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Would you like to take someone out to dinner, but you’re afraid you’re not funny enough to make a good impression? Or maybe you would like to invite your partner to a stand-up comedy show, but you are afraid that he or she will get hungry during it and run away? We understand you perfectly. After all, a sense of humor is one of the most desirable traits (both in real life and on Tinder). What’s more, ‘hungry man is an angry man’. To avoid all those disappointment, choose Shitty Dinner.

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Shitty Dinner – what is it?

Shitty Dinner is a combination of ‘happy meal’ and an improvised stand-up show that you will become a part of. Here the actors will certainly involve you in their performance. They’ll definitely discuss and joke with you. But don’t worry, the limit of good taste will not be exceeded. All will be quite cultured and censored (without swearing and insults). No one will break plates or throw drinks on you.

Shitty Diner courses

Will we deliberately not report the full course of the event this time? Of course. We simply cannot spoil the sequence of surprises, gags and jokes prepared by the comedy dinner crew. We want you to experience it for yourself, from beginning to end. As an exception, however, we can tell you a little about the plot… The restaurant that organizes the Shitty Dinner is on the verge of bankruptcy (not for everyday use, but for a comedy dinner – yes). A funny chef and a team of inept waiters (Maciej with a lisp & Dżes with an infantile smile) do everything in their (im)power to save this sinking gastronomic business. And you can see that they put their whole heart into it. What is particularly striking right at the entrance are the wonderfully decorated tables: dirty tablecloths, bouquets of artificial flowers, rolls of toilet paper instead of napkins and forks that look like the “F**k you” gesture. Another thing worth noting is the complete lack of professionalism and good manners among the staff, as well as excessive simplicity. All this combined creates an absolutely unique and… tragic atmosphere. Add in the nasty looking dishes and the disastrous playlist and you get the complete picture of Shitty Dinner. We will tell you a secret that during the event you will be able to show off your artistic skills. Singing, dancing and revelry are allowed (or even desirable). Doesn’t it all sound… perfect?

Comedy dinner for two – menu

From the series “Shitty Chef recommends”… Shitty Dinner consists of 3 courses. You can choose from three options: meat, fish and vegetarian. Travel-Mates are believers in vegetarian cuisine. So we can review the last option for you, but we can’t say anything about the first and second. Sorry.

Shitty Dinner menu

For a shitty start we ate cabbage soup made of old young cabbage. At first glance, it looked as if the cook had mixed water with tomato paste & butter, and then added chopped vegetables that had been lying around in the kitchen for some time. The whole surprise was that the dish tasted completely different from what it looked like. That’s good.

Shitty Dinner dishes

It must be admitted that the main course was a bit disappointing. We hoped that the waiters would serve us real garbage on a plate. To our surprise, linguine with spinach, broad beans and peas in olive oil and herbs looked really decent. Because of this, we were afraid until the very end that there would be some unpleasant surprise hidden at the bottom. Nothing could be further from the truth. The dish remained great until the end – both for our eyes and our bellies.

Shitty Dinner vege

Fortunately, the shitty dessert did not disappoint us. Strawberry semifreddo with streusel and cherry jelly was very similar to pâté. It looked really unappetizing. Especially for vegetarians. Even in the most old-school milk bar, desserts are more tempting to eat. The aesthetics of the dish was effectively diminished by the careless decoration, i.e. a few fruit thrown casually. However, the chef’s tradition was preserved this time: the dish looked decidedly weak, but tasted really strong.

comedy dinner menu

Shitty Dinner – how long does it last?

If you’re going to Shitty Dinner, allow about two hours for the entire event.

comedy dinner unique gift

Shitty Dinner – prices

The price of the comedy dinner voucher depends on the variant you choose.

  • Shitty Dinner – Comedy dinner (1 person) – PLN 174.99.
  • Shitty Dinner – Comedy dinner for two – PLN 349.99.
  • Shitty Dinner – Comedy dinner for friends (3 people) – PLN 524.99.
  • Shitty Dinner – Comedy dinner for friends (4 people) – PLN 699.99.

Shitty Dinner Wyjątkowy Prezent

Comedy dinner for two – where are they?

Shitty Dinner has been organized so far in two cities in Poland. These are:

  • Warsaw (Mokolove restaurant).
  • Łódź (Ukryte Rzeki restaurant).

comedy dinner

Shitty Dinner in Warsaw – Mokolove restaurant – how to get?

The Mokolove restaurant, where they serve the worst and funniest dinner in the world, can be found at 14 Różana Street in Warsaw’s Mokotów district (right next to Morskie Oko Park).

  • Be eco! We encourage ecological walking and cycling trips. Mokotów has great paths for two-wheeler enthusiasts.
  • Bus. There are bus stops near Mokolove: Dworkowa and Morskie Oko.
  • Tram. The closest stops will be: Dworkowa and Morskie Oko (the names are exactly the same as the bus stops, so they are easy to remember).
  • Subway. Mokolove restaurant is only 900 meters walk from the Racławicka station (M1, blue line).
  • Car. Parking lots in crowded Warsaw can be difficult, especially during rush hours. However, during dinner time you should easily find paid parking spaces near Mokolove.

gift dinner for two

Shitty Dinner – tips

  • If you’re not 100% sure yet whether you want to take part in the event, follow the creators of Shitty Dinner on Instagram. They operate there under the codename @shittydinner_polska. We guarantee that they will encourage you to participate in the comedy dinner.
  • Unleash your creativity and energy. Have fun with the cast of actors, tease them with your eyes and (not necessarily) with a kind word. We don’t want to spoil too much, but Patryk got in touch with the waiter, thanks to which he was hailed as Justin Timberlake. He also had the opportunity to taste water straight from the carafe.

Shitty Dinner reviews

Shitty Dinner – reviews

  • Patrix – 8/10. Shitty Dinner is a very fun two hours spent. I had a great time! The food is interspersed with a series of gags in which I could take part myself. Remember, however, that people participating in Shitty Dinner should have a good sense of humour. ‘Tightwads’ may not feel well. Comedians will not insult anyone but they laugh at us, quite a lot. What was strange, however, was the combination of funny waiters-actors with real waiters bringing food to the table. Stand-up comedians improvise while real waiters (who are not funny people) serve meals. This creates less immersion. Still, Shitty Dinner is a great adventure!
  • Wiolczix – 8/10. First of all, I would like to honestly say that Shitty Dinner is not entertainment for everyone. If you want it to be a hit gift, give it to someone you know well and you are sure that they will be amused by the presenter’s crude (and sometimes even embarrassing) joke. We called Shitty Dinner a meal combined with stand-up comedy, but remember that this stand-up comedy is highly improvised. So don’t expect a professional performance. However, the acting crew is creative, interesting and putting the guests in a really good mood. We couldn’t stop smiling for two hours (but we laugh a lot at basically everything). Importantly, every participant of the dinner – whether they wanted it or not – had to be actively involved in its course. This is a huge plus for the organizers. As for the cuisine itself, it is really good, although not exquisite. My assessment is largely influenced by the appearance of the dishes, because I am one of those people who definitely ‘eat with their eyes’. However, keep in mind that the dishes here are an addition to a huge portion of laughter and good fun. And these will undoubtedly be provided to you.

Shitty Dinner opinions

Shitty Dinner – FAQ

What is Shitty Dinner?

Shitty Dinner is a combination of fun improvisation and a tasty meal with active participation of ‘members of the meeting’. A comedy dinner is a great idea for an original and surprising gift.

How can I participate in the Shitty Dinner?

To take part in the Shitty Dinner, you must purchase a voucher on the Wyjątkowy Prezent website. After purchasing, just go to this website again and click on the “mam już voucher” tab. Then you need to provide the reservation number found on the coupon and your e-mail address. In response, the organizer will propose specific dates for the comedy dinner for which you can sign up.

How often is the Shitty Dinner held?

The dates and frequency of comedy dinners are determined by the organizer, i.e. the Wyjątkowy Prezent company. You can obtain information about the next editions of the event by e-mail or telephone. There are usually 1-3 dates available per month (specific dates you can choose from).

In which cities does Shitty Dinner take place?

The Shitty Dinner takes place in two cities in Poland – Warsaw and Łódź.

Does Shitty Dinner have vegetarian options?

Shitty Dinner participants can choose from three types of menu: meat, fish and vegetarian.

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Shitty Dinner – map

You can eat Shitty Dinner in Warsaw at the Mokolove restaurant at 14 Różana Street.

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