Tutankhamun His Tomb His Treasures (exhibition in Warsaw)

Tutankhamun His Tomb His Treasures Warsaw exhibition
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We invite you to a meeting with ancient Egypt, its treasures and the most famous ruler (or rather his mask and tomb). Don’t worry, you don’t have to be afraid of the famous pharaoh’s curse that has affected so many tourists. We are taking you not to the Nile Valley, but to the safe country in Europe. Specifically, to the Nowa Praga Museum in Warsaw, where you have the opportunity to see the exhibition Tutankhamun His Tomb His Treasures (Polish: Tutanchamon – Grobowiec i Skarby).

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Tutankhamun His Tomb His Treasures exhibition

To begin with, we’ll give you a valuable tip: when you cross the threshold of the exhibition, don’t be put off by the huge amount of text and historical facts that await you in the first room. If you are interested in the history of Egypt – stop here and read everything from cover to cover. If not – you can immediately go to the next room where a small cinema projection awaits you. It really intrigued us.

Tutankhamun His Tomb His Treasures Warsaw

The next point of our visit was admiring the rich content of the discovered tomb of Tutankhamun. As you probably know, in ancient times there was a strong belief in the afterlife. Therefore, the family of the deceased tried to equip him as best as possible for this eternal journey. Generally speaking, Tutankhamun was equipped with things absolutely necessary and very practical. But also those from the category “is there anyone who needs it, especially the dead?!”. Examples in the photo above.

Tutankhamun Warsaw ehxibition Nowa Praga

After exploring both necessary and redundant contents of the pharaoh’s tomb, we also found something for true art connoisseurs. Unfinished Egyptian wall paintings. They’re looking like from a history student’s book (has anyone ever opened it and read?).

Tutankhamun exhibition

Finally we got to the place where Tutankhamun’s coffin rests. Or rather, a few coffins acting like… matryoshkas. The smallest of them was inserted into the larger, and the latter into the largest. Why so? You will find out at the exhibition. 🙂

Tutankhamun mask

Finally, the climax! Photo with the famous mask of Tutankhamun. Just to be clear: it’s obviously a replica (as are all the other exhibits). The original is in Cairo and is said to be worth… $6 billion.

Tutankhamun's exhibition

After hearing this astronomical amount, we would like to deep breath and sit down. For example, on one of the exhibits: Tutankhamun’s exclusive throne with a richly decorated footrest. And be fanned with a feather from behind the backrest.

Tutankhamun His Tomb His Treasures exhibition

In the end, we will show you something for real classy women. These are stylish containers and dishes for cosmetics. Dear Ladies, you wouldn’t buy something like this in any chain store!

Tutankhamun Tomb exhibition

In the exhibition ‘Tutankhamun His Tomb His Treasures’ the most captivating and eye-catching is design. The whole thing is dripping with gold. All the exhibits here are huge and impressive. Just look at how small Wiolczi seems against the background of a big tomb.

Exhibition Tutankhamun His Tomb His Treasures in Warsaw – when can I see it?

The exhibition can be viewed until 30/04/2023. So run for the tickets asap to avoid queuing in April.

exhibition Tutankhamun Warsaw

How long does it take to see the whole Tutankhamun exhibition?

If you intend to: walk briskly through the exhibition or barely glance at some of the exhibits only to check off another visit to a cool place or brag to your friends on Instagram that you were here – half an hour is enough for you.

If you want to do it properly, take a closer look at everything, read the descriptions, listen to the audio guide, get to know the curiosities and take some photos – book yourself about 2 hours.

Tutankhamun exhibition visiting time

Tutankhamun – tickets and opening hours of the exhibition in Warsaw

Ticket prices depend on what day you go to the exhibition (working day/weekend). You can buy them online or on the spot at the box office.

  • Normal ticket – PLN 60/70.
  • Ticket for people aged 65+ or 15-26 – PLN 50/60.
  • Ticket for children aged 6-14 – PLN 40/50.
  • Children up to 6 years of age enter free of charge.
  • Family 2+2 – PLN 160/180.
  • Family 2+3 – PLN 190/210.
  • Ticket for a group of more than 10 people – PLN 55/65 per person.
  • School group of more than 10 students – PLN 35/40 per person.
  • Disabled with an attendant – PLN 50/60.

Each of the above-mentioned tickets can be purchased in the VIP version – they do not have a date and time printed on them, they are valid until the date specified on the ticket. So you can choose when you want to visit the exhibition. You will pay a few PLN more for them than for the regular ones.

The exhibition is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00 (last admission at 18:00).

The ticket price includes an audioguide in Polish, English, German or French.

What we can add from our side is that the exhibition is really worth its price!

Tutankhamun exhibition Warsaw tickets

Tutankhamun His Tomb His Treasures in Warsaw – how to get?

The Nowa Praga Museum is located at 82 Jagiellońska Street in Warsaw (a stone’s throw from HULAKULA, Studio Sante or Kozminski University). You will get here:

  • By car. Visitors to the exhibition can use the free car park in front of the entrance to the museum.
  • Public transport. The nearest stop is Batalonu Platerówka.
  • By train. Get off at Warszawa Praga station.

Tutankhamun exhibition in Warsaw

Tutankhamun exhibition – tips

  • The tomb of Tutankhamun, along with all his ‘treasures’, was discovered by the British archaeologist Howard Carter. He did so in 1992, after five years of fruitless excavations in the Nile Valley. (So ​​it’s worth believing in yourself and never giving up, as coaches say.)
  • The area occupied by the exhibition at the Nowa Praga Museum is as much as 3000m2. Quite a lot for one exhibition!
  • The exhibition has already been seen by over six and a half million people across Europe. (Watch it too!)

Tutankhamun interesting facts

Tutankhamun His Tomb His Treasures – reviews

  • Patrix – 9/10. You must see this! Go straight to the cinema hall and watch the movie. Then put on your audio guide headphones and go to the next room. A truly epic adventure awaits you! You will feel like archaeologists discovering the most important treasure in your life. I was delighted! The audio guide is coupled with the light on the exhibits and together they make a great impression. I haven’t seen anything like this before! In addition, I had the opportunity to see really unusual exhibits. The sarcophagi of the pharaohs were so huge. I also learned a lot of curiosities and stories from everyday life in Ancient Egypt. Truly recommend!
  • Wiolczix – 8/10. Patryk was interested in ancient Egypt as a child, I like history in general, and together we would like to go to the Nile valley to see the pyramids. ‘Tutankhamun His Tomb His Treasures’ is, to put it very poetically, an exotic journey through our interests. This definitely affects our ratings. But the exhibition has been projected in such a way that it will interest basically everyone. Even if you are not completely absorbed by historical facts and curiosities. In my opinion it is worth seeing at least the modern exhibition itself. Inside the dark spaces of the rooms contrast with the ubiquitous gold. You will also find interactive attractions here. A nice (and increasingly popular) solution is an audio guide. I had a bit of a problem figuring out how it works (it’s worth asking the staff for help when you don’t know something, so as not to waste time). But once I managed to master the equipment, it turned out that thanks to it I can learn a lot of surprising information. And spend as much time as I want in a given place, without chasing after a guide. Cool! The only thing I don’t recommend is VR after the exhibition – you can get a decent headache.

Exhibition Tutankhamun Warsaw reviews

Tutankhamun exhibition in Warsaw – map

The exhibition is located at Muzeum Nowa Praga, Jagiellońska 82A, Warsaw.

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