Magic Dinner – An Evening with an Illusion Show

Magic Dinner An Evening with an Illusion Show
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Abracadabra! Do you want to charm your loved one with a truly unique gift? Take him to a magical dinner combined with an illusion show. It is 1.5-hour show, during which unusual tricks are mixed with delicious dishes.

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Magical VIP Dinner for Two – An Evening with an Illusion Show | Warsaw – attractions

Wyjątkowy Prezent company prepared a magic dinner in several different variants. We tested the VIP option for two in Warsaw. This version consists of an appetizer, main course, dessert, drink and a glass of wine (the standard one costs slightly less, but does not contain sweets and alcohol). The restaurant we visited offered a wide range of menus: meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan (we don’t eat meat, so it’s quite an important issue for us).

And what can we say – the food was really magical. Just look at Wiolczi’s face with a full belly. Doesn’t she look happy? Even though dinner is over, she still has an untouched glass of alcohol in front of her… This can only mean one thing: the food was so delicious that it was given priority over the fine, dry wine (an incredible thing!).

Magic Dinner for Two with Illusion Show is it worth it

You can have dinner in many restaurants. But to have dinner with a magician – that’s an amazing thing. 🙂 Our enchanted evening was hosted by Mr. Maciej Piskorz – an illusionist and comedian well known from the Polish ‘Got Talent’ TV show. Very smiling and very charismatic.

It turns out that you don’t have to teleport like David Copperfield to delight the audience. Mr. Maciej shows some of the tricks himself and they are really qualitative. But the coolest part of the show is the audience participation. Absolutely anyone can become a part of it. Of course, if someone does not like public performances (or simply fears that Mr. Magician will make him disappear), he does not have to go on stage.

However, it is almost certain (that’s how it was at our dinner) that the magician will come to every table and show you some amazing trick. And in our opinion, these spells are the coolest. What delighted and surprised us the most? Spoiler alert! The fact that Mr. Magician guessed the card chosen in our mind was incredible. But when he put one ball in Wiolczi’s hand, then he asked her to close it, and after opening two balls appeared … Well, our mouths opened with the impression. When someone does magic on you, the experience is completely different than when you see the trick from a distance.

Magic Dinner for Two Illusionist Maciej Piskorz

Magical Dinner – An Evening with an Illusion Show – prices

The price of the voucher for a magic dinner depends on the variant you choose (the VIP option, apart from the appetizer, main course and cold drink, also includes a dessert and a glass of wine):

  • Magic Dinner – 1 person – PLN 159.99;
  • Magic VIP Dinner – 1 person – PLN 179.99;
  • Magic Dinner for Two – 2 people – PLN 299.99;
  • Magical VIP Dinner for Two – 2 people – PLN 349.99;
  • Magic Dinner for Friends – 3 people – PLN 479.99;
  • Magic VIP Dinner for Friends – 3 people – PLN 539.99;
  • Magic Dinner for Friends – 4 people – PLN 599.99;
  • Magic VIP Dinner for Friends – 4 people – PLN 699.99.

Wyjatkowy Prezent – Magic Dinner for Two – cities

Wyjątkowy Prezent company organizes this great attraction in four different, large and beautiful cities. The Travel-Mates team agrees that it is worth traveling even half of Poland to eat a magical dinner and watch an illusion show. Grab the cities you need to get to for this:

  • Gdansk;
  • Cracow;
  • Lodz;
  • Warsaw.

Magic Dinner for Two with an Illusion Show Wyjątkowy Prezent

Magic Dinner for Two – An Evening with an Illusion Show – tips

  • We cannot give you guarantees, but giving someone this gift can make you magically connect. It is very likely that you will not only have dinner together, but also break… break your lonely life. 😉 We’re just hinting that Christmas is coming soon, followed by Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day. Besides, there’s always someone’s birthday or name day. After all, gifts can also be given without any occasion.
  • If you have the option to choose a table, sit in the first row, as close to Mr. Magician as possible.
  • We were at the Magic VIP Dinner for Two, because the Travel-Mates spends more than 90% of their free time together. 😀 However, you can also choose a version for one person (dear singles, who knows, maybe you will find your partner there faster than on Tinder) or for friends (three or four people).
  • If you do not eat sweets or do not drink alcohol – choose the standard version.
  • Maybe it’s not obvious to everyone: you don’t choose the date of the magical dinner, the date chooses you. To use the gift voucher, you must contact the organizer, he will give you the date when the dinner will take place in your city and you must adjust to it. The next date comes in about a month. Don’t worry, you have 3 years to redeem your gift.

Magic Dinner review

Magic Dinner for Two – worth it?

  • Patrix – 10/10. You have to pay over PLN 100 in a standard restaurant for a starter, main course, dessert and wine. For a Magic Dinner you also have the charming Mr. Magician in almost the same price. During the event there will be a really charming atmosphere and lots of funny jokes. This is a magical date idea for everyone. Big recommendations.
  • Wiolczix – 10/10. Few attractions I give the maximum rating, but here it could not be otherwise. Since I was a child, I absolutely love all places where magic happens. I also love delicious food. Patryk charmed me so much with this gift that I am with him to this day. Maybe you will be able to cast such a spell on someone thanks to a magical dinner… 🙂 Minuses? The event passes too quickly. And you definitely want to go a second time.

Magic Dinner worth it

Wyjątkowy Prezent – Magical Dinner for Two – map

We had a magical dinner at the Borpince restaurant and wine bar in Warsaw. We found out that the place has recently closed. But judging by the quality of the meals we were served there, we are convinced that the next place where the Wyjątkowy Prezent company will organize this show will be just as spectacular and atmospheric.

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