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Here is proof that small is beautiful: the exceptionally inconspicuous Nosal peak. It rises only 1,206 m above sea level. Compared to its high Tatra neighbors, it looks really small. But don’t underestimate him! It is from the Nosal ridge that there are unique views of Zakopane and the panorama of the Tatra Mountains.

Welcome to Zakopane! See the best attractions of the most popular town in the Tatra Mountains.

Climbing to Nosal – green trail from Zakopane

First of all, let us honestly admit that we didn’t want to climb Nosal that day. Seriously. We came to Zakopane for one day to finally go to Morskie Oko together. You probably won’t believe it, but the Travel Mates team has not yet reached the most famous mountain lake in Poland together. We really wanted to finally do it, but our plans got thwarted. Why?Due to traffic jams that surprised us on the Krakow – Zakopane route. They happen very often at the end of weekends, but we didn’t expect them on Saturday morning. Standing in a long traffic jam on Zakopianka, we knew in advance that we didn’t have enough time to go to Morskie Oko. So we quickly looked for an alternative place for a quick and easy climb. Nosal was the first one on our list.

Nosal climbing

Although we have heard about Nosal more than once or twice, such peaks are always postponed until later. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to impress even yourself with a climb to only 1,206 m above sea level. Meanwhile, we found out once again that in the mountains it’s not about who climbs higher. Here, like nowhere else, the journey is more important than the destination. And in this case, the views from the route are truly stunning. We experienced a slight fog and quite a bit of cloud cover. Such weather conditions made the panorama of the Tatra Mountains even more majestic. That’s really incredible.

Nosal photos

Let’s get back to the trail, because you probably want to find the answer to one question: how to get to the top of Nosal from Zakopane? Well, we started our adventure at the ticket office of the Tatra National Park. (If you want to find it precisely, enter ‘Owcza ┼Ťcie┼╝ka – pocz─ůtek trasy’ or ‘Kasa do TPN’ in Google Maps.) Remember to buy a ticket to the national park in accordance with the regulations. Behind the ticket office, you will enter a forested trail. There will be wooden steps, tree roots and large stones. Don’t be discouraged when you walk among the trees for a few or even several minutes – the best are yet to come.

Nosal map

You will walk the rest of the scenic trail along the cliff. Of course, the path is wide enough that you can feel really safe here. Although – of course – you should always be careful, especially when it is raining or snowing. What views can you admire from the green trail to Nosal? A sample of the Tatra Mountains panorama is presented below. It’s impressive, isn’t it? During a short hike to the top, you will see the most popular peaks of the Polish Tatra Mountains including: Kozi Wierch, Ko┼Ťcielec, ┼Üwinica, Kasprowy Wierch, Kopa Kondracka and Giewont. They are all wonderfully visible from this perspective. And all this is just a background for the beautiful Olczycka Valley which, together with the hills, creates an exceptionally charming landscape. Apparently, Nosal was once one of the favorite peaks of painters – they came here to immortalize on canvas what we now photograph with cameras.

Nosal trail

After about 40 minutes of walking, we reach the top of Nosal. Despite the uncertain weather, there are several dozen other people here who, like us, chose a mountain expedition instead of staying at home with a smartphone in hand. Congrats to us! The peak of Nosal itself is not marked in any way, so we were not entirely sure whether the place in the photo was really the top of the mountain or maybe just a stop on the route with a picturesque view. There are more such places. Several times during the trip we thought we had already reached the top, but then a trick happened! We had to climb further. This time, however, it turned out that we were already at the finish line. We are a little happy that another mountain has been checked off the list, but we are a little sad that the adventure ends really quickly.

Nosal Tatra Mountains

Just a few more souvenir photos for the family album and you can attack the descent. Interesting fact: Patryk prefers going down rather than reaching the top. And it’s not because it’s easier. He claims that only during the descent he can clearly see all the views that he had behind him while climbing. On that day, however, time was definitely not on our side. We were in a hurry to catch the return bus to Krak├│w, so we had to return to Zakopane via the same route. And at a really fast pace.

Nosal top

As usual, going down a mountain requires much more attention and tactical thinking than climbing up. Especially since the stones on the green trail to Nosal are already slippery, which makes it easy to have an accident. So be careful not to twist your ankle or fall down on the final stretch. The entire trip takes us less than 2 hours (including a short break at the top, taking photos and videos). So we treat it more as an intense walk than a mountain expedition. However, if you haven’t hiked much in the mountains before, Nosal will be the perfect start to your climbing story.

Nosal descent

Nosal – how long does it take to get to the top?

Rumors on the Internet that Nosal is the fastest and easiest peak from Zakopane are true. You can cover the route along the green trail from the above-mentioned ticket office to the very top of Nosal in about 40 minutes. And at a very walking pace. We didn’t go any further, we just went back the same way towards Zakopane. The (slow) descent from the peak takes about 25 minutes.

Nosal view

Nosal – tickets to the Tatra National Park

Ticket prices to the Tatra National Park are really low:

  • normal ticket costs PLN 9.
  • reduced ticket – PLN 4.50.

If the queue at the ticket office is too long or you simply prefer mobile tickets, you can easily buy them on the website of the Tatra National Park.

Nosal green trail

Nosal – how to get to the start of the green trail?

  • There are many access options. Maybe we’ll tell you how we got to Nosal from Krakow by public transport? Well, on Saturday morning we spontaneously boarded a Szwagropol bus leaving from the bus station in Krakow at 18 Bosacka Street. Direction: Zakopane. (If you prefer trains and don’t want to risk getting stuck in traffic jams like we did, take the train). We got off the bus at the station in Zakopane and walked in less than an hour to the TPN ticket office (the route from the station was about 3 kilometers). It seems that we strolled along Zakopane longer than we did ‘attacking’ Nosal.
  • The matter is definitely simpler, although much less ecological, if you go to Zakopane by car. Then you leave your vehicle in one of several nearby parking lots and the problem is solved. Near the green trail to Nosal you will find Parking pod Nosem, Parking VIP Kasprowy and Parking Nr 3 Kolejka Ku┼║nice. Practical advice: if you find a space, park in cheaper municipal parking lots rather than much more expensive private ones.

Nosal panorama Tatra

Nosal – tips

  • Do you know where the name Nosal comes from? Well, it comes from the shape of the peak, which from the north-western side resembles… a nose. Quite large and not very shapely.
  • While climbing Nosal, you will certainly notice a steep cliff. Be careful! Fatal accidents and even suicides have occurred here.
  • This inconspicuous peak hides a cave! Unfortunately, ‘Dziura pod Nosalem’ is not open to visitors. (In English the name of cave would be ‘Hole under Nosal’.)
  • The ease of reaching the peak means that many families with children, as well as older people and beginners, climb here. Keep this in mind and be especially careful when a toddler or oldie appears on the horizon.
  • Alpine skiing World Cup competitions were held on the slopes of Nosal. Also the most difficult Polish ski route ran here (now it’s closed).

Nosal Zakopane

Nosal – reviews

  • Patrix – 10/10. The Tatra mountains are absolutely gorgeous and the views from Nosal are really great! The coolest thing about this peak is that you are only an hour away from the center of Zakopane. Anyone who hasn’t been there yet must go. But in my opinion the climb to the top is of medium difficulty. I always assess the difficulty by answering the question: ‘Would my grandmother be able to climb this mountain?’. (I have to add that grandma is lovely, but completely ‘unsporting’.) When entering Nosal, you have to climb quite high several times. You can slip while going down. The route is not always stairs, sometimes sharp stones. And I think that my grandmother would have climbed to the gentler peaks in the Sudetes (even if it would probably take her all day) but climbing Nosal might have been really difficult for her.
  • Wiolczix – 10/10. Anyone who reads us knows that when it comes to mountain trips, I am not an objective reviewer. The mountains have everything I love! But let’s move on to Nosal itself… Although it is sometimes considered the easiest and fastest peak to climb near Zakopane, I must admit that due to the temperature and high pressure… I was a little tired after reaching the top. Mainly because of several steep sections of the trail which. But it’s worth it. From Nosal I saw one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Tatra Mountains in my life. Or even the most beautiful.

Nosal reviews

Nosal – FAQ

How long does it take to climb Nosal?

Taking the green trail to Nosal from Zakopane will take you about 40 minutes. We guarantee that the views will be a real treat for lovers of mountain landscapes.

Is it difficult to climb Nosal?

The green trail to Nosal from Zakopane is very easy. The elevation gain is small, and the route itself is so short and simple that even people with weaker physical condition can handle it. Children can also easily climb this peak.

Where is the best place to start climbing Nosal?

The best and easiest way to climb Nosal is to take the green trail leading from Ku┼║nice, Zakopane to the very top. Completing this route is not a problem for children or people with weaker physical condition.

How much does it cost to enter Nosal?

Nosal is located in the Tatra National Park. Therefore, to enter the trail, you must purchase an entrance ticket. A regular ticket costs PLN 9, and a reduced ticket – PLN 4.50.

Has anyone fallen from Nosal?

Yes. Unfortunately, tourists have fallen from Nosal many times. Even though the peak is not high, the slopes in the Tatra Mountains can be very steep and you need to be careful not to fall or slip. Not all accidents were fatal. Apart from ‘random events’, suicide also fell from Nosal many times.

Nosal Poland

Nosal – map

Nosal is located in the Western Tatras, between the Bystra Valley and the Olczyska Valley, near Ku┼║nice and Zakopane.

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