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The Mexican Restaurant Warsaw
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Hola Amigos! Would you like to feel a bit of Mexico in Poland? Or maybe you want to find out what the famous Zorro has in common with a fluffy cheesecake? If yes, visit The Mexican restaurant! This one-of-a-kind chain of restaurants offers amazing interior design with typical Mexican elements, delicious cuisine with exotic ingredients and even traditional live performances.

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The Mexican – Zorro serves cheescake

We start with the biggest attraction of The Mexican: Zorro serving cheesecake. When you order this fluffy cake for dessert, magic will happen before your eyes. Suddenly, the lights in the restaurant go out, loud music plays through the speakers, and a mysterious man in a cape, hat and mask runs through the room. Straight to your table! (The dynamics of Zorro is shown in the picture below – he is rushing so fast that even the picture is blurred.)

The Mexican Zorro

Depending on the acting skills (it was different in different restaurants…) the waiter will more or less energetically throw the plate on the table and loudly shout: “Zorro!”. A tasty triangle covered with chocolate sauce and decorated with sparkler will be waiting for you on the plate. Oh, just like below.

The Mexican cheesecake

The Mexican restaurant – menu and prices

Opening the menu with a skull and a bottle of tequila on the cover “tastes” exotic. It is carefully prepared. The dishes contain Mexican ingredients, additives and spices. We also appreciate the seasonal options – it’s nice to drink mulled wine or winter tea when the weather outside the window is not so pleasant. Prices are not too high, average for Warsaw standards.

The Mexican menu Warsaw

When it comes to the cuisine and taste of the dishes, we can only comment on vegetarian items. And these were really good (7/10). As a meat substitute, the cook used jackfruit, which is not very common. Everything was crispy and well seasoned. We didn’t even manage to take pictures of the dishes before the first bite, because we immediately started eating… (To this day, we don’t know if we were so hungry or if these dishes looked so delicious.)

The Mexican dishes WarsawThe Mexican tortilla Warsaw

Restaurant The Mexican in Warsaw – how to get?

The Mexican is a nationwide chain of restaurants (all locations can be found in the paragraph below). The place that we visited the most times and where the photos in this post come from is located in the center of Warsaw at 78/80 Marszałkowska Street.

The Mexican Warsaw

You can easily get here by car, bus or tram (Ho┼╝a stop) or by subway (Metro Centrum).

Mexican restaurant Warsaw

The Mexican – all locations

The Mexican chain consists of as many as 6 restaurants in the largest Polish cities. Grab their addresses!

  • ┼ü├│d┼║ Manufaktura, 19a Ogrodowa Street
  • Warszawa, 76/80 Marsza┼ékowska Street
  • Warszawa, 6 Zgoda Street
  • Pozna┼ä, 19 Kramarska Street
  • Sopot, 54 Bohater├│w Monte Cassino Street

The Mexican Warsaw locationsThe Mexican cities

The Mexican restaurant – tips

  • Are you also wondering what Mexican Zorro and cheesecake have in common? Because we do. To find the answer we searched the Internet. In general, it turns out that there is not much in common here. The creators wanted it to be a bit surprising & a bit absurd. And it worked!
  • We suggest that if you know someone who doesn’t know the above attraction, it’s nice to show it to them on their birthday / name day / anniversary / or something. Surprise guaranteed.
  • While in The Mexican, be sure to pay attention to the interior design and details. In Warsaw at Marsza┼ékowska Street at the entrance you will see the bar… with horrible skulls. A similar motif, only in XXL size, can be found on the ceiling. You can also admire a huge chandelier here, made of hundreds of bottles of Desperados. We don’t know how this structure holds up, but it’s really impressive.

The Mexican barThe Mexican Desperados chandelier

The Mexican – reviews

  • Patrix – 7/10. The food is pretty good! We tried vegetarian variations of Mexican dishes. We also saw huge (probably 1.5 liters!) Margherita drinks. They are very eye-catching. The biggest attraction is of course the cheesecake served by Zorro. The overall impression depends on the waiter who plays the character. The first time we were very impressed, because Zorro run fast, pushing other guests of the place along the route, shouting “Zorro” and twirled around. During the next visit, Zorro turned out to be a little less charismatic. However, the way the cheesecake is served definitely distinguishes The Mexican from other restaurants.
  • Wiolczix – 7/10. Themed restaurants – this is it! You can see that someone put a lot of heart into the interior design of The Mexican. A visit to such a place is a bit like a little journey. You cannot sunbathe here in a bikini, but at least you can feel like in Mexico for a moment. And that Zorro serving cheesecake! This attraction completely distinguishes The Mexican from other restaurants, makes the place stay in your memory for a long time and make you want to come back here.

The Mexican Warszawa reviews

The Mexican restaurant in Warsaw – map

Our favorite restaurant The Mexican can be found at 78/80 Marszałkowska Street.

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