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Have you ever heard that chocolate comes from cocoa which is a plant therefore chocolate counts as a salad? We think that this sentence beautifully and quite logically explains why most of us love this goodie so much: we eat it for health. And if not for health, then certainly for well-being. Is there at least one person here who doesn’t dream of creating his own, unique, original chocolate bar? The Travel-Mates Team already did it during the sweetest workshop in Warsaw. Especially for you, we have even prepared a photojournalism from a visit to the chocolate manufactory.

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Chocolate workshops in Warsaw – how to make chocolate?

Are you wondering how to make your own chocolate? Nothing easier. First of all, sign up for chocolate workshops at the Chocolate Story in Warsaw. In the Travel-Mates team, Patryk is the biggest gourmand (there is not much competition), so on one occasion he was given a voucher for a ‘junior chocolatier’s course’. Both adults and children can participate in the classes. However, in our group was only one representative of young generation. The first stage of the workshop was to design your own chocolate bar using dried fruit on a piece of paper. Below is a diligent participant of the choco-course, maximally involved in her task.

chocolate manufactory workshops

From the graphics below, we learned that the traditional production “from grain to bar” includes as many as 14 stages. Cocoa fruits have a really long way to go from the moment they are plucked from the tree to reach the store shelf with sweets. Literally, because they have to travel from Africa or South America to Europe. Figuratively, because they are subjected to strictly defined processes, none of which can be omitted.

manufactory Chocolate Story warsaw

The next step in making your own chocolate bar at Chocolate Story workshops is tempering it. We have to bring the warm chocolate mass to the right temperature at which it can solidify. First, the host gave us bowls with thick cocoa cream. We poured about half of it onto the countertop (as in the photo below) and started spreading it on a cold, flat surface using special spatulas. We scraped off the cooled mass and put it back into the bowl.

chocolate manufactory warsaw reviews

The cream, with the perfect temperature and consistency, had to be stirred to get rid of all kinds of lumps. The mass should be semi-fluid and perfectly smooth. Then you can pour it into a special mold, resembling the one for making ice cubes in a home freezer. The cream should fill the form exactly. But remember: don’t overdo the amount.

chocolate workshops for children

It is very important to get rid of all air bubbles from the thick cream before decorating. This is probably the funniest and most dynamic part of the entire workshop. You should hit the mold against the countertop as long and vigorously as possible until bubbles stop appearing on top of the future bar.

Warsaw chocolate factory

Decorating is the most pleasant and artistic part of the workshop. You can choose from a variety of patterns and colors. Wiolczi chose a red&red decoration made of dried strawberries&cherries. Not only because he loves their flavors. It was these two dried fruits that perfectly matched the color of her lipstick. Patryk as usual let his imagination run wild, used all the nuts and dried fruits available on the table.

chocolate manufactory Warsaw workshops

We placed the prepared sweet in the refrigerator. When the temperature of our unique bars was slowly falling, our level of knowledge about the history and production of chocolate was rapidly growing. And this is due to the lecture which was presented to us by the Chocolate Story staff. In addition to many interesting facts and photos, a symbolic tasting of cocoa beans and ‘cocoa salad’ awaited us.

chocolate workshop Warsaw

The atmosphere was additionally warmed up by hot chocolate. Although it was served in disposable cups, it tasted much better than in many chain stores. Yummy!

Chocolate Story drinking chocolate

The chilled chocolate bar should be carefully removed from the plastic mold. Be careful not to accidentally damage it. Handmade chocolate doesn’t look as perfect and perfect as Milka or Alpen Gold. It may not be perfect, but it has its own charm. And it’s only yours.

Chocolate Story Warsaw

Next you have to pack your wonderful artwork. Preferably with a wide smile and undisguised satisfaction.

chocolate making workshop

Finally, you have to choose one of several available colors of the packaging and put the foiled bar into a cardboard box. Yes, your perfect hand-made chocolate is ready. You can show off to the world how talented you are.

Chocolate Story chocolate manufactory

As a confirmation of our skills, we received wonderful junior chocolatier diplomas. Does the title sound proud? This is another trophy in our ‘very prestigious and unique’ collection. We highly recommend workshops and wish you all the sweetest!

chocolate workshops for adults

Chocolate workshops in Chocolate Story – price

  • If you decide to buy a chocolate workshop voucher through the Katalog Marzen, you will pay PLN 139 for a voucher for two people. The attraction is worth the money.
  • On the Chocolate Story website you will find more variants of chocolate workshops. You can choose from: chocolate workshops for a child with an attendant (PLN 75/person), chocolate workshops for adults (PLN 70/person), individual chocolate-praline workshops (PLN 130/person), chocolate workshops for adults – 2 people (PLN 140), chocolate and praline workshops – 2 people (PLN 260).

Remember that regardless of which way of purchasing tickets you choose, you must make an appointment in advance. In Katalog Marzen you will easily find a booking form. You can also call Chocolate Story directly to sign up for a workshop.

Warsaw Chocolate Workshop

Chocolate Story – Warsaw Chocolate Manufactory – how to get?

The Chocolate Story is located at 9/15 MarszaƂkowska Street in Warsaw. The workshops take place in a tenement house, in a bright, warm and cozy room. Extra task: find on the photo below the largest bar of chocolate, which is an element of the interior design.

You can reach Chocolate Story both by car and by public transport:

  • Bus. The nearest stops are Litewska or Plac Unii Lubelskiej.
  • Tram. Get off at Plac Unii Lubelskiej, MarszaƂkowska or Trasa Ɓazienkowska.
  • Subway. The closest you can get to is from the Metro Politechnika station.

Warsaw chocolate manufactory photos

Chocolate workshops – tips

  • In addition to the junior chocolatier’s diploma, Chocolate Story prepared great gifts for all workshop participants. A few bars of handmade chocolate with a really good ingredients was a very pleasant surprise. And that’s not all we got.
  • No food is wasted at Chocolate Story. All ingredients and additives not used in the production process can be eaten or packed to go and taken home with you. Very cool, very reasonable.
  • During a short lecture, which was conducted while chocolates were cooling, a lot of interesting facts were said. Did you know that cocoa seeds were a valuable currency several hundred years ago? For just 10 grains, you could buy a slave. It’s scary and unbelievable, but true.
  • Cocoa fruits come in all colors of the rainbow, except blue.
  • Bees do not pollinate cacao flowers because they’re not enticing enough. In natural conditions, a certain species of flies takes care of this. What about plantations? Well, hired people do it.
  • Do you know where the cocoa fruit comes from? We were surprised when it turned out that it was made of tree trunks and branches.
  • Would you believe that a beautiful and tasty chocolate bar is made of such unattractive and unappetizing cocoa beans which you san see in the picture below? They remind us ugly worms or caterpillars.

cocoa fruit

Chocolate workshops in Chocolate Story – reviews

  • Patrix – 8/10. Let me start with what I remember most. During the chocolate workshop I had one of the best hot chocolates of my life. The time at the workshops flies quickly and I was very surprised that they were over. The host talks in an interesting way about the whole process of production of cocoa sweets. It is a pity that there was no opportunity to prepare the chocolate mass yourself. I don’t quite understand why we couldn’t crush cocoa beans with a mortar and then mix them with milk and sugar. However, despite this, I liked the chocolate workshops. This attraction is definitely worth its price.
  • Wiolczix – 7/10. An afternoon spent at Chocolate Story is a really sweet experience. The workshop was attended by a dozen or so people, so it was quite intimate and ‘family’ there. We miscalculated a bit, because we hoped to see more chocolate-making processes (today we know that it would be logistically impossible). We acquired a lot of new knowledge and a lot of interesting facts about the product that we’ve been eating since childhood. And this indescribable satisfaction, and even pride, that we made (almost) ourselves something (so delicious) from nothing. Great experience for big kids (+/- 30yo). I’m sure younger fans of sweets would also like it.

Chocolate Story chocolate factory

Chocolate Story – Warsaw Chocolate Manufactory – map

Chocolate Story is located at 9/15 MarszaƂkowska Street, just 2 km from the center of Warsaw. You will find it between Pole Mokotowskie Park and Royal Baths Park.

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