Adonis Baths in Cyprus

Adonis Baths Cyprus
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Adonis Baths in Cyprus is a place where you can feel like a young Greek god. They are located just 14 km from the famous Paphos, in the middle of a picturesque mountainous area.

Adonis Baths – what is it?

The Adonis Baths is a two-level waterfall surrounded by greenery with a small lake. The place is very charming and romantic. A tree leaning over a water reservoir is a favorite place for tourists to pose for photos. In the lake, the water is always pleasantly cool, because the surrounding streams flow into it. You can swim here, jump into the water from a few meters and climb lianas.

Adonis Baths waterfall

In the area of ​​the waterfall you will find many statues of impressive size – including Adonis, Aphrodite and Athena. Below you can admire their photos.

Adonis Baths Cyprus Aphrodite statue

Adonis Baths Cyprus Adonis statue

There is also a museum and a water mill in the Adonis Baths. In a small cafe you can buy a snack or something to drink. The surroundings of the lake and the waterfall are perfectly shaded, which makes them ideal protection against the scorching sun.

Adonis Baths Cyprus lake

Adonis Baths – how to get?

  • Car. To get to the Adonis Baths, you must rent a car. An alternative may be the buggy – a vehicle that is a mix of a quad bike and an off-roader, very popular in whole Cyprus.
  • Bus/jeep. Book an organized trip. You can find offers in the Internet and local travel agencies.
  • Hitch-hiking. We tried it! Truly recommend, great adventure. Based on our own experience, we strongly advise against public transport and a walk (more – below).

Adonis Baths Cyprus how to get

Adonis Baths – tickets prices and opening hours

There is an entrance fee to the Adonis Baths. You can buy tickets at the box office and spend as much time inside as you want.

  • A regular ticket costs 15 euros.
  • A reduced ticket costs 10 euros.

The attraction is open every day all year round:

  • In the summer season from 9:00 to 20:00.
  • In the winter season from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • In the autumn season (September-October) from 9:00 to 18:30.

Adonis Baths Cyprus tips

Adonis Baths – tips

  • I think the most useful tip is: don’t take public transport here. We tried. First, we took less than an hour by bus from Paphos to the village of Kili. According to Google Maps, we were supposed to be within an hour’s walk from the bus stop to the Adonis Baths. High temperature, mountainous terrain, winding road and insects roaming in the bushes were a big obstacle. But the weirdest and the worst was that the longer we walked, the longer our route became. Eventually we decided to hitchhike. It went fast. We were brought to the place by a very kind family from Ukraine.
  • When we got to Adonis Baths after many difficulties, we decided to explore it very carefully. Some people finish their tour at waterfalls and a lake. We recommend climbing the stairs and then going for a walk down the gorge. In this way you will have the opportunity to feel almost like in a jungle!

Adonis Baths Cyprus 10 of the world's sexiest destinations

Adonis Baths – reviews

  • Patrix – 7/10. A very beautiful place. You can spend time pleasantly and cool off from the heat. 100% chill and wildness. The strangest thing was a statue with a huge vitals – I have not seen such a figure anywhere in the world.
  • Wiolczix – 9/10. Apart from not very convenient access, I recommend it 100%. A natural and wild place, far from civilization, totally magical.

Adonis Baths – map

The Adonis Baths are located in western Cyprus, about 15 kilometers north of the tourist town of Paphos.

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