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Waterland circus
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The circus has come to Poland! And it’s a completely unusual circus, because… on water. Have you heard about it? We saw a water show in Warsaw, but the group of acrobats will visit many more cities in Poland in the near future. Which? You will find out below.

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Waterland circus – attractions

In Warsaw it was hard not to hear about Waterland. Many points in the city center are covered with blue posters, and mobile advertising is constantly on the streets. The car with a trailer even has a loudspeaker installed, thanks to which you can hear about the circus literally without leaving your home. The massive marketing campaign turned out to be effective, because we immediately watched the Waterland trailer. It looked so impressive that we went there on our first weekend off.

what is a circus on the water

The thing about the circus is that the closer you get to it, the more intensely you feel the smell of childhood! You remember the taste of salty popcorn and sweet cotton candy. You expect the seats to be uncomfortable and the temperature to be too high or too low. But it doesn’t bother you… With a flushed face, you wait for the magic to start happening.

waterland tickets price

Before we tell you what attractions we saw at the Waterland arena, we will first share with you the absolute first impression from the ‘expectations vs. reality’ series. Well, in the trailer we watched, the circus was presented on an incredible scale. On the computer screen, it seemed to us that the spectacle would take place over a vast swimming pool against the background of big fountains, water would flow from huge nozzles under high pressure, and the accompanying lights’n’sounds would almost blind or deafen us. In reality, both the place and the show itself are much more ‘modest’. The trailer is not distorted and you will actually see in the circus what is in the video, but the camera and editing were so clever that when you stand in the doorway, you may be very surprised.

how long does the circus on water last

The truth is, however, that when the lights go out and the show starts, you will forget about your expectations and focus on reality. And if you give up your excessive expectations, you will be delighted with it all. Waterland acrobats are true professionals. They dance wonderfully, jump elastically, fly gracefully and swim ‘agilely’. The choreographies are really refined and not easy. Of course, it is clear at first glance who is the most talented leader of the group and who has less physical capabilities. Nevertheless, the entire team performs at a high level and is not afraid of any element. They are great on land, in water, in the air, and also… with fire in their hands. Circus performers have a lot of costumes, some of which are really beautiful (fitting, glittery and shiny), and others a bit… cosmic (like the ones in the photo above). You certainly won’t complain about the lack of diversity.

circus on the water cities

And now it’s time for the clown – a favorite children’s character. Although he did not look like a typical representative of his species (he was missing a round nose and a colorful wig), he effectively entertained and activated the audience. His skits were really funny (especially the one with the spoons). Mr. Clown also organized exercise classes for the audience, which caused wide smiles and loud applause – especially among the youngest part of the audience.

circus on the water where

The water circus is not only about gymnastic acrobatics and clown shows, but also a pinch of magic. Waterland artists performed several tricks in the arena that David Copperfield himself would be proud of. To this day, we have not managed to solve the mystery of disappearance of one girl who was locked in a metal box. Even if we had already seen some of the illusions on TV, they really amazed us in real life.

Waterland Warsaw

Waterland circus – tickets price

You can buy tickets to Waterland both online and at the circus box office. We mean a real ‘analog’ box office that looks like a circus trailer where you can pay in cash.

Ticket prices depend on the seat you choose. Below are the price ranges for individual cities:

  • Warsaw: PLN 50-150.
  • Lublin: PLN 40-120.
  • Rzeszów: PLN 40-120.
  • Krakow: PLN 40-120.
  • Chorzów: PLN 40-120.
  • Zabrze: PLN 40-120

Waterland tickets

Circus on the water – how long does it last?

If you are going to the Waterland circus, allow yourself about 2.5 hours (the entire show lasts about 2 hours with a 20-minute break in the middle).

circus on water 2023

Circus on the water – where and when?

The Waterland Circus doesn’t stand still! Below are all the cities in Poland where you can see a water spectacle under a tent.

  • Warsaw (Progresja – Letnia Scena, Fort Wola 22): 31/08-01/10/2023.
  • Lublin (Aleja Unii Lubelskiej – Błonia next to the castle): 05-08/10/2023.
  • Rzeszów (Witosa Street – next to CWKS Resovia): 12-15/10/2023.
  • Kraków (Bieńczycka Street, Tomex, next to Carrefour AND Cichy Kącik, Błonia Krakowskie square): 19-22/10/2023 AND 26-29/10/2023.
  • Chorzów (Silesian Park – Plac przed Kapeluszem): 03-12/11/2023.
  • Zabrze (Aleja Korfantego 18 – next to Aquarius Kopernik): 16-19/11/2023.

circus on water Waterland

Circus on the water – tips

  • The Waterland circus came to Poland from Ukraine.
  • The Waterland circus came to Poland from Ukraine. Online tickets are available on two websites: mticket.eu and biletyna.pl. We definitely recommend the first one. Mticket customer service easily changed the date on our ticket when it turned out that we had purchased tickets for the wrong date. It was enough to communicate with them via chat, and after a dozen or so minutes a new ticket was waiting in the mailbox. Cool! In turn, my friend wanted to return two tickets purchased on the BiletyNa website – unfortunately, that was impossible.
  • Dear parents, be careful. On the route from the entrance to the audience, there is a food and souvenir zone waiting for you. There are plenty of snacks and toys that your children will surely want to buy. Just a warning…
  • If you want to buy food, drink or a souvenir, take cash with you. You won’t find a single payment terminal in the circus
  • There is no point in overpaying for a seat – unless you are traveling with small children or you really want to be in the front row. The audience is so small that you will have a good view even from the last rows. If you can’t see a (significant) difference, why overpay?

circus on water reviews

Waterland circus – reviews

  • Patrix – 7/10. A dozen or so years ago, the arrival of the circus to my small village was an event I had been waiting for for weeks! And a few days before, watching the workers set up a large tent warmed the imagination. The Waterland circus allowed me to think back to this place. There were acrobats, clown, dancers! Excellent! However, I must point out that due to the epic commercials I watched on YouTube and the fact that I heard ‘120 tons of water in the pool’, I imagined an out-of-this-world spectacle! In fact, it was a circus similar to the one I knew from my childhood. But still very nice and full of joy! The water itself in the Waterland Circus is rather an addition. ‘120 tons of water in a swimming pool’ is an amount similar to an average-sized jacuzzi. Nevertheless, it was very nice! However, think of this attraction as a cool regular circus rather than an epic space circus on water.
  • Wiolczix – 7/10. A water show is something completely new in the circus arena. I had never heard of a show like this before, so it was cool to see it. I always admire people who are professionally involved in sports, because it requires great self-discipline and total subordination of their lifestyle to their career. Acrobats must also be constantly careful and as professional as possible – one careless move and disaster can happen. So I appreciate the work put into preparing the performance and the undoubted dance and gymnastic skills of the performers. However, the whole show did not fully convince me, it lacked some quality and real firecracker. An additional minus for the extremely uncomfortable seats. The prices of tickets and products in the buffet are not the lowest, so the organizer could invest a little more in the ‘infrastructure’.

circus on water opinions

Circus on the water – FAQ

What is a water circus?

The water circus is a combination of standard acrobatic performances with water attractions. During the performance, the artists use the pool and water jets in their choreographies. This makes the performance much more visually attractive to the viewer.

Are there animals in the water circus?

No, there are no animals in the water circus.

How much does a ticket to the water circus cost?

Tickets for the Waterland circus cost from PLN 40 to PLN 150. The price depends on the place you choose.

Circus on the water – are there age restrictions?

The organizer does not provide any age restrictions for admission to the Waterland circus. Both the youngest and older viewers are welcome.

Water circus – is it worth it?

The Waterland circus wasn’t the most spectacular spectacle we’ve seen. However, the very idea of ​​adding water attractions to standard gymnastic acrobatics is very interesting and worth attention. If you like this type of spectacle and have never seen a show on water before, you should buy tickets to Waterland. It’s always worth trying new things.

circus on water Waterland

Circus on the water in Warsaw – map

In Warsaw, Waterland pitched its tent at Fort Wola 22 (next to Progresja music club).

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