum or gallery.
Save The Planet Ocalmy Planetę

Save The Planet – multisensory exhibition

The exhibition Save The Planet consists of four acts – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Does it sound like Vivaldi’s composition? If you like the Four Seasons, you will have the opportunity to listen to this concerto during the exhibition in a completely new musical arrangement.

Each of the seasons is a different period in the history of the Earth. Spring is the time of its natural emergence. In summer nature is in full bloom. Autumn and winter are much less attractive, it is then that destructive human activity appears and develops.

The contrast between photos from “warm” and “cold” seasons is surprising. Thanks to this, Save The Planet is not only fantastic pictures in good quality combined with music that is pleasing to the ear, but also a warning against the senseless destruction of the Earth and the constant warming of the climate. Save The Planet wystawa multisensoryczna

Art Box Experience in the Norblin Factory – how to get?

The Norblin Factory with the Art Box Experience is located in the Wola district of Warsaw at Żelazna 51/53 street. You can easily get here by any means of transport. We encourage you to take the most ecological steps like public transport, bicycle or walk on foot.

Save The Planet Art Box Experience

Save The Planet – prices

Ticket prices depend on the day (Monday-Friday/weekend):

  • normal – 45/55 PLN;
  • discount – 35/45 PLN;
  • senior/disabled – 30/40 PLN;
  • family ticket – 105/120 PLN.

Save The Planet Fabryka Norblina

Save The Planet multisensory exhibition – tips

  • It is best and most comfortable to admire the mutlisensory exhibition while lying comfortably on the pouffes (as shown in the attached pictures).
  • From Monday to Friday, you will not only pay a little less for the ticket, but also avoid the crowds. There are a lot of people at the Norblin Factory on weekends!

Save The Planet Warszawa

Save The Planet – Ocalmy Planetę – worth it?

  • Patrix – 8/10. Very nice pictures and a lot of interesting facts. There is no lector, so you have to turn your head hard to read all the curiosities. (They are displayed on the screens around us – it is impossible to see everything at the same time.) I am an eco-freak, so I probably have a slightly overestimated score. What’s more it was my gift from Wiolczix for the Boy’s Day – that’s why I really like it.
  • Wiolczix – 7/10. This is my third multisensory exhibition, which is probably why I missed something here. Maybe a lector who would read curiosities appearing on the screens or tell a short story in each room? Either way, the creators deserve a high mark for their mission. I recommend multisensory exhibitions to everyone – they affect several senses at the same time and are certainly not boring

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